Monday, March 30, 2015


Thinking: about saving my money and not buying Reduced Fat Flavor Cheez-Its again
Enjoying: 10 minutes alone while Kent's on his lunch break
Feeling: tired
Wearing: black pants and a pink tank top
Needing: two small doormats for our side doors
Wanting: our house to sell- we're under contract!
Looking forward to: a possible road trip in a few weeks
Dreading: Taking both girls to their doctor appointments on Friday
Listening: to daughter #1 fuss about something to her dad
Making: myself donate stuff. SPRINGCLEANING!
Eating: today? oatmeal, banana + peanut butter, sunflower seeds and a sandwich 
Drinking: a home made fruit smoothie delivered to me by Kent (spoiled, I tell ya)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


In December Baby Baker and I made cookies from scratch together. This time I opted to go the break and bake route and didn't regret it for a second! 
Someone is still mastering the art of rolling dough into balls, but she's got the art of cookie dough stealing down pat.
As she stood by the oven I asked, "Are you going to wait for the cookies to bake?" So here she is waving to the cookies.
Our hard work paid off. Yum!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hi There

Hi Dear Faithful Blog Readers and Random Strangers Who Have Stumbled Upon My Blog By Accident,

I have a lot to say and also nothing to say. I have slept in 4 hour stretches or less for the past seven weeks (I AM NOT COMPLAINING. MOTHERHOOD IS A BLESSING. winkyface) And when I think about potential blog posts, they all come out in lists and who really wants to read post after posts of lists? That and I usually pick a nap or a shower over blogging.

So, with all that said. Here's a list.

10 Reasons Why Today is a Good Day

1. I spent an hour on Face Time with my bestie. We chatted, showed off our kids and chatted some more.

2. Kent came home from his overnight camping trip with the middle school boys.

3. A new hair cut (yesterday) that is still styled today

4. I spent an hour, alone, in Khol's browsing and debating which earrings to buy (with a gift card!)

5. I finally went grocery shopping and only forgot 4 items on my list.

6. Little Liza is starting to make those adorable baby gurgle noises.

7. We have left over dinner from my 75 year old German friend (more on her later). No dinner prep!

8. It's the first day of spring! This doesn't mean much to us in Florida but YAY!

9. I made Caris a little Spring a new beach bucket because..Florida.

10. My newly engaged sister in law got our gift (a personalized tumbler cup) and likes it!

Friday, March 13, 2015

10 on 10 [March]

If you missed it last month... I'm posting 10 pictures from the day on the 10th of every month

Showing Caris that her hairbow matches her dress. 10 fashion points for Kent!
Hey girl
The girls 
 Cakes a'coolin'
A book before her nap
 Birthday decorations and a sofa full of clean clothes
After a 6 week exile to the garage and backyard, "DATCH!" is back
Working from home
Tried to get a little artsy with the cake
 ANOTHER thumb sucker??

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



This year you learned how to walk, talk, run and "jump"
You say words like STOP, mine, please and
sentences like "Ready Mama? CATCH!!"

Every day you're turning into a little girl more and more
I'm excited and emotional
but mostly tired.

Your Dad and I love to watch you learn, explore, play, dance, pop bubbles and laugh.

And we love you so much

Next year we're taking on potty training, a big girl bed and riding a bike. 

Happy Birthday to you, Baby Girl! 


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