Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Special Visitors

At the beginning of May we had some super special visitors come and stay with us. My BFF, Kerith, and her son, Elias! She had a free flight and picked us as her destination. I was honored. The last time we were together was June. Elias was a teeny tiny newborn and I was keeping a secret: Baby#2. Look at us almost a year later!

 God is good. 

We've traded our glitter eye shadow for under-eye concealer and our N*Sync jams for (really bad) nursery rhymes. 
It was Kerith's turn to meet the newbie in the group. 
And I caught up with big boy Elias. He's into solid foods, working on the sippy cup and on the verge of walking. I love this age.
I was impressed that we planned the 4 days/3 nights out perfectly. We did enough (park, splash pad, Downtown Disney) but not too much. I knew it'd be tricky with 3(!) kids, but for the most part everyone slept at night, napped, ate and avoided meltdowns. SUCCESS! 
Not a fan of the splash pad...yet. 
"Elsa and Ana!" 
Try to explain the idea of a brain freeze to a 2 year. Yah...
First taste of ice cream. 
We couldn't have braved Downtown Disney without Kent. I'm pretty sure I caught him texting his buddy, "Havin the BEST time ever @ Dwntwn Disney w/the girls+kids!" 
Proof that we're turning into our Mothers. There were even a few more outtakes. 
We had a blast catching up and hanging out. 
We are Moms. We have KIDS. We are tired. We are old. 

Come again, soon!!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear Caris, based on the last few days, we are in for some l-o-n-g teenage years

Dear Liza, you are so close to laughing and I have a feeling it'll be the best sound ever. Just let loose, girl, life is good. 

Dear Fellow Youth Pastors' Wives, summer is almost here and so are the weird hours and week long trips. Keep calm and wait for August. 

Dear Kent, thanks for Saturday's breakfast 

Dear Family, you know that weird feeling of anticipation but also not wanting something to happen because then it will come and go? BEACHWEEK'15!!

Dear High School, you still feel long and hard and awkward ten years(!) later

Dear Ben, we don't talk for months (no really, it's okay) and then one text makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Thanks for that. 

Dear New Baby Warthog at the Zoo, you are ADORABLE. And fast. And it's obvious that you love your Mommy. 

Dear church moms, I think it's clear that I can't hold a baby in her car seat, chase a toddler and carry on a conversation. Sorry for the heavy breathing. 

Dear chocolate, I just can't quit you. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

4 Excuses

Here are four, mostly legitimate, reasons why I've been MIA. 

1. Our vintage desktop computer won't recognize, accept, pick up (help me out all you tech gurus) my camera when I plug it in. And today it won't connect to the internet. Boo hiss. But it's served us well so we'll pat it on the back and not let on that we're currently looking to replace it. 

(I'm blogging from my phone)

2. We had SUPER special guests come to stay with us last week, but I don't want to share too much about it without (tons and tons) of pictures.

3. We have one free month of HGTV. It's such a tease and on May 31st I'll be going through withdrawal but until then, bring on hours of house hunting and renovations! 

4. My garage currently looks like this:

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