Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Down on the Farm

There is a small farmer's market and petting zoo about 5 minutes from our house that we'd never visited before. It was $4 for us to get in, but you could end up spending more if you want to hold the bunnies, feed the pigs, etc. The only splurge we made was for kettle corn. Caris loved the chance to wander all over the place. We'll definitely be going back soon!  

I thrifted these Carhartt overalls before I was pregnant, probably 3+ years ago, they've been sitting in a Tupperware container all this time. She got a lot of compliments about them. "Please sit and smile for oneeee pumpkin picture?" 
 She's really into animals and animal noises these days, but animals are scarier in person than in a book. She did pet the donkey and say, "BEE BO BEE BO" (Good boy, good boy)
Checking out the noisy rooster- the same kind of rooster that we hear when we Skype with Grandma and Pops in South Sudan
 Please take a decent picture with Mommy? Pleaseeee? 
 The kettle corn was a hit with all of us. I'd pay the entrance fee just to walk in, buy popcorn and walk out.
 Kisses for Daddy and lots of memories made

Monday, October 27, 2014

Last weekend

We enjoyed spending time with Papa and Yaya who drove down for Kent's ordination service! They spoiled us with a fancy indoor hotel pool. Our little swimmer loved it and her bathing suit finally fit just right. 
 They treated us to dinner (CREAM SODA, PEOPLE)
 Kent's Dad gave a charge to Kent during the service
The Johnson guys blessed our socks off by driving down for the service. 
Tony and Caris bonded over animal noises
 And Tony bought me this. Tony, you are welcome here anyyyyytime
After the long, exciting weekend we all felt like this:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Frugal Friday: Church Rummage Sale

Two weeks ago we went to a church rummage sale. A sweet lady from my bible study told me about it. She's from Canada and calls thrifting "Garage Saleing" Sailing? And I could listen to her talk all.day.long. We arrived at 9AM, an hour after it started and the place was HUGE and the place was PACKED with people. This included some grumpy, pushy people that wanted all the cheap stuff for themselves.  Next year I'll be prepared with elbow pads.

When it was all said and done, we spent two hours there. My dear little family came along because they love me so. When I thought I was finished (the first time), I searched high and low for them only to find them sitting in the "Sofa section" watching a (For Sale) TV that was playing an episode of Barney. When Caris saw me, her face lit up, she held out her arms and said, "MommYYYYY"  Then Kent spent the next 5 minutes scooping the-puddle-that-was-me off of the ground with a $2 snow shovel. 
Every item that you see in the following pictures was purchased for a total of $9. 

-One insanely white table cloth
-A pair of plaid shorts for Kent
-3 {acceptable to wear in public} athletic shorts for my growing behind bump
-A Disney Princess beauty bag
Upon returning home I realized that the blow dryer WORKS {And the 6 year old inside of me SQUEALED} These will be thoroughly washed and will reappear under the Christmas tree on December 25th.
1 Nautica linen dress shirt. The light-weight-ness of this shirt was the selling point. 
Now I only want two things out of my shirts and dresses: sleeveless and super-high cut. Which is different from the past when I searched for long sleeves and super low cut (har.har.har) Hello, polk dots! 
THIS. Right here. A Tommy Hilfiger cable knit sweater vest (or tank top?) Would you believe that I debated buying the above dress, but never, NOT ONCE did I waiver on buying this beauty?...Is it July yet?
Looks like I'll have some competition when July finally does roll around 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Dear Pushy People at the Rummage Sale, you're lucky we're in a church!

Dear Lemonade, we're told not to drink our calories, but you are worth it

Dear Kent, every time I think about your ordination service my eyes fill up with tears. I will be standing in the hallway, watching through the door with a box of tissues, if you need me

Dear Florida Drivers, WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?

Dear Toddler, you make decorating for holidays no fun with your curiosity, wandering eyes and quick hands

Dear Dad, thanks for the 6:30AM phone call on a Saturday morning. Ouch.

Dear House, my in-laws are coming. Get ready to sparkle and shine

Dear Baby, thanks for the reassuring kicks and punches

Dear Strawberry Pop Tarts, date night again tonight? 8PM?

Dear  Rental Company Maintenance Man, we can both be glad that I was dressed in a real outfit when you showed up unannounced today

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for
-My Bubba mug that Santa Ben gave me
-Tank tops
-Fall decorations
-A handy husband
-Thoughtful friends
-A good report from the doctor
-A growing baby bump
-The chaos that surrounds me as we try to take a Bump Picture
the toys, the dirty socks on the church pew, the dog and my daughter wearing the dog's collar 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Day in the Life {18 months}

7:06 First noises of the day
7:30 Makes her "I've had my alone time, I want to get UPPPP!" noises. Greets the day with a smile.

7:40 Breakfast: Chex cereal, 1/2 a banana and apple sauce.
Her Dad has taught her the important life skill of drinking milk out of the bowl
7:50-8:15 Play

8:15 Diaper changed and dressed, by Dad (shoes aren't usually included)
8:45 First "I'm frustrated. Let me fuss, lay on the floor and suck my thumb" moment of the day

9:00 BYE BYE DA-DA. Off to work!
Is he really gone? 

9:05 Watch 20 minutes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while Mom takes a shower
9:30-10:00 Play and read
10:00 Snack: two crackers, 5 yogurt covered raisins and milk

10:17 Leave (LATE!) for Mother Goose on the Loose at the library
10:30-11:45 2 Mother Goose on the Loose sessions (The same one, twice. Usually we only do one)

Waiting for lunch
12:00 Lunch: Chicken and ranch dressing, cheese, half a banana and milk
12:10-12:30 Play and Poo
12:30 Diaper change. I ask her questions to distract her from getting her hands dirty or flipping out. "Did you go in the CAR? Did you SING? 2 little MONKEYS?" Thankfully, it works.

12:30-12:50 Follow Mom around while she cleans and eat two animals crackers

"TWO?! You want TWO?!"

12:56 Rocking and down for a nap

1:00-3:00 Nap
During nap time I clean a little, work on a blog post, read some blogs, walk from room to room because THERE'S NO ONE FOLLOWING ME and eat more than four, but less than 14 Oreos 
3:00-4:50 Play, snack, play. Play independently while Mom makes dinner. This is a small miracle. 

Trying on Mom's sweatshirt 
4:50-5:00 Nursery Rhyme YouTube video while Mom lays on the bed 
5:30 DAD'S HOME and we're all happy to see him. Coming in from the rain, barefoot, hiding his electronics under his shirt 

5:40 Dinner: Enchiladas and green beans. She doesn't eat enough to qualify for fruit or dessert. 

Holding Dad's hand finger to pray while eating. 
6:00 Undiagnosed meltdown 
6:10-6:40 Play with Dad. All is right with the world again 
6:40 Offer her more of her dinner. Nope. Drank some milk. Change into jammies. 

7:00-7:25 Usually Jeopardy with Mom and Dad, but tonight she's interested in sweeping 
7:30 Dad brushes her teeth and puts her to bed. Night night, Baby Caris 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Bucket List

(Ignoring the fact that the temperature was 90 degrees today...)

1. Drink my first ever pumpkin spice latte
2. Wear short sleeves
3. Make pumpkin bread
4. Eat dinner outside 
5. Complete our costumes
6. Try the pumpkin spice oreos
7.  Make soup
8. Burn "fall" candles
9. Carve a pumpkin
10. Go to the local farmer's market 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

If you are new here, WELCOME. Recently  I've set a few goals at the beginning of each month as well as looked back at the previous month. 

The idea comes from The Tiny Twig who calls it Goals with Grace which is perfect for September's goals. I'll have a platter of grace, with a side of grace, please.  

September goals revisited:

1. Record expenses and follow a semi budget 
I jinxed myself. I think I spent more in September than I have all year. Record my expenses? If you count a pile of receipts hanging on the front of my fridge then CHECK! 

2. Recommit myself to The {dreaded} Cleaning Schedule


3. Complete my weekly Bible Study on time

This should I have read "Complete my weekly Bible Study AT ALL" Having missed two weeks due to being quarantined with my sick child, I fell off the Bible Study wagon. 

4. Create care packages & gifts 
I created a few gifts and meals, but they weren't wrapped in kraft paper and twine like I had envisioned. A-

5. Finish projects

Let's face it, this will never happen in my lifetime. I will pass down five unfinished projects to my children's children. 

We He is in the process of a few projects though
{See our green grass? God is a wonderful landscaper. Rain, rain, rain}

October Goals
{Keeping it simple}

1. Continue to Bake the Baby
Our last appointment brought up some concerns about the placenta so we are praying and waiting for good news at our next appointment. Meanwhile I'm  not lifting any heavy furniture, just a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. This goal is largely out of my control so this one should be easy!

2. Organize and Store Old Photos
This has to do with our external hard drive failing and us almost losing OUR ENTIRE LIFE in pictures

3. Begin ahem. Work on Caris' Baby Book
Better late than never

4. Celebrate Kent's Ordination 
And a visit from my in-laws 

5. Complete the  October Bucket List 
Coming tomorrow...

No flashback picture to last October (see#2)


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...