Saturday, April 29, 2017

April {phone edition}

Goodbye, April! Here are some pictures from the past month

With Aunt Anna on her last day at Disney
Caris locked her room and Kent had to tear a side of the door frame off  to get it open. Then he had to nail it back in place and paint it- all while Caris watched with a pair of shorts on her head. 
Watching the pool guy clean provides us with weekly entertainment 
I took Caris to Michaels to pick out a bridal shower gift. While I shopped, she walked the aisles and picked up random fake flowers and feathers (Have you ever looked for that stuff? Turns out it's everywhere!) She made a bouquet with it and the cashier gave her a bag to carry it in. 
Super Heros! A birthday gift from Anna
Kent's play dough creation (Zoom in on the barn and tractor) He has a gift. 
We took out first beach trip and all got sunburned. I said, "Ok! Woot! My righteousness is not found in adequately saving my children from skin cancer!" and "Holy Smokies! That is like, the cardinal sin of parenting young children- don't let them get sunburned!! Mom guilt!" 
Beach Belly (in a good way this year)
Little sis had a few weeks where she fought her nap and threw everything out of the crib.
 NO.PILL.OW! NO BANK.ET! And then magically she turned into a sleeping cherub when I snuck in to see her. Amazing how that works. 
Big sis has found a new portable pillow 
Here we come, May! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


 I bought this two days after Easter 
 I locked myself in our bathroom to Face Time my sister
 I took my kids to the library and let them play on iPads for thirty minutes 
 I start most days in real pants, but change into jammie pants half way through. Here I am at 3:30 one afternoon rocking all sorts of colors and patterns while watching my kids play outside
 Caris' birthday balloon has been on floating in our living room since March 12 with no signs of coming down. We ignore it (And are impressed by its longevity)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Big & Little

-Talks about the number one hundred and thinks that it is A LOT. "I have 100 kids!" "In the summer you'll have to give me 100 cups of water!"
-Loves soccer practice but not soccer games
-Thinks a boy on her team is really funny and giggles at him
-Is beginning to draw  detailed things like hearts, pigs, elephants (Inspired by Piggie and Gerald) and mice(Inspired by Cinderella) 
-When her sister is upset, she will sometimes say, "Liza. Liza. Can we talk about this?"
-Most mornings will only let Kent get her out of the crib "Need daddy"
-Likes to throw things, climb and tumble. She'll jump to you even when you're not ready
-Is good at cleaning up toys
-Wants to complete tasks by herself. "I do it, I do it. I.DO.IT!"
-Has dropped from a two hour nap to a one hour nap

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Dear Dad, thanks for answering my text with a phone call as I pushed iron supplements around in my grocery cart and for reminding me that a complicated question gets a complicated answer

Dear Clearance Easter Candy, I tried not very hard to resist you, but couldn't do it

Dear Ilse, Thanks for passing on your Family Circle magazine to me so that I can have something easy to read while keeping my kids alive

Dear Liza, Watching you think hard to form sentences is the cutest thing I've ever seen and heard

Dear Caris, Listening to you dramatically read picture books that you've memorized is the cutest thing I've ever seen and heard

Dear Lazy Genius Granola Stored in a Glass Container on My Kitchen Counter, thanks for making me feel like a hipster baking mom and for tasting delicious with vanilla greek yogurt

Dear Pregnancy Weight Gain, I love your purpose, but why do you always insist on taking up residency in my face?

Dear Bigger Car Savings Account, every month I put a small chunk of change into you and it makes me feel responsible. I love watching you grow.

Dear Tuesdays, What is it with you?! Why are you always the hardest day of the week for us?

Dear Kent, sometimes we laugh at immature things that seventh grade boys laugh about. I'm pretty sure that is what marriage is all about.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter {in 6 pictures}

Easter breakfast. Coconut flakes+green food dye+donuts
With a couple of minutes to spare, a self timer family picture in the playroom 
Although we drove separately, I asked Kent to find us in the parking lot to help me. I failed to mention that I was going to park in a different parking lot andddddd I guess didn't hear my phone
My brother and I share a love for rolls consumed on holidays 
Here's Moody Judy. She survived almost three hours in the church nursery and she was hungry. She insisted on sitting "RIGHT here" and using a big fork. 
I couldn't not invite Ilse for lunch (after asking Kent) She was excited to show the girls a video of a bunny singing a catchy Easter song in German. 
*They changed into their jammies after church. Raise 'em right! 
Happy Easter! He is risen!

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Making: Banana pudding tonight 
Cooking: Kent grilled a steak and brats last night
Drinking: Reheated coffee 
Reading: About Jesus' death, with the girls, today (A day late! And I still might forget!) 
Wanting: To eat a big bowl of fresh fruit salad
Looking: For play/sporty sandals for Liza
Eating: Hershey Kisses and Cadbury milk chocolate mini eggs at night
Wishing: Caris would actually run during her soccer game. Y''s rough. 
Enjoying: Feeling the baby more frequently  
Thinking: About if #3 is a boy or girl. I'm getting curious. 
Celebrating: Easter tomorrow. Jesus offers eternal life through his death and resurrection! 
Loving: Caris' excitement when I gave her new crayons and markers
Hoping: Kent will hang some pictures and art for me later today
Needing: To pick out clothes for church so we'll be on time tomorrow 
Listening: To Kent mow the lawn and Caris reading a book out loud in the playroom 
Feeling: Relieved that I finally put our huge, hardly used exersaucer (like this but much older) by the curb & someone took it
Wearing: A navy blue tank top and Phillies pajama pants
Texting: A few of Caris' gardening questions to my mom, the Queen Gardener. Where do pickles grow? Where do peas grow? 
Watching: A few episodes of The Great British Baking Show Season 2 every week

Wednesday, April 12, 2017



For now, Kent has deemed Easter a family-only holiday for us. This is a huge relief as I felt the desire need to have people over for lunch, but with Kent preaching Maundy Thursday+attending Good Friday service+a neighborhood outreach event on Saturday+both of us attending two services on Sunday (IAMNOTCOMPLAINING) The idea of hosting an Easter lunch while not burning the green beans, makes me want to curl up in a ball and close my eyes. BUT the thought of eating an Easter Feast in my we're talking.

Regardless of the gestational state of my womb, every year I look forward to a delicious, big Easter lunch. What can I say, my Ma spoiled me. Would I love to drive 15 minutes to her house and eat what she's prepared? You 'betcha! But, as Anna pointed out while I was eating copious amounts of pistachios, food tastes better when you work for it. Here's my Easter menu:

Green beans
Rolls (Homemade? I'd love to, but I'm starting to balk at the prep time)
Macaroni and cheese
Banana Pudding (I've had a long, unmet need to eat Paula Deen's Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding So good it will make you wanna slap yo' mama. *Don't skimp on the chessmen cookies even though, as cookies go, they're a bit expensive. I don't buy my kids new Easter outfits, I buy chessmen cookies.

Nothing earth shattering and it's not a huge menu, but I can picture my plate now...

Monday, April 10, 2017

Our Soccer Star

The best part about Caris' first soccer game was that Aunt Anna was there to see it! Kent did a great job double folding her socks, tying up her shirt (and she's wearing two pairs of shorts to help bulk up the bottom)
 The game was 5% cute and 95% painful to watch. Most of our team walked around the entire time. Caris started running in the last two minutes and even managed to score a goal! Also, for the next game we're bringing a beach umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, and I don't know...abnormally large ice cubes.
I had to take a Is this my real life? Do I have a really have kid playing her in her first organized sporting event? Cue all the feelings picture
 We celebrated with dessert afterwards. GO CAYGIS! (She yells as she shops for a Soccer Mom car magnet online)

Friday, April 7, 2017


3 Reasons Why Hanging Out with Kids is Good for You

1. They have no filter. What comes into the brain usually comes out of the mouth. 

"How did you get that boo-boo on your face?" (Boo-boo = pimple)

"Are you sleepy? You look sleepy"

A lady recently told Caris that she liked our kid-size camping chair and Caris told her that it was from a yard sale. I was equally proud and embarrassed. I usually get to know someone before I flaunt my frugality. 

2. They help you notice the small things. 

A sighting of the moon during the day gets the loudest cheers. 

We take our girls to Disney World, the happiest place on earth, and they're continually humored and interested in the tiny birds that hop around eating stray pieces of popcorn. "Birdies!!!"

3. They need things explained very clearly and in turn, you have a clear reminder of the basics. 

"Babies have a string that sticks to their belly button and that's how they get food from their mommy. That's how they grow" 

"You have the Holy Spirit in you to help soften your hard heart and to help you obey and honor your mother and father" 

(Disclaimer: There wasn't a whole lot of Holy Spirit reliance on my part last week as I was equal parts Ursala/The Hulk/AreyoutryingtomakemecryIt'sworking) 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Where Dreams Come True

Lest you think I've been stranded, car-less, at my house for a week, my battery and alternator are fine (Although the car mechanic in me still has some doubts) and I Kent walked away from the car place with new power steering fluid and a new dashboard (related to a recall. So random) My car came to life just in time for Anna's arrival! We've spent four hot magical days at Disney (a day at each park)

Miles driven
Toll roads paid
Calories consumed 
Steps taken
Meltdowns had
Tantrums averted
Shows watched 
Rides enjoyed
Random sunburned spots


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...