Thursday, June 30, 2016


Likes...Coloring! She will color for the longest time (we're almost positive that she's left handed), eating, dancing, listening to music- she bobs her head anytime she hears it, being in the pool,  jumping on our bed, climbing, copying big sister, playing pretend- drinking and eating from the play kitchen or holding a baby doll.

Dislikes...walking, getting yelled at (by big sister) or any kind of harsh tone, she'll cry. She has started to cry again when getting dropped off at the nursery or Y if I drop her off (She's fine if Kent does it), diaper changes  are sometimes traumatic.

Is good at... Being adorable, throwing a ball, She can hold her own during a screaming match with Caris, climbing- onto chairs and tables (cue my daily heart attack), getting into things- lipstick smeared on our bathroom floor today, "cra-lking"- her crawl/walk hybrid, driving the play car around the house, scaring bugs and lizards- she crawls over, throws her hands up and yells "BAAA!!!"

Things we're working on... um, walking..? But for real sweet child, just walk already. Saying "help" or "please" instead of yelling. She has a set of lungs. She's learning animal sounds and body parts.  We'll be entering the tantrum/freak out/melt down stage soon.

17 months! In my mind she's still in the in-between baby/toddler stage where she's saying words and learning new tricks, but she's still a squishy soft snuggly little thing. Lots of love for little Li!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Likes...Coloring, having books read to her, going to Sunday School, listening to music in the car, running errands with mom or dad, chewing gum, dressing up, fetching the mail, sucking her "fum", telling the same knock knock joke.

She has a killer imagination (which I egg on). She will play Princess/Prince/Wicked Queen whenever she gets a chance. In the last few months she's learned games like duck, duck, goose and hot potato. On vacation the Suits side taught her Uno and we love Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. Other highlights include hide and seek, dancing to music and swimming. She has picked up swimming incredibly fast (this coming from her mom who excels only at the doggy paddle) Her goggles were traumatic at first, but now she loves them.

Dislikes...She doesn't like getting interrupted when she's talking, when her little sister messes up her game/toys and there are a number of things she "doesn't feel like" doing- like going potty, going to bed, etc. that are different depending on the day. Although she has a wide range of foods that she'll eat, she doesn't have a huge appetite so she'll sometimes have lingering food on her plate for h o u r s before she takes the plunge to eat it all. Recently she wants the opposite of what we give her. For example, if I hand her the yellow plate and Liza the green plate, Caris hasssss to haveeeee the greeeeeen plate or she'll dieeeeee. (Don't worry, we don't give in!)

Is good at...She has an impressive memory and will often recall events or conversations from many months ago.  She's very specific with what she wants and she's good at following our specific directions. She's a great helper- she occasionally asks to put the silverware away, set the table and will often (lovingly, for the most part) keep tabs on her little sis. She shows signs of being bossy leading a group. Like last night she exclaimed, "SAY IT WIF ME EVERYBODY! No matter the weather, this will be true, Jesus loves you!"

Things we're working on...Telling mom or dad if Liza is bothering her (instead of yelling), explaining herself (instead of whining), the "th" sound, swimming unassisted, saying hi/waving when people engage with her- like family members or church friends- instead of sucking her thumb, turning around and looking at the ground.

3! Such a fun age. The tantrums and freak outs have lessened, we have legit lengthy conversations with her and we make each other laugh. She is independent, curious and so very entertaining. Lots of love for our sweet Carecare.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Things I'm Digging {Part 2}

1. The rowing machine
I am no expert, having only used it three times, but I am digging the rowing machine at the gym (ok ok, it's the YMCA). We joined last August and I always eyed it as the intimidating machine, but people looked legit when they used it. I finally convinced my security blanket to use the one beside me and Kent said YES. I recently worked up enough courage to use it alone. There are only two and they're pretty much in the front of all the machines so everyone is watching you. Or so it seems. winkyface Using the rowing machine is the closest I'll ever get to..being on a rowing team, and it makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of our monthly fee.

2. Podcasts
I am also no expert on podcasts (I have listened to a mere handful) They've been around for awhile so I'm late to the game. So far I listen to them while I do chores (earbuds are helpful). Instead of thinking about how much I hate to clean the bathroom/Kent could totally clean the bathroom/We don't even need a bathroom/I hate my life, I listen to an interview and plug along with my sponge and soap. I haven't had any huge aHa! or LOL moments while listening to one (yet!) but they're interesting nonetheless. I've listened to The Happy Hour and The Lazy Genius. Got a favorite podcast? Leave a link in the comments!

3. Our pool
We have a pool. And a pool guy. When I'm 73, living in a cardboard box with no retirement money, direct me to this post. The pool has already given us hours of entertainment- specifically for Kent and Caris. The swim prep alone takes a good 10 minutes:

Child: "I wanna swim"
Parent: "Okay go grab your suit"
... minutes later
Child: "I wanna swim"
Parent: "Did you grab your suit?"

There's usually multiple cycles of the above conversation. Getting side tracked is every three year old's spiritual gift. If the prep is 10 minutes, the swim is 20 minutes, the dry off period is 10 minutes, you've knocked out a pretty little portion of your day
 (40. 40 minutes, dad. MATH!FIST PUMP!HIGHFIVE!)

4. Teaching preK crafts
I miss teaching. There. I said it. I've been out (sounds like prison) for 3 years so I've made it into this amazing job scenario in my head, but I miss using my teacher voice, smiling with squinty eyes and just doing the teacher thing. Teaching preK crafts last week scratched my itch.

5. Fried eggs
My former 6 year old self would think "WHAT?" Eggs?? I used to gag them down in a river of ketchup. Kent introduced me to a fried egg atop a piece of whole wheat toast. So tasty.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the favorite men in our life*
Thanks for being Steady Eddies in the midst of a whirlwind of Girl-ness

*Honorable mention goes to Papa Suits who is usually around but rarely photographed 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I've been posting my "Currently" series on time for a few months and I credit that to the fact that I hit the 15th of any month and think, "WHAT IN THE WORLD. How is it already THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH??" and I run off to simultaniously hug my kids for hours and work on my living will (jokes) 

I try not to reread Currently Posts of days gone by so if one category repeats itself month after month, feel free to leave a grumpy comment. 

Making: A family summer bucket list 
Cooking: Eggs and whole wheat toast for dinner
Drinking: Soon to be drinking milk (see Eating below)
Reading: Recipes from my thrifted cookbook 
Wanting: To hang some more stuff on our walls. Kentyyy...
Looking: For things to snag around the house for my summer mantle 
Eating: 4 warm homemade cookies are calling my name. F O U R
Wishing: My daughter would fall asleep
Enjoying: Teaching preK crafts for Vacation Bible School 
Thinking:  About teaching baby#1 this fall 
Loving: Our new family photo courtesy of my SIL, Sara
Embracing: The fact that since our last family photo I've gained 2 kids and much more (winky face)
Hoping: My ma comes down in August. Maaaa.....
Needing: To hook up my new (like, 8 months ago, still in the box) printer. Kentyyy...
Smelling: Wishing I could smell sunscreen. Memories, man. Memories. 
Listening:  To the air conditioning, my dog snoring and bugs (crickets?) outside
Feeling: Sleepy. VBS has me slap worn out. 
Wearing: A VBS t-shirt circa 2014 and pink polka dot running shorts (emphasis on the shorts part, not the running part)
Watching: A 30 minute Baby Einstein video today (brain washing material, I tell ya!) 

What are YOU currently up to? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Case for Camping

(Alternate title: Why Every Mom Should Go Camping)

I had no intention of disappearing for two weeks, but a bad internet connection (week 1) and no internet (week 2) during our Mountains to the Seas Road Trip proved me wrong.

"Go backpacking" is on my 30 before 30 list (more about that in July) so we took advantage of free grandparental babysitting and camped in upstate South Carolina. 

Here are 3 reasons why every Mom (with an emphasis on the stay at home mom) should go camping once a month year.

1. The Freedom
With any kid-less getaway, the freedom is fab. No food to cut up, no mouths to feed, no diapers to change, the list is endless goes on. I'd venture to say that with camping the free time is more apparent because you literally set up your tent, roll your ground pad/sleeping bag out on the dirt and lay there. And you lay there long enough to GET.BORED. No one calls your name, you can close your eyes and get up ONLY WHEN YOU WANT TO. Are you packing your bags yet?

2. The Quiet
If you sit your butt down far enough in the wilderness-no nearby highways, cars, fellow campers- there is a quiet and stillness that is so fundamentally basic and rare that it will almost make you break down and weep. After years of little loud needy humans following your every move, the quiet will be freakishly weird in a wonderful sort of way.

3. The Challenge 
In motherhood, there are challenges (and all the moms said amen)-- big whoppers like actually giving birth and daily challenges like keeping them alive but the challenges are outward focused toward the kids. Camping presents challenges like hiking up hills while still breathing, setting up a tent, making food over a camp stove or fire, squatting properly to tinkle while leaning against a tree (tmi?) and all the challenges are about you. It pushes you to your limits.

January 2015 when camping was the last thing on my mind and 
an unattainable goal, seeing as how I couldn't bend over
And yet here I am, almost 1.5 years later, in all my camping glory. It was worth the wait.
Here is my view when I looked up
So go forth and camp!
and invite me!


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...