Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for pictures and mirrors that hang on the walls 

For a healthy & active baby {even if it means spending my entire day making sure she doesn't lick the bottom of our shoes, dump the dog's water bowl over or suck on a screw driver}

For a church bathroom located near the comes in handy when I start to cry before Sunday School 

For funny emails from my brother and movies that make me laugh out loud

And for a husband that doesn't complain about Mount ShoesaLot that erupted in our closet and still sits dormant even weeks later 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Road Trip Tips

Within a 2 week span, my co-pilot, Caris and I had logged about 1,290 miles together (I feel tired just typing that). 

South Carolina --> Florida
Florida --> South Carolina
South Carolina --> Florida

The 2nd trip was a Girls Trip which meant no husband to help. And now I present to you...

Road Trip* Tips 
when traveling with an infant

*A Road Trip includes any distance 5 hours+ away
{anything shorter is just child's play}

1. Assuming you want to make the best possible time (7 hours in my case), DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING for the first 3 hours. More on that later, but yes, you'll be thirsty. 

2. Leave as quickly as you can after a meal. Then, PUMP UP THE JAMS to keep your child awake for a while before nap time. Our choice of jams? Sunday School Sing-Along 

3. When you've determined that your child has fallen asleep, keep the car silent. Nothing but your thoughts for a good 1 1/2 hours. This time can be used for soul searching, planning a 1st birthday or mentally decorating your new house.

4. Your child will wake up, but by now you're {hopefully} a good 3 hours into the trip. It's time to stop for a meal and to fill up your car. Depending on your bladder ability, you may drink some fluids 30 minutes-1 hour before this pit stop.

My Motto: Drive 'til the baby screams or you run out of gas

Fun Fact: Did you know that McDonalds is going all "coffee shop, cool seats, new vibe" which can leave a weary, first time mother standing there thinking, "All I want is a dirty, old school booth for my kid to roll around in" Large fries, please

5. Invest in a wrap or sling for that oh-so-important potty break. 

And if you hear someone in the stall next to you whispering, "Don't fall out. Hold on. Good job. No, don't fall out", it's probably me and my co-pilot!

6. After 5 hours, it's time to BLOCK THE CLOCK. You'll find yourself glancing at the clock every 3 minutes and that'll be enough to send you to the Loony Bin so find whatever's close by, but not too distracting and stick in on your dash {see below} 

7. Finally, for the last 45 minutes, when the end is in sight, but not close enough and your co-pilot really has had enough...throw all other rules out the window. Drink that iced coffee you bought at {the fancy coffee shop style} McDonalds, play loud music, play air guitar to Aerosmith and lip sync to Adele. ANYTHING that gets you through the final 45 minutes. 

And are home. 
Where you vow to never take another road trip again

...for a very long time...

My Gideon's Bible- blocking the clock 

Monday, January 27, 2014

{C}'s New Things

While visiting with Grandpa at our old house, we quickly became thankful that our new rental house is one level.
...But we realized that carpet is a lot more forgiving of falls than tile
Her dad snuck in a sip of cow's milk last week. Yum! 

Sidenote: the blue/green boy Pj's have since been retired for any future boys
She has learned "Peek-a-boo" or "Where'sssss Caris?" with either her hands or blankets,bibs or shirts
Always on the move. Always into something
She has learned to clap and expects us to sing "Pat-a-cake" 
(Or is it Patty Cake? Mommy experts weigh in, please) 
This was in the middle of her 2nd Nap Protest. 
I think we're slowly moving to only 1 nap. 

Moment of silence for having less "Me Time"...
And that's what's new with Caris! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for birthdays

For moms who made homemade surprise cakes that always amazed

For husbands, blueberry pancakes & solo trips to Target

For phone calls, emails, texts and presents to make a girl feel special 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jet Setters

Mom talked Anna into going to South Sudan.
A civil war broke out...

She's not going
She's going
She's not going

...She's going!! 

See ya in June, Anna!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Dad came in town for exactly one week to take care of some things on this side of the ocean. 

During the week we...

-Gave Dad winter clothes to wear
-Asked for his advice
-Got (unsolicited) advice from him
-Ate good food
-Watched Get Low
-Convinced him to visit his Mom
-Watch him set up his new computer
-Drank lots of coffee
-Talked about Mom
-Listened to South Sudan stories
-Played a game
-Hung out at Wes and Sara's House
-Watched Caris warm up to Grandpa
-Watched Dad love on Caris
-Tried out different "Grandpa Names"...Papaw, Pop pop, Gramps...

Glad we got to hang out with him since he missed the Christmas Festivities. When he left, our crew shrunk down from 9 to 6 (hint hint)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for one room that looks like home 
and fresh flowers from new friends
 For my cuties among the chaos
 For a husband who organizes the kitchen {so I don't have to}
 For cool enough temperatures to wear my golf sweater
And for surprise house warming baskets full of goodies from sweet friends in SC

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Drive

 We left SC on Saturday (1.5 weeks ago) It was a chilly 27 degrees and we were about an hour behind schedule, but the drive turned out to be ok. Kent and Patch led the way in the UHaul while Caris and I followed behind in our (packed to the max) Toyota Camery. The truck didn't have cruise control or a whole lot of speed so the 7 hour trip took us 9 hours. I had plenty of time to memorize the back of the truck. We arrived in Florida at 5 PM to a driveway full of new faces that were eager to help us unpack.

And by unpack I mean, set up beds, fill kitchen cabinets full of dishes and assemble furniture. I got questions like, "Where do you want your bed? Which room is the nursery? What IS this?" while I apologized for how filthy our toaster oven was (that they weren't supposed to even see yet).

 About an hour into it, I gave Kent the "Ok, this was helpful and super nice, but they can go home now. I just want to sit on a few boxes and stare at a wall" look. He read my look (Miracle- doesn't ever always happen) and people slowly trickled out of the house, after being thanked A TON.

I can't say enough nice things about my co-traveler, Tiny Su. She was, once again, a CHAMP. She only got out of her car seat once (to eat the best Chick fil A our lips have ever tasted- shout out to the Chick fil A in Brunswick, GA!!)  The rest of the time she babbled, but mostly slept. 

25 Bonus Daughter Points for you, Missy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We're alive in Florida without internet access, but we have hot water now so things are looking up. Be back soon!

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