Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Road Trip

The girls (i love that) and I recently returned from our first annual Spring Break Road Trip. Some of you commented that I was brave and I'm sure others of you had words like "crazy" and "insane" float through your head. I am not brave and you know what's crazier and more insane than the road trip? 

Sitting in a small concrete house in the middle of Florida day after day and week after week. So away we went! 

Here are 5 things I learned on the trip.

1. Embrace the pit stop. I only wanted to stop once during the trip making it a 7 hour drive (pit stop included). The pit stop should be thorough and it should include food, the stretching of legs, a potty break for me (stand right here! don't touch anything! no, that's yucky!), diaper changes, the feeding of the baby and filling the car up with gas. If done correctly, this could take 45 minutes to 1 hour. The tired lady wearing the baby and directing the lady bug jammie wearing toddler in the McDonalds somewhere in Georgia? That was me. Fast is slow and slow is fast.
 Finally out of the car seat. "I feel so ALIVE"
 2. When possible, travel during nap time. There is no sweeter sound than a quiet car.
 3. Stick to the schedule. I've been known to start chatting with family members and then all of the sudden it's, "All you've eaten today is dry cheerios? Are you still wearing your jammies? I think there's a small animal living in your hair." This trip I kept meals, snacks and nap/bed times in mind.
4. Sleep in separate rooms, if possible. This should really be at the top of the list because SLEEPING IS THE BEST. The three of us slept in three different rooms and both of the girls slept more than me (We're talking 9 to 12 hours). I'm relieved thankful to report that we didn't have any meltdowns in 9 days on the road.

5. Do your laundry as you go. In the past I've waved off offers to get ahead on laundry and then I come home with 7 loads of laundry to do. On this trip I did two small loads and I hardly have any to do now that we're home.
 And an honorable mention: if you can't get the craving of a Chick fil A milkshake out of your head on Day 9, grab the donut from the passenger seat. It'll hold you over.
 My tried and true Block the Clock Method. It's not the hours that pass but the miles that you traverse.
More Road Trip pictures coming soon!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Frugal Friday

-Bowling Set(s?)
-South Carolina Goodwill 
-11 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
*This is NOT currently on the way to my house, but the NAME! and the SPELLING! 
and...THE COST! wompwomp.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


On having my car broken into: There was the feeling of shock (no way!) and our stomachs dropping. My mind raced, "What did I have in there??" Followed by a feeling of creeped-outed-ness (we were just 200 yards away) And annoyance. And anger.

Things to be thankful for? Kent was with me. Only two "diaper bags"/kid book bags were stolen (Although they were CUTE. And NEW) We had our phones and wallets (We have been known to stuff our wallets in the middle console. Never again!) either with us or at home. I had slept 8 hours the night before for the first time in ten+ weeks. Had I been more sleep deprived I would have either laid down in the parking lot and sobbed or just started walking and maybe I would have come home like, two days later. I would've looked at Kent and said, "I can't even" before I took off walking.  If they had broken into the car 2 days earlier, they could have stolen about 6 sippy cups. I had just cleaned the car so I wasn't mortified when the cop went through it. Another plus!

On sleeping 8 straight hours: I woke up feeling like I had WON THE LOTTO. I saw my house as busy instead of chaotic and messy, my kids were cute, my husband was patient and helpful and I was all, "TODAY'S A GREAT DAY. LET'S HAVE THREE MORE KIDS. I FEEL LIKE MY MOTHER. WHO WANTS TO SING?!" It hasn't happened since, but one day it will.

On giving away a whole trash bag full of pants/shorts/skirts: It's not so much the idea of saying goodbye to my previous pants size, it's more about the cost of the clothes. It feels like I'm giving away a shopping spree that I've slowly collected over the years. But I'm giving them to two sisters at church who are super shy so I feel like we're kindred spirits. Quiet girls unite! in the corner over there And to my friends who have yet to birth children, don't worry, a lot of women get back into their high school pant size. And even if you don't, it's worth it. Insert picture of my girls to help me feel better:
Liza's "Wait, you're letting her hold me on a tile floor?" look

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

10 on 10 [April]

This is what it looks like to sleep for eight hours straight for the first (and only) time in your life 
Upon waking up Caris found two ducks. "MATCH!!"
I kicked the toys aside to do a pretty pathetic vacuuming job 
"Hey do you wanna be in my 10 on 10 blog post?" (as I click the camera button) 
Patiently waiting to go to the park
Our first trip to the splash pad 
Fun for them, scary for me
Our car was broken into while we played at the park 
Pizza can't fix the problem, but it can help! 
Helping to recycle the bottles 

Friday, April 10, 2015

National Sibling Day

Happy National Sibling Day to little sis, little bro and big bro.
Thanks for the memories
May we always care for each other
 And have old photos nearby to keep us humble.
 And to the siblings that I'm raising...
May you share clothes and secrets
Not gang up on mom and dad too often
and may Liza grow big enough and strong enough 
to fight back with a pool noodle of her own.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

And So it Begins..

We are packing up the (3 pairs of) winter clothes (that we now own) and pulling out all things SUMMER. I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe into being tank top/sleeveless only and Caris has enjoyed a few early evenings skinny dipping. Last year when our local splash pad opened on March 31st we were the first and only ones there. We haven't gone yet this year because I know that we have all hot and blessed summer to go so we're going to ease into our summer activities slowly 

although the beach has been calling our name...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Pictures

Someday we'll have to add a modeling shot of these two on Easter
This picture stands out for two reasons

their beautiful smiles... 
the blue strip on Liza's diaper that is subtly shouting "CHANGE ME!! I AM SOAKED WITH PEE"
the p-e-e word was for you, ma (winkyface)

How to make a 2 year old smile: Hold half a jelly bean over your head and say, "Look at Mommy and say, "candyyyy!" 
She's either eating her jelly bean or wondering if she'll get another one
*For the record, Kent and I matched but didn't plan it...promise!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Weekend

Kent preached at the Good Friday service. I watched from the sound proof Quiet Room (or as I call it, the Penalty Box) with a fussy baby.
 On Saturday Kent and Caris did the grocery shopping for me (score!) and brought home these beauties (doublescore!)
 I rocked both babies in the recliner on different nights
 We grabbed a quick dinner at Chick fil A and changed a stinky diaper in the trunk
 And Liza enjoyed her first Easter church service

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2 Years/2 Months

Could I love this picture any more? Not a chance. 

This was the day before her birthday. We had a family jam session (Kent was on vocals and I shook played hand bells violently) The birthday girl was in Frozen, Dancin' heaven. This went on for a long, long time.
Enjoying an Apple juice popsicle 
Liza is gracing us with her presence in the awakened state for longer and longer time frames
...until she calls it quits. 

Waffle Wednesday

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