Monday, September 29, 2014


First sickness, complete with her first sick visit to the doctor. Hand, foot and mouth disease! 
If only she knew that there was an iPad behind her chair...
My, what big shoes you have...
Bed Head

Friday, September 26, 2014

Frugal Friday

What: Baby Gap boots, size 8 
Cost: $1.99
Thoughts: These are for next Fall, but she wanted to put them on. And breathe through a broken kitchen strainer. 
What: A big sealed bag of cookie cutters. Ya never know what you're gonna end up with...
Where: Habitat for Humanity Store 
Cost: Either $1 or $2, I forget
Thoughts: Not pictured are the two clown cookie cutters that were already back in a bag to donate. I didn't see myself making clown cookies enough to hold onto them.
What: Outfits for next Spring
Where: Walmart
Cost: $2 each
Thoughts: Knowing that I paid $2 for an outfit helps me to relax when we leave the park and she's covered in dirt or when she eats ketchup with her fingers at lunch. If all of her clothes came at a regular price, I'd probably make her sit on a plastic covered sofa all day.
 Choosing her favorite...

Monday, September 22, 2014

National Talk Like a Pirate Day

This was our second year participating in National Talk Like a Pirate Day for the sole purpose of getting free donuts (No Shame!) Last year we were the objects of a lot of "Awwws" as we toted our 6 month old pirate into the store. This year we were the family with the 1 1/2 year old, sitting on the car trunk yelling and a Mom & Dad trying to sneak a bandanna on her head.

It didn't last long. 
We'll have to get more creative with our costumes next year.
The nice Krispy Kreme workers gave our little goober a free dozen just for holding her bandanna. We should have refused as one dozen was plenty, but uh, it all just... happened so fast!
Fresh off the line 
Get it, girl! 
Donut Count: Caris-1 Kent-3 Kait (ANDthebaby)-5

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Everyday Life

Kent took my quiche early on time to my morning bible study at church so that I could spend a few more minutes getting ready. A perk of having a church-working-husband. 
 Her first ponytail! I cheered, she fussed and Kent said she looked like a male soccer player.
 Here we are rocking the neons.
 I have butchered my Mom's mac-n-cheese for 5 years, but last week I NAILED it. The clouds parted, the trumpets sounded and we stuffed our bellies (see above picture).
 We had a rough weekend so we did a lot of this:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Our {first Florida} Summer

As the first Fall Facebook Posts begin to pop up,

(I am LOVING this cooler weather! First morning wearing my new boots! Sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing my wool cardigan!)  

I thought it was time to reflect on our first Summer in Florida (Which is currently still going strong, by the way) Coming from South Carolina I knew the hot summer wouldn't be a complete shock, but there were a few things that left an impression on us. 

No need to check the weather forecast from June-September. Everyday is a high of 92. At first I thought, "92 is sooo doable" since some SC Summer days would occasionally climb to 98+. What's NOT highlighted on the cute NBC weatherboard is the heat index of 102. Mix in a whole lot of humidity and you're ready to fry eggs in front of your house. Early in the Summer Caris learned the word "hot" from dinner time and then she started to say, "Hot hot hot" every time we walked out of our front door.  Some people wore sweaters and jeans over the summer and I would patiently wait for them to pass out from the heat (They never did)

Florida is super flat so it feels like there's nowhere to hide from the heat. The sun just bakes you like a Pillsbury break and bake cookie. It's like living in a toaster oven. There are trees, but not many that wave to you, beckoning you to seek shelter under its leaves. One day, I pulled into Kohl's and noticed that the parking lot was fairly empty, there were a lot of parking spaces open by the front of the store (Woot!) And ALL of the parking spaces under the dinky parking lot trees were taken. Even if it meant that the driver would have to walk halfway across the parking lot to the store, it was worth it to park in the shade. There's really no good way of explaining this other than to live here. The "Flat-so-hot-no-where-to-hide" Issue. 

There are lizards everywhere. When I walk up our front walkway, at least six of them scatter.  They are sitting on every outdoor furniture piece we have. One rides up the garage door every time I open it (And I imagine him saying in a surfer voice, "DUDE THIS IS SO GNARLY!") As I type this, there's one clinging to the window. I don't remember seeing as many when we moved in January so I'm hoping that the amount of them will lessen as the weather gets cooler. 

Almost everyday in July, and a few weeks surrounding it, there was a Summer storm. All of the sudden there were huge, dark clouds rolling in and p-o-u-r-i-n-g rain, lightening, thunder, wind, yikes! They were usually quick storms. Some days it would just thunder for a few hours. The storms (and especially solo thunder) made it hard to swim because of the pool's Thunder Rule (30 minutes out of the water). On the plus side, all of the rain made for pretty, green grass and a free irrigation system. 

Watching the rain 

So as we wear our tank tops, shorts and flip flops straight through into October, I'll read the Facebook posts with longing and a bit of jealousy, but my revenge will come one cold morning at the end of January when I'm finally wearing a sweatshirt and the rest of the world doesn't want to get out of bed, scrap the ice off of their car and put on that same wool cardigan again. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


If you want to gain the patience of Mother Theresa, teach your child to feed themselves. After that you will...

-Spend most of the meal picking up food off of the floor (both "by accident" food and "on purpose" food)

-Make noises like "DING!" (fork) and "SCOOP!" (spoon) to help her remember the actions

-Try to convince her that "Mommy helps?" is a really good idea

-Cheer loudly when she gets any amount of food from the tray, onto her spoon and into her mouth 

-Secretly wish that she'd just revert to her hands and get it over with

...and 3 hours later, you've finished a meal.

She certainly lives up to her bib these days

Monday, September 8, 2014


Here are 10 book titles that I'm waiting to find on Amazon or at my local library...

What to do with a Toddler Between the Hours of 5 and 7PM

3 Easy Steps to Break the Thumb Sucking Habit

Finding your Inner Voice: An Introvert's Guide to Initiating Play Dates 

For Such a Time as This: Surviving and actually enjoying your Life as a Pastor's Wife

3,832 Lunch Ideas for Toddlers, Never Make the Same Lunch Twice!

Double Trouble: 2 Easy to Spot Signs that your Second Pregnancy will be Just like Your First One

How to Leave the House on Time with a Toddler without Sweating or Wanting to Say Naughty Words

Nikons for Newbies: Learning How to Use your SLR Camera Without Reading the Manual, Taking any Classes or Really Trying at All

Comparing your Child's iPad Obsession to Gollum and The Ring

5 Tips for Hosting your In-laws with Ease

Allow me to sneak in the news that over the weekend I beat Kent by a mere 5 points
even with a deduction at the end for "Q". And since the game took us two and a half hours to play, 
we won't be playing again for a very long time, leaving me as the reigning champ for a very long time

Friday, September 5, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Today marks 33 years of marriage for this couple. I'm pretty sure they weren't wearing these outfits to celebrate today. They are complete opposites and they're currently stuck in a hut together in South Sudan. Only Jesus.  
2. Tomorrow is this chick's 5? birthday. If we were hanging out we'd probably go shopping and spend our husband's money and then stuff our faces with tasty treats. RAIN CHECK, please! 

This picture was supposed to be our "Let's look emotionally drained since we just drove from Philly" but someone couldn't help but to crack a smile. The nerve.

3. Tonight Kent grilled chicken for my post-surgery dinner care package, bathed Little Punky Brewster AND did the dishes before heading out to his 8PM-1AM youth event. And for that, I stand and publicly salute him. 

4. Sunday is Grandparent's Day so a Happy Grandparent's Day to Pops and.... (insert a Grandma name for my Mom. We're still working on it)...! Although we miss you a lot and the one thing I wanted was for my child(ren!) to grow up semi-near their grandparents, you did save me $2.99 on a Grandparent's Day Card since you can't receive mail. Thanks. The glass is half full today.

5. Our church is starting a Wednesday night program this week. I signed up to help with the Children's Ministry, but at the rate I'm going, I'm going to have to prop my eyelids up with toothpicks just to stay awake. I can imagine another worker sneaking into youth group and whispering to Kent, "Sooo your wife is like, asleep... in a beanbag chair upstairs." 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals

Before we dive into the September goals, let's review the goals for August. Each goal is listed followed by a short evaluation (reflection?)

1. Go for walks
This remained steady and possibly lacked a little. One reason was multiple play dates. It'd be impossible for me to walk and make it to a play date on time, duh. I was happy to swap walking for play date invitations. 

2. Read one book
I read Lift by Kelly Corrigan and Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman. I will never, ever, everrr recommend a book on my blog for fear of potential potty words and my younger audience. BUT I will recommend Julie G's blog, where I find all of my books. Click here 

3. Use our public pool 

4. Clean and organize
The linen closet, pantry and garage are all organized and (key part here) have stayed that way. 

5. {Get my husband to} Hang Decorations 
He is always willing, I'm the one who hems and haws over what to put where. I hung a few things and am on a roll. House tour COMING SOON. And by soon, I mean October(ish)...

My garage organizing hunka'hunka' burnin' love
He found an old jumpsuit and couldn't resist

September Goals

1. Record expenses and follow a semi-budget
I know that most of our money goes towards gas and food (Hello Cheetos, Lemon Heads, pregnancy and an expanding waist line) But I've thrown in some willy-nilly purchases recently. I want to keep track of those so that I can feel the freedom to spend in other areas (see goals #4 and 5)

2. Recommit myself to The {dreaded} Cleaning Schedule
What trumps cleaning in our house? Try everything. Without a schedule, things... and I'm talking about the bare minimum... slowly go unnoticed. I'm pretty sure you could knit a Fall sweater for a chipmunk with the fuzz that has accumulated in the corners of our bedroom. And that's not the bare minimum that I'm really talking about. I'm just trying to save face. I'm so uncommitted to cleaning schedules that I'm thinking about making a reward chart that includes a prize at the end of the month. You think I'm joking...

3. Complete my weekly Bible Study on time
We've begun a 6 week study on Gideon (bonus points if you know where he's found in The Bible without Googling it. I couldn't do it) Last semester I was the one who either held my book in my lap (to hide my blank pages) OR the one who did 3 days worth of work in 1 day. And seeing how today is Tuesday and I haven't completed a day of work...with Bible Study on Thursday...I'd say I'm already rocking this goal...

4. Create care packages & gifts 
Wow, these goals are weighing me down. Onto something fun. There are a few things happening in September for friends (I have friends in Florida!) a baby, a surgery, a birthday. I'd like to plan ahead and deliver small gifts, cookies, cards to them.

5. Finish projects
Maybe it will help if I name them? Two picture frames, one canvas painting, the plastic picnic table, one window and one living room shelf. I know that's vague, but hopefully by the end of September I'll have pictures and details.

{Last September}
I wish I could go back in time and kiss those tiny, soft cheeks 
even though they're technically the same tiny, soft cheeks I kissed today


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...