Likes...Coloring, having books read to her, going to Sunday School, listening to music in the car, running errands with mom or dad, chewing gum, dressing up, fetching the mail, sucking her "fum", telling the same knock knock joke.

She has a killer imagination (which I egg on). She will play Princess/Prince/Wicked Queen whenever she gets a chance. In the last few months she's learned games like duck, duck, goose and hot potato. On vacation the Suits side taught her Uno and we love Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. Other highlights include hide and seek, dancing to music and swimming. She has picked up swimming incredibly fast (this coming from her mom who excels only at the doggy paddle) Her goggles were traumatic at first, but now she loves them.

Dislikes...She doesn't like getting interrupted when she's talking, when her little sister messes up her game/toys and there are a number of things she "doesn't feel like" doing- like going potty, going to bed, etc. that are different depending on the day. Although she has a wide range of foods that she'll eat, she doesn't have a huge appetite so she'll sometimes have lingering food on her plate for h o u r s before she takes the plunge to eat it all. Recently she wants the opposite of what we give her. For example, if I hand her the yellow plate and Liza the green plate, Caris hasssss to haveeeee the greeeeeen plate or she'll dieeeeee. (Don't worry, we don't give in!)

Is good at...She has an impressive memory and will often recall events or conversations from many months ago.  She's very specific with what she wants and she's good at following our specific directions. She's a great helper- she occasionally asks to put the silverware away, set the table and will often (lovingly, for the most part) keep tabs on her little sis. She shows signs of being bossy leading a group. Like last night she exclaimed, "SAY IT WIF ME EVERYBODY! No matter the weather, this will be true, Jesus loves you!"

Things we're working on...Telling mom or dad if Liza is bothering her (instead of yelling), explaining herself (instead of whining), the "th" sound, swimming unassisted, saying hi/waving when people engage with her- like family members or church friends- instead of sucking her thumb, turning around and looking at the ground.

3! Such a fun age. The tantrums and freak outs have lessened, we have legit lengthy conversations with her and we make each other laugh. She is independent, curious and so very entertaining. Lots of love for our sweet Carecare.


  1. Such a cute post. Your kids are adorable! Happy 4th!


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