Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Morning

Mom's famous casserole and then some
Look at these precious old men sitting in the living room talking about I don't know...Baseball? The stock market? Kent's beard?
Liza's First Christmas! 
And Finn's! 
Mr. Christmas Cheer
Opening stockings. Also, a dad with his daughter on Christmas morning? Stick a fork in me. I'm done.
The Princesses Paraphernalia couldn't wait
Caris wasn't the only one to receive snazzy head gear
Our secret to opening presents without the distraction of kids
You know you're old when you gift each other Pyrex without knowing! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Christmas Trip

In honor of the Christmas Story, we traveled many miles over the span of 9 days. However, this year I was not great with child which made the trip a lot easier. And Kent's determination to drive through the night from hither to yon meant that the girls fell asleep in Florida and woke up in South Carolina. 

I wish that I could post all of them, but here are some highlight pictures. 

Breakfast with Pops 
 Our silly snowwoman
 This is real life
 The Ziggle bike from Papa and Yaya was a huge hit
 Our trip included a few lows
 Ma reenacting the Nativity Scene We finally met Finn!
 We were the last to leave Pops and Gigi's and this was the The House is Empty Christmas is Over scene.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Last Week

We've done a few things in the past week 

We put an offer in on a house! They countered! We accepted! 

The weather dropped into the 70's while it was still light outside so we broke out the hammock and hoodies.

My phone fell out of said hoodie, landed just right (wrong?) and died. We save a lot of money on my pre-paid phone plan each month (THANKS KENT!)  which should translate into money saved towards a new phone when needed, but when we're faced with buying a tiny gadget for like, four h u n d r e d dollars, that will live in my back pocket, keep my butt company and eventually break, we balk. So after a few days of living on the edge without a phone, a fellow youth pastor gave us an old phone. TEXT ME.
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving away from family. And although we missed everyone, pooting around in our jammies until 10AM and not traveling with 2 little ones was definitely nice. We hosted another family + Ilse (have I still not told you about her?) and all was well. After Caris saw the first few minutes of the Macy's parade, she requested a "pretty pretty dress" and her high heels. 
"Happy Thanksgiving, Ma"

"What are all these people doing in my house?" 
Early Evening Thanksgiving Crash

We bought a tree 
 wore Christmas outfits to church
and a ballerina, a hipster and an elf decorated the house for Christmas
...That's what happened last week

Friday, November 27, 2015


Because it's not every day that your best friend enters a new decade 

Happy Birthday to FinYin... my kind, loyal, funny, smart, hard working, patient, lovely best friend of many years. Birthday blessings to you and thanks for the memories.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all the ugly Florida tile floors were wet

It takes hosting a few people from church for a Thanksgiving feast for me to mop our floors. Guess I should plan something for Christmas New Year's Easter too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2015


Scene: Kent and Caris are hugging

Kent: We love each other, don't we?
Caris: (nods) We are married 

Scene: We're eating dinner, talking about what's on our plates

Caris: WAIT. Carrots are vegetables??
Kent & Kait: Yeah they are
Caris: (shocked) NOway! 

Scene: The girls and Mommy 

Kait: What are you thankful for?
Caris: is pink. And green.
Kait: (looking around) Liza's cup?
Caris: YES! You are RIGHT!

Seems like we have thankfulness and the game of iSpy a little mixed up.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Dear Publix, I might be able to over look your high prices for the shopping carts that drive like a dream and free balloons

Dear Dog after Daylight Saving Time, You're not eating dinner! It's only 4:30!

Dear Pediatrician, I have small babies!

Dear Lady in Michael's that told me her 7 month old twin grand daughters are bigger than my kid, I have small babies! and maybe yours are a little chubby? 

Dear Candy Corn Mix, you were worth every white chocolate coated bite over the weekend

Dear Matt Chandler, You make women of every age in Central Florida laugh out loud and get convicted every Thursday morning

Dear Liza, For a second I thought you were a genius baby for trying to put on a hat that you found. Then I realized YOU'RE JUST THAT OLD wahhhh!!

Dear Caris, I can see it in the near future.. your sister happily eating dessert while we wrap up your uneaten chicken for your breakfast tomorrow

Dear Bestie, I loved Face Timing with you. Wish we lived closer!

Dear REI, I will try to follow your lead. I'll try. I will.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Weekend

Halloween--pumpking carving in particular--will always hold a special place in Our Story. Kent asked my dad to court me (yeaUhhh!) in the middle of October and shortly thereafter I led him astray (the first of many times) by carving a pumpkin with him. Little did I know that he didn't believe in carving pumpkins and if it wasn't for my striking good looks (winky face), he would've bolted for the door that night. 

Here we are circa 2004. I'm sure he's sweating and trying to come to peace with the idea that he no longer had a secure place in heaven.

JOKES. Sort of.  But we'll save the story of Kent's gospel transformation for another post.
And here we are 11 years later, teaching our pumpkin carving ways to our (IMPOSSIBLY OLD LOOKING) offspring. 

I've been replaced. 

"You guysssss..."

Kent's always been a good sport when it comes to dressing up. Reason #481 why I love him. This was before youth group on Sunday. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boo at the Zoo

Drum roll please!!

I'm tickled to present to you the 2015 costumes!

And one more memory for Liza to bring up to her therapist one day.

I started with something we had (camo overalls from Goodwill) and grabbed stuff we already had (binoculars, onesie, crocs) Liza's shirt and pants also came from Goodwill, her antlers are from Michael's - the Christmas section- I pealed off the holly decoration. And Caris' hunting hat was a last minute snag the night before.

Total: $7.00 (give or take)

I hope we can do theme costumes for a super long time. I'm thinking until they're well into their 20's..?
Aunt Anna invited us to Boo at the Zoo with her work and Gigi came with us. I talked Caris into wearing her hat "to keep the sun out of your eyes" and the binoculars "to see all the animals" and sure enough, she whipped them every time. 

Thanks, Aunt Anna for inviting us! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This is Fall

After the wedding festivities were over, Kent, Caris and I went on a short hike in hopes of introducing  her to a little thing called fall
We did this by throwing leaves up in the air 
Letting her climb on rocks and touch the this-is-not-warm-florida water
And driving with the windows down. This is how she blocked the wind.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Trip (Camera Edition)

We just returned from our most recent trip to South Carolina. 
Want to see some random pictures?

Kent's sister got hitched and I only managed to get a family picture. 
This sums us up nicely.

Kent: Caris, take your thumb out
Kait: Saying-something-while-making-a-face
Liza: HOW did I get in this family? SOMEBODY please help me
If I close my eyes, you can't see me. If you can't see me, you won't take my picture. 
Yaya's beauty shop 
Glamour Shot!!
Pastor Pops takes a nap
Craft time with Gigi 
Channeling our inner Huckleberry Finn 
Helping to unload the dishwasher 
Caris talked Aunt Anna into wearing matching sombreros. Yessss.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Then & Now

What used to be our tiny adorable puppy.. now a too-big-for-this-house dog that eats and throws up rubber ducks

What used to be my brand new "Kent gave me an envelope of cash to buy new things for our first house!" furniture from World Market.. now a scratched up coffee table due to toys & picture books being slid across it and side tables with mug marks (thanks, dad)

Strangely enough, I don't have a ton of pictures of my furniture winkyface

What used to be my tiny nugget of joy.. now my dramatic two and half year old
What used to be my "I'm so happy! I think I might be beaming!" pregnancy belly.. now my "Tina,ya fat lard, why'd you gain so much when you were pregnant??" belly

Yeah right.

What used to be my cute "Nothing will come between us!" boyfriend.. now my "I don't care where you sleep, just take that crying baby with you" husband

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