5 Things I'm Digging {Part 2}

1. The rowing machine
I am no expert, having only used it three times, but I am digging the rowing machine at the gym (ok ok, it's the YMCA). We joined last August and I always eyed it as the intimidating machine, but people looked legit when they used it. I finally convinced my security blanket to use the one beside me and Kent said YES. I recently worked up enough courage to use it alone. There are only two and they're pretty much in the front of all the machines so everyone is watching you. Or so it seems. winkyface Using the rowing machine is the closest I'll ever get to..being on a rowing team, and it makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of our monthly fee.

2. Podcasts
I am also no expert on podcasts (I have listened to a mere handful) They've been around for awhile so I'm late to the game. So far I listen to them while I do chores (earbuds are helpful). Instead of thinking about how much I hate to clean the bathroom/Kent could totally clean the bathroom/We don't even need a bathroom/I hate my life, I listen to an interview and plug along with my sponge and soap. I haven't had any huge aHa! or LOL moments while listening to one (yet!) but they're interesting nonetheless. I've listened to The Happy Hour and The Lazy Genius. Got a favorite podcast? Leave a link in the comments!

3. Our pool
We have a pool. And a pool guy. When I'm 73, living in a cardboard box with no retirement money, direct me to this post. The pool has already given us hours of entertainment- specifically for Kent and Caris. The swim prep alone takes a good 10 minutes:

Child: "I wanna swim"
Parent: "Okay go grab your suit"
... minutes later
Child: "I wanna swim"
Parent: "Did you grab your suit?"

There's usually multiple cycles of the above conversation. Getting side tracked is every three year old's spiritual gift. If the prep is 10 minutes, the swim is 20 minutes, the dry off period is 10 minutes, you've knocked out a pretty little portion of your day
 (40. 40 minutes, dad. MATH!FIST PUMP!HIGHFIVE!)

4. Teaching preK crafts
I miss teaching. There. I said it. I've been out (sounds like prison) for 3 years so I've made it into this amazing job scenario in my head, but I miss using my teacher voice, smiling with squinty eyes and just doing the teacher thing. Teaching preK crafts last week scratched my itch.

5. Fried eggs
My former 6 year old self would think "WHAT?" Eggs?? I used to gag them down in a river of ketchup. Kent introduced me to a fried egg atop a piece of whole wheat toast. So tasty.


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