What We Ate

Last week was a fairly normal week at La Casa de Suits. Here's what we ate.

Monday: I lied. Eating out is not our norm. We're too cheap and going out with kids is less than relaxing. BUT tonight was Opening Night for our local 5 Guys and let me tell you.. Kent has been waiting for this day for MONTHS. The sign was up 6+ months ago and every time we drove by, we'd strain our eyes across the parking lot to see if any progress was being made. When I found out that Monday was the opening night I said, "THAT'S IT. WE'RE GOING." He ate there 3x in the first week and I promised to uphold my marriage vows and visit him in the hospital when his heart closes up and waves the white flag.
The high of the meal: Watching LiLou eat half a burger with one hand likes she's been doing it her whole life + their peanut butter milkshake(go get one!!) We bought one and passed it around the table, grossing some people out, I'm sure. Frugal Family Bonding.

The low of the meal: There was some unhappy sibling screeching from our table at various points in the meal. Pickles were stolen, peanut shells were flung.

Tuesday: To make up for Monday night, I made a chick pea/curry/sweet potato combo on white rice which was loosely based on my Mom's recipe, but not nearly as good.

The high of the meal: Discovering that Liza will eat chick peas

The low of the meal: ReDiscovering that I can't cook like my Mom

Wednesday: Eggs and sausage. Brinner. One of the greatest things. Kent cooked this meal because I was Face Timing with my Mom (YAY Hi Mom!). While we were eating Caris asked us, "So what do you want to do today?" And I answered, "That's something you ask at breakfast!" Wherein Kent pointed to his plate. Touché.
Unprompted silly face?! Making Mommy proud! 

The high of the meal: Watching Caris enjoy a personal favorite that I taught her: sausage dipped in syrup. Maybe she'll be the one visiting her parents in the hospital.

The low of the meal: We lost a good portion of Liza's sausage to the ground and ultimately the dog.

Thursday: Pan seared chicken + *fresh green beans {*that were almost too old to eat} We went straight from dinner to decorating sugar cookies.
Prepping green beans just like the ol' Frontier Days

The high of the meal: Dessert

The low of the meal: The greens beans

Friday: Pastor Kent whipped up a cheese quesadilla for his girls, at my request, before leaving to preach at the Good Friday service (Hercules! Hercules!). I threw together some boxed apple muffins and we enjoyed  a strange, but delicious,  meal of one cheese quesadilla, warm apple muffins and milk.

The high of the meal: Warm muffins

The low of the meal: No low!

We ate most of our meals outside because the weather was begging us to.
And that's what we ate last week!


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