Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A new rug + new play mat

Things I should have known
Dad is better at car play than mom
The car play mat is fun for about five minutes 
Laundry doesn't fold itself
The 8x10 area rug is the best thing we've purchased
Shirts are overrated 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Patch {6 Years}

Patch turned six in August! He lives a boring, yet comfortable life with us. He is capital G Great with the girls. In fact, they tend to run the show with him. Caris enjoys watching him run jog through the house as she chases him with a doll stroller. They enjoy feeding him in the morning which he's tickled about because every morning there are stray kibble bits all over the floor. 

He is mellow, hardly ever barks, and l o v e s to be near us (see picture below). He listens well, walks on a leash perfectly (thanks, Kent!) and hasn't eaten anything crazy lately.. that we know of. His character flaws are aggressively licking his stinky bottom, creeping in the kitchen while we eat, following me around (Like, at all times. If I stop walking, he bumps into me) and recently he has taken up drinking from toilets. 

Love Like you, Patch! Here's to another six years because we know you'll be around that much longer. winkyface
"YES!! Laundry Day!!!"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Little and Big

The Little One
-Loves her "Lovey" and "Pa-peesh" (paci)
-Copies everything Big Sis does
-Enjoys putting on everyone's shoes
-Is stringing words together like "HOT!DON'T TOUCH!" and "My Daddy" 
-Will play with mega blocks for a long time if there are no distractions in the living room
The Big One
 -Requests a band aid for any scratch or mark
-Enjoys sunday school and Wednesday night church activities 
-Loves to explore in the backyard while wearing her rain boots
-Asks her dad, "Do you want me to grow up?!" almost every day
-Wants to play "tag you're it" and color pictures with anyone who is willing

Monday, September 19, 2016

National Talk Like A Pirate Day

I can't believe but my waistline can that this is our fourth year celebrating National Talk Like a Pirate Day with Krispy Kreme! 
We had enthusiastic pirates this year. We realized that Patch had worn all of our red bandanas over the summer and they were still super smelly. Whoops! 
 It tasted so good she couldn't keep her eyes open
 See the past years: 2015 2014 2013

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Making: Plans to have a yard sale  
Cooking:  A tasty vegetable curry slow cooker meal on Meatless Monday
Drinking: The occasional Diet Coke 
Reading: I'm in a reading rut! Suggestions welcome. Happy, easy books, please
Wanting: All of our lingering coughs/congestion to bid us farewell 
Looking: At birthday gift ideas for the man of the house 
Eating: Caris and I made an apple pie this week and it lasted two days
Wishing: Kent would stop drinking all the cold Diet Cokes
Enjoying: Chocolate chips for dessert tonight
Thinking: How do people wear jeans through the summer in Florida? Maybe they have ice pack lined jeans. 
Celebrating: The fact that Caris is (fingers crossed) no longer a thumb sucker! 
Loving:  Kentario's weekend (Fri-Sat) is always a nice parenting relief
Hoping: For a rainless saturday beach trip  
Needing: To buy a new fall candle
Smelling: We've had a huge storm yesterday so, fresh rain. Can't beat it.
Listening: To the video Kent's playing on YouTube about the making of No Country For Old Men 
Feeling:  Socially maxed out with a bible study last night and this morning. Introverts unite! 
Wearing: Tye dye tank top and running shorts (emphasis on the shorts, not the running) 
Watching: We're catching up on the latest season of Master Chef. No spoilers! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Questions {3.5 years old}

What is your name? Angelina (Ballerina) 

How old are you? Three and a half 

What is your favorite food? Grapes 

What is your favorite color? Purple and red 

What do you like to do with Daddy? Tackle him, color with him 

What do you like to do with Mommy? Rest with her, cover up with her

What do you like to do with Liza? Swim with her, draw with her

Where do you like to go? Chick fil A 

Who is your best friend? Uncle Ben 

What are you afraid of? I’m not afraid of stuff. Not the big slide. 

What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream

What kind? Chocolate strawberry coconut 

What is your favorite toy? Flamingos at Gigi’s house 

What is your favorite book?  Duck and Goose 

Favorite TV show? Thomas

What do you want to be when you grow up? A baker

What makes you laugh? Dinosaurs

Is there anything else that you want to tell me about being three and a half?..No 

Monday, September 12, 2016

3.5 years

She is old enough to jump in the pool 
 to help her dad in the garage 
and wear high heels 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Susie Homemaker: Bread

How can it have been over three years since I last made bread with my Sudanese Father?! (2013)
And let's not forget my first venture in bread making.

I am back in the bread making business and my belly's all "YEA-UH!" and my pants are all "Oh no"

I've made a regular loaf (please correct my terminology here.. white loaf of bread? Sandwich bread?) and one loaf of cinnamon bread.

I am like, one bread bake away from raising chickens, driving a Prius and making my own deodorant.

The pretty pretty princess loaf 
and the ugly undercooked step sister loaf

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Budgeting 101

I hesitate to write about my laughable budget because some of you are probably paying off your entire home in three months or giving half of your income to war refugees. OR BOTH.

One night my mentor mentioned we had nothing to talk about (what?!) so he started grilling me with financial questions (yay!) ...that I had basically no answers for (double yay!) My final answer was something along the lines of "So, like, we pay rent every month. And uhh I guess like, insurance?" PATHETIC. I am supposed to be a grown Proverbs 31 woman with two kids and a pastor husband! After I finished riding the Guilt Shame Train (always a pleasure), I came up with a couple of reasons to follow a budget..
When my mentor isn't asking me financial questions, 
he's reading books to his granddaughter 

1. We can work towards a goal(s)

We want any excess money saved up for IFT (Important Future Things). A bigger family car, college and retirement, mainly. Without goals, our excess money gets spent on little things (or in my mind, floats around in our bank account without any purpose but to play freeze tag with each other)

2. We can spend fun money without boarding the Guilt Shame Train

We have a chunk of money each month to use at our discretion. It's for birthdays, eating out, preschool stuff, clothes., thrifting..literally whatever I want. Without a budget, I used to spend $20 at Goodwill and immediately throw myself into the dramatic depths of despair,

"I just spent all of my kids' college fund at GOODWILL and Kent and I will have to live in a SHANTY TOWN when he retires. ...IF he retires"

Or I would spend an entire 15 minute commute debating a stop at Chick fil A to get me my girls a sandwich. Should I go? Should I not? I shouldn't. It's literally a few bucks. Go. Don't go. YOU ARE A SAD HUMAN BEING.

Are you still reading? 

Now I can spend money through out the month within the budgetary bounds without throwing myself into despair or tying myself in knots.

Do you still want to be my friend? Check yes ___ or no ___

How'd I do in August?

My high tech, super organized method (jokes!) was to save each receipt, stick it on the fridge, eventually write it on a piece of paper and...add it all up! (Using a calculator). If my calculations are correct, I came in just under budget in both my Food/Household Category and the Other Category.

My biggest take away was the reminder that every purchase counts and I found myself second guessing each item, in a good way.

This month I plan to use an excel sheet to help add as the month goes on.
It'll also be nice to have each month on file for the rest of the year.

I need to grow in the area of Short-Long-Term-Goals. For example, I want to renew our zoo membership and join the Orlando Science Center. I need will power or a super great distraction (A library book? Long movies? Cleaning?) to tuck our fun money away in order to buy the passes. I can do this! Fist pump! Muscle flex!

Do you budget?! Are you donating to war refugees?!

*A public thank you goes to my mentor and his wife, and my in-laws for paying my/my husband's way(s) through college, thus resulting in a debt free marriage and to Kent who has helped us remain debt free. Nothing taken for granted and hugs all around!  

Thursday, September 1, 2016

3 Big* Things I did in August

*Big things for my small life 
1. Started a budget

Once upon a time in our marriage we tried a cash budget. I toted a little envelope with a couple of Benjamins in it to the grocery store and as the month wore on I would eventually break out in hives and wait for large drops of perspiration to form on my forehead in the check out line as I wondered if I would run out of money after all the groceries were scanned and bagged (THIS IS MY WORST FEAR EVER. AND IT HAS HAPPENED ONCE) Eventually I would ditch food purchases altogether and spend the rest of the money at Goodwill. Yay. End of cash budget.

I'll elaborate more on my budget for all of you poor souls curious readers in another post, but for now I want to say that this budget is self-induced and my husband is supportive of all purchases and doesn't give me a hard time about...really anything. HIGH-FIVE KENT.

2. Deleted Apps

I deleted multiple apps from my phone. Although I wasn't spending a ton of time on my phone, some apps always made me feel like there's something out there. This is hard to explain, but maybe you know the feeling. My mind would wander off to possible pins and tweets and posts that I knew had to be lingering out there on the world wide web. After I deleted my Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram apps, when I was making a PBJ sandwich, I was literally just flinging peanut butter on bread. It felt so...2003. And it was freeing! I don't need to know what Paul David Tripp thinks about the importance of corporate worship or 52 ways to declutter your home. I'm not sure the apps will stay off my phone forever, but it was a nice change of pace.

I think I can actually hear my family saying "ohhh myyy gershhhh is Kait talking about the evils of social media again?" while rolling their eyes. 

3. Cut back on my nursery volunterism 

Speeeeaking of corporate worship (Hi, Mr. Tripp! [[friendly hand wave]])  I realized that volunteering once a month in the church nursery (for the size of our church) was way, way too often. I wanted to share the love (winky face) with other capable church members. I'm loud, intense and brave at home, but it turns out that with other people in the real world...I chicken out. I go all Introvert and am like, "umm world peace?" BUT I sucked up the courage and told the nursery coordinator that I wanted to go to every other month. And she put me on the emergency sub list and we know what that means... ha. I'll keep you posted. 

Goodbye August! 

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