Tuesday, September 29, 2015

National Talk Like a Pirate Day

It's time for another segment of We'll Do Anything for Free Food! This was our third year celebrating National Talk Like a Pirate Day  with some delicious, free Krispy Kreme donuts. We've added a pirate to the family this year so you do the math...4 dozen free donuts! 

Last year  Caris was a party pooper and protested big time. I hissed at Kent, through gritted teeth, "Just leave her alone" while he continued unsuccessfully trying to wrap a bandanna around her head. This year was so much more fun! Both of our pirates were excited to dress up with the promise of a sweet treat.  
You can see C's first trip here.
Arrrrg! Nobody better come between this pirate and her donut.
We gave 3 dozen away to other families and felt like Santa (or Oprah) doing it.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Frugal Friday

Kent took Caris for the day so Baby Ziza and I got our Thrift on! We bought the following.. 

Probably won't get through it without crying

2. Green Eggs and Ham 
A childhood CLASSIC. Quoted to me every time I refused to try a new food. 

3. Oh, David! 
A cousin to the books "No, David!" that I discovered while teaching. Caris learned about the books at the Y childcare and she walked around the house dramatically saying "NO DAVID!" 

4. Curious George Opposites
WE LOVE GEORGE! And opposites are perfect for us right now.
5. American Eagle skinny jeans
I'm hoping these fit me- I broke the cardinal rule of thrifting- I didn't try them on. And I'm eating a piece of birthday cheesecake as I blog so...

I also paid $2 more than regular jeans (final price $7.99) I've learned that good jeans are hard to find so it's worth the extra money.

6. Lime Leopard outfit for C

7. Pumpkin pants for Liza
Have I mentioned that I'm a total sucker for all kiddie holiday clothes? Instead of decorating my mantle, I decorate my kids. Give me 5 more years and I'll be a Show Mom.  
8. See? Christmas dress for Caris

9. Cinderella shoes to celebrate Caris' first trip to Disney (today!!)
10. REI fleece 

11. Brown pants for Liza's Halloween costume. Any early guesses? 
12. Soft doll for Liza. 
It's the first soft doll we've had and all other babies dolls in the house get ripped out of her hands by Older Sis. Don't worry (and don't tell my mother in law), I'm going to run her through the wash! 

As I waited in line, the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said "Are you buying the doll for the baby? Here!" And handed me a dollar bill. "I want to buy it for her" How nice was that? She restored my faith in Floridians for a little while. winkwink 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Big Girls

We can put on our own shoes
 and sit up
 We can read
 and (sort of) ride our bikes
 We can go on chaperoned dates to Sea World
 and eat in high chairs!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Things I Need

A Maid
This house doesn't clean itself

A Nanny
And these kids don't watch themselves!

A Sunglasses Stylist 
Wow these are pretty shallow 
I have a pile of cheap sunglasses that I've bought and every single time it takes about 3 seconds and 1 wear to realize they don't work for me. I've done every "What face shape are you?" quiz that guarantees your perfect shape of shades only to get to the store and stand and stare at the endless options. I see people wearing sunnies and I think, "Those are so HER!" Even Kent found a pair in the parking lot of Walgreens and I had to admit, "Those are so YOU!" (He lost them) Anyone up for the challenge?

A Baby That Sleeps Through the Night
It's a little dramatic, but when our Little Lady wakes up at 2AM for a few nights in a row I get all "I just like, neeeeed to sleep through the night" and then I run through every possible reason why she isn't. Growth spurt? Too cold? Too hot? Bad dream? She misses us? Big sister climbed in and joined her? Ready to play? Lost her paci?

A Toddler that Naps
Isn't two and a half extremely a little early to give up naps? Please say yes.

To Increase My Cardio Exercise
Want to? no. Need to? yes.

More Slow Cooker Meals
I recently pulled our Crock Pot out of the depths of the cabinet. Best decision I've made in a while and the reason why I don't have "A personal chef" as #3 on this list.

Try a big chunk of meat (Rump roast? I have no idea what it's called, but it cost about $8-10 and my daughter plucked open the vacuum seal package of an expensive steak while I debated what to buy so there's that.), the McCormick roast seasoning packet, carrots and red potatoes. 7 1/2 hours + brown rice. DELISH and hardly any work at all.

Cabinets that Line the Ceiling+a Ladder
I have run out of places to hide things from my toddler. Somehow she's able to find every pack of gum, breath mint, spare key, chapstick tube and loose change that we have in the house.

What do YOU need?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What September Brings

Caris is really into birthdays- the singing, the candles, the "happy durtday cakeeeee" so she'll be excited to learn that September brings her half birthday and Kent's whole birthday.

We haven't read anything about potty training (kind of like not reading anything before we got married or had a baby. Slackers!) We're kind of winging it. She uses the potty occasionally, wears big girl panties off and on so September brings 100% potty training success (fingers crossed!) It feels like one second Kent's holding his first daughter--the four pound ten ounce tiny one--and the next second he's saying, "Okay, remember, we don't touch our bottom. It's yucky" to her.

September brings football season and hopefully high temperatures that only reach the 80's

Along with weekly bible study for me, September brings a handful of bible, letters and numbers lessons for Caris as I  try my hand at "teaching" again.

And from the looks of it, September might brings  a crawling baby. She's almost there!
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