Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Making: Plans for the girls for when it's GO TIME
Cooking: Not a thing. Thanks, mom! 
Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper
Reading: Finished The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels A love story that was an easy read and made me laugh out loud
Wanting: An easy labor
Looking: Forward to watching Caris and Liza with their new sister 
Eating: Everything in sight 
Wishing: Moving trucks came in bigger sizes 
Enjoying: The last days of kicks and jabs in my belly
Thinking: About furniture I can get rid of
Celebrating: We had a girls only tea party this morning 
Loving: Tiny clothes cleaned and folded in drawers   
Hoping: To have a baby soon 
Needing: To have a baby soon (ha) 
Listening: To Pooh's Heffalump Movie
Feeling: Large 
Wearing: Jammie pants and a tank top 
Watching: HGTV shows with my mom every night
Texting: Baby updates to friends and family

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Final Days

do you hear that ticking sound? its ME. i'm a TICKING TIME BOMB

As we wait for the baby to make her debut, we've taken on the easy task of entertaining my mom. We took her to the science center (where Caris practiced her silly face for the camera) We've played Candy Land, Uno, Spot It and with Play Dough. We've written a letter to Pops and watched two movies.  
 In exchange, she's given us a date night (Chiptole + buying newborn diaperseeeek!)
 flowers and 
dessert under the guise winkyface of supporting the MOPS ministry at church 

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Tribute to a Sandwich

Over the weekend I had two of what I will call "cafeteria sandwiches" because they're what your ma might have packed you for lunch in the second grade. Or maybe what you packed yourself for work today if you're living life right. We're talking about 97 cent white bread, questionable ham and cheese, a heaping pile of pickles, a hearty scoop of mayo followed by a generous squirt of mustard. 

If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Baby Shower

In mid-June a handful of ladies from our former church threw a baby shower for us. I brought Caris along (which felt SURREAL) She watched a muted version of Alice in Wonderland (the cute theme of the shower) and ate too many sweets. Each person gave us a picture book and we took home a small fortune in gift cards. Like...so much money. They blessed our socks off and it was humbling and overwhelming. Diapers for life!

Disney Passes

Our passes include black out dates (around major holidays and then most of the summer). Our black out time was set to end on August 14, but we got an email telling us that it was bumped up to August 1st because two rides were closing forever. Kent and the girls are at Epcot today and it's a much needed distraction for all of us. The only rule is Kent has to keep his phone on him and turned up at all times. We're close to my due date and the drive home from Disney is almost an hour. Living on the edge, baby. winkyface


Money to buy splurgy-groceries (ice cream! oreos!), gas for our cars and to set the air conditioning on a comfortable 75 degrees (instead of 80 like these crazy Floridians WHAT?) We lack nothing.

Honorable mentions... Three car seats that fit in my car, Kent's hard work in looking for a job, Reef flip flops, freedom to plop my kids in front of the TV, friends who check in on us, a care package from my BFF, a book that brings laughter and distraction, the excitement of adding a baby girl to our family, a new diaper bag en route right now, our girls are awesome sleepers, a clean kitchen, my ma is coming soon!
bedtime storytime 

Saturday, July 29, 2017


I guess there's always a possibility that we'll return to Florida, but until/if then...

5 Things I won't miss about Florida

1. The heat, humidity & sun
I equate summer (5-6 months) in Central Florida to living in a frying pan. It's flat, it's hot and there's nowhere to hide. We can also use the (stolen) analogy of living in a dryer full of wet towels for the humidity aspect. Gross.

2. The lizards
We've had our fair share of them in our house and I've gotten use to them, but I won't miss them. Reaching for the water hose and discovering one, opening your front door and seeing them scatter.. no thanks.

3. The drivers
WHY IS EVERYONE IN A HURRY? But I have to admit that I've adopted one habit. We were driving to the park and the car in front of me didn't go at the green light (for a few seconds!) so I gave them a little honk. Caris asked, "Was that a love tap?" Ahh ha ha ha. I don't remember teaching her what a Love Tap was, but she went on to explain to Liza, "A love tap is when the light turns green and the person doesn't go so you give them a love tap."

4. The prices
Rent. Gas. Every time we go to South Carolina I dramatically acknowledge that "Gas is only $__.___ here!!" (Watch God move us to the most expensive city in the country just to sanctify me. Yehaw)

5. The daily summer thunderstorm
My kids are way less freaked out by the load thunder claps than I am.

5 Things I will miss about Florida

1. The parks
There are awesome, updated parks alllllll over the place. Bonus: clean bathrooms included.

2. The beach
55 minutes from my house? Can't beat that with a stick.

3. The winter
Because we endure May-October, we have developed a deep appreciation for November-April when it's gorgeous, breezy and like, 70 degrees all the time. Bonus: my kids have never known the long annoying bundling up process of hats and gloves and we wear sandals year round. (Watch God move us to South Dakota. Yehaw)

4. Mom friends/Bible study ladies
I have a handful of "let's meet at the park!" mom friends and I had reached the point at bible study where I was chatting with women of all ages and actually doing some of the "Have you met so-in-so?" This only took...years.

5. Our doctors
Don't get me started again on my allegiance to  ol' Virgil (my doc). We also have a sweet lady pediatrician who is a believer and doesn't give me grief for having small babies/kids.

Our lizard whisperer
That poor thing was still alive and living on a prayer
(most lizards are much bigger, I'm not being dramatic!)   

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Labeling Boxes

We were given a ton of free boxes (YAY!) from a friend's mom who recently moved here. The different between her labeling and ours had me laughing and secretly I was impressed

She knew right where to look for her raisin jar...microwave egg cooker...red/orange scarf 
 We threw stuff into boxes from our KITCHEN. 
(And now we're to the point of packing where boxes should really be labeled like, "1/3 toys, 1/3 craft supplies, 1/3 random junk")