Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 on 10 [June]

I just realized I skipped 10 on 10 during the month of May. 


1. Kent's morning off. I'll let you guess who made the pancakes. (Hint: Their name starts with a K. winkyface)
2. Giving little sis a bath 

2. Liza had her four month appointment this morning. The doctor said that she's perfect. Her words, not mine... 
3. Our kitchen counter right now. Mostly vacation prep. 
4. I took the girls swimming and one of us swam naked so no swimming selfies, sorry. 
5. The vigilant life guard.
6. Food tastes better after a swim. That's a fact! 
7. The daily summer storms have begun. We barely missed this one.
8. She's just starting to take a pacifier without gagging. No explanation, no worries. 
10. Escape or fall asleep on the floor Trying. We've taken a few steps backwards with our big girl bed transition. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

High School

I graduated from high school TEN YEARS ago. In the last decade there's been... college, marriage, teaching, houses, cars, dogs, babies...

Here are 10 things I'd tell my eighteen year old self at her high school graduation.

1.Skip the semester at the Tech College and go straight to The University of South Carolina. You'll end up making a heavily researched and informed  spontaneous decision while standing alone in the dining room when faced with the deadline to declare a major. You'll shrug your shoulders, think "I like working with kids" and pick Elementary Education.

2.It all works out okay. Teaching ends up being your "little c" calling and you LOVE IT. Work hard at it, grade those stupid papers on time- don't wait until Sunday night and don't sit at your desk wishing you could be at home wearing sweatpants with babies hanging onto your ankles. That day will come. Lawd child, that day will come.

3.The cute, quite guy who's a little shy and awkward around your family? He ends up being your cute, helpful, patient husband.

4.Those babies? They Yes, plural  are GIRLS. Surprise. And they are so much cuter than you're picturing right now.

5.Stop buying any and all winter clothes. You  have enough to last you the next 9 years and after that, you move to...wait for it...Florida (I know...)

6.You are skinny. Shut up, yes you are. Wear those bikinis and stare at your blonde thin hair in the mirror. Ten years from now you'll have lost all of the above. (Refer to #4 if this makes you depressed)

7.Don't buy the house. Or rescue the dog (he dies).

8.You're walking away from high school with a lot awkward, hard moments, but you'll also have some really great memories that are fun to retell and some solid friendships. Girls that will stand with you on your wedding day and walk with you through motherhood.

9.If you stumble upon stock called Facebook, go ahead and invest in it.

10.In ten years you'll be talking (without being called on or forced to) in the Women's Bible Study, pumping your own gas without fear, birthing a baby naturally, and get this...on time to church most Sundays. HIGH FIVE TO YOU. TO ME. TO YOU. Look how far you've come.
He still looks at you like this.

Monday, June 1, 2015

May & June Goals

I didn't write down my May Goals (which may have been beneficial in a weird sort of way to my productivity) but here are my

May Goals 
{in Review}
(LAST May)
1. Watch an embarrassingly large amount of HGTV 
I mentioned before that we had a free month of HGTV and we're proud to say that we ROCKED THIS GOAL.

2. Act Right Feel Right
There were a number of things that fell under this goal. Things like...
-Stop buying random junk and buy the $10 bath mat that you think is overpriced
-Organize the garage because if I hit my car door on one more stroller/dog/grill, I might burn the whole place down

3. Make one change for the girls
This could've been potty training, thumb sucking or big girl bed transition. We tackled the Big Girl Bed Move and I'm still too "into it" to write any sort of wise or witty blog post about it. Maybe next month week? This move allowed Liza to move from pack n play to the crib and I'm pretty sure I saw her mouth "th-an-k y-ouu" when I put her in the crib.

June Goals
and how is it June already??
(Last June. Elias and Caris)
1. Spend 2 weeks at the beach
Not so much a goal as something to look forward to. It's a hard life, but somebody's gotta do it.

2. Make "real" food
Overall I've taken an unexpected cooking/baking sabbatical because....dishes. Also, Kent has explored his creative side through grilling and cooking or he's been gone (a lot. but I AM NOT COMPLAINING) so Caris and I eat...I don't even know what...cheese sticks and corn dogs. I plan to make from-scratch muffins and a few {complicated, delicious} meals before we leave town.

3. Clean behind/beneath our sofa 
This is self explanatory and hasn't happened ever in awhile. I recently looked underneath and saw 3 stray toys, a pillow and a pair of clean socks. Insert a few other detailed cleaning tasks here.

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