Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween! 
 $2.99 lampshade from Goodwill spray painted silver
 She surprised me by keeping her hat on for most of it.
At each house Liza turned around to me and said "Come'er. Come!"
 Turns out the cupcake costume was great for Pinterest and pictures but not for walking long distances.. or sitting in wagons. We toted her home- it was a group effort. Lil' Miss Queenie Cupcake

Saturday, October 29, 2016

In Which I Visit Disney World {for the first time}

Obligatory castle picture
twenty-nine years in the making  
Caris is a Disney pro, having gone with her dad before she turned three
It was also Liza's first visit 
 Before the random fire works + sobbing 
We share a love of all things dramatic and spinning tea cups 
 I told Kent I'd only buy a treat because it was my first visit
 What I didn't tell him was that MY FINGERS WERE CROSSED
 This photo is titled: I lit er ally can not stand up for another second. I considered planking across the double stroller.
 My favorite child is the one that will take smiling pictures with me. Things aren't looking good for my second daughter 
And this is my face when we couldn't find our car in the parking lot. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

5 on Friday {or Saturday}

I've been hit by the plague since Wednesday. I'm a silent sufferer until a couple days in and then I let me true dramatic self show by sending sick-face selfie texts to my mom and husband and anyone who might write back. I won't go into details (yuck) but I truly don't think I've been this sick since elementary school!  want me to send you a sick face selfie? 

Here are 5 perks from my time as a convalescent too dramatic? 

1. I've enjoyed seeing Kent as a stay-at-home dad. He takes them to the Y for 2 hours and then takes them back out again in the afternoon. His words, "You gotta keep these kids busy!" While I've been bedridden, I listened to what my life r e a l l y sounds like. Does Liza REALLY say, "mommydaddymommydaddddy" over and over when she wants something? And Caris has these interesting well thought out ideas that I'm too distracted (see Liza above) to hear. I love hearing my life from a distance.

2. Television without guilt. While Kent worked, we watched Bambie (Caris' choice) and Lady and The Tramp (my choice) and a handful of tv shows. Liza is interested for 0.45 seconds but 1/2 kids isn't bad.

3. I don't see a marathon run in my future so this is my only excuse to drink Gatorade. I also felt the liberty to send Kent to the store last night for Gatorade, crackers and popsicles.

4. Not sure if this is true (we don't own a scale) but I'm feeling skinny like circa 2010! ha ha ha

5. I had plans to march around this weekend and make Kent clorox clean the front & back porch, hang stuff in the house, yata yata so #5 is for Kent-- a weekend without me and my to-do list.

I said this on Thursday and was wrong, but I think I'm on the mend this time!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Tuesday morning beach trip just because? Don't mind if we do! 
Not pictured: Our favorite spot on the beach gone because of Hurricane Matthew, the old man wearing a speedo and my face after taking an unnecessary turn that added ONE HOUR to our drive home.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Apple Picking

We went apple picking last week with Kent's sister and our nieces and nephews. It was a great trip because Kent planned the entire outing and I had no expectations. I had no cute outfits packed. I mean, who wears black and white horizontal stripes apple picking? (Said in my best Valley Girl voice) I had no perfect pictures that I wanted to snag. I was just blissfully along for the ride and it was a great lesson in kicking my expectations to the curb. 
We ate the apples that had already fallen to the ground 
which I think is legal in apple picking?
Making memories with cousins 
Warm doughnuts! 
Please zoom in on the two happy parents holding two fart head grumpy girls

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Making: (soon) Trick or treat costumes 
Cooking: Tonight-- turkey kielbasa, rice and vegetables 
Drinking: I bought 3 (12) packs of soda for $8 today. What a deal! 
Reading: News headlines but not the articles because...politics 
Wanting: A bag of chocolate beside me right now. Mini kit kats? Reese cups? Hershey kisses? 
Looking: For cheap "oops" paint at Lowes/Home Depot for our hammock stand 
Eating: We snuck some chocolate frosted brownies from a meal that I gave to a new mom 
Wishing: For a better parenting day than we had today WHERE IS THAT CHOCOLATE 
Enjoying: Hosting small group twice a month 
Thinking: About the holidays. Group hug everyone. 
Celebrating: A clean house (see above "hosting a small group twice a month")
Loving: Rediscovering the fall smocked dress for Caris in the closet today
Hoping: For a stress-free, easy breezy morning before church tomorrow 
Needing: To fold seventeen thousand articles of clothing that sit in my living room and mock me
Smelling: The lotion on my hands, maybe? We need to delete this one
Listening: To the ceiling fan. Delete this one too? 
Wearing: Jammies
Watching: At the risk of polluting your mind, I'm hooked (so far) on This is Us 

why are some of the lines black and others gray? w e i r d

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

At the Grandparents

We love to garden with Gigi and pick HUGE green beans
 We like to color with a foreign object known as a marker 
 We make pudding
 We catch up on the latest news with Pops 
 and watch TV in Papa's chair 
 We enjoy ringing Yaya's dinner bell 
 and cozy sister time watching a video 
(so Kent and Pops can have one uninterrupted conversation)

Waffle Wednesday

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