Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My view

I'm writing from an undisclosed location (that we love!) in Central Florida and here is my current view: 
Turns out I went a little slap happy when it came to buying 12 month clothes & I could dress every 1 year old girl East of the Mississippi. 

We are all moved into the new house, sans a few items. (I've been itching to use new lingo in my blog posts even if I'm not sure if it fits correctly. Hence the word, sans.... and hence) I liken moving with two young children to digging yourself out of a deep sand pit while people stand up top dumping more sand on you. Here are a few things we already love about the new place...

-More space. Who knew that 250-300-ish sq ft could be so life changing? 
-More storage, less exposed stuff
-Screened in back porch and big yard
-A designated play area for toys 
-We can all fit happily in the big kitchen 
-A big ol' fat beautiful tree in the front yard 
-A tall ceiling in the living room 
-A wood burning  fireplace (that we've already used once!) 
-Windows with screens that open. Another life changing amenity 
-All of the bedrooms are on one side of the house 

Until next time-
Peace, love and unpacking 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Phone Pictures {Christmas Trip}

Movie time 
Christmas morning & first stocking
Adventuring with Pops 
We finally got some time in the woods 
Crazy hair don't care 
Snuggles with Yaya by the fire 
Duck face!
Decorating with Gigi while wearing my old dance outfit 
Ma giving Pa a hard time. Lots of laughs, lots of love. Also, shout out to our aging parents who slept on an air mattress so their kids could all have beds for the Christmas visit! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 {Goals}

Remember my unofficial goals for 2015? I'm still telling Kent how to drive(but I'm praying about it. Gotta start somewhere winkyface) and blogging is my only hobby (Thank you, dear readers! Hi Mom!) But here are some notable personal accomplishments from 2015..

+Gave birth to a baby. And it wasn't just any birth. I had a fast, all natural DREAM BIRTH. And I'm not saying that a year later when memories and pain are distorted. And I'm not saying it in a Judgy-Mom way (remember my first experience?) Just minutes after she was born I said, "LET'S HAVE ANOTHER"--but that's before I had to raise her-- The experience still makes my chest constrict, makes me want to throw my fists in the air and sing the ROCKY theme song. It's the closest I'll ever get to running a marathon or climbing Mt. Everest and I am so thankful.

+Raised(-ing) two girls. Potty training. Sleep training. The works.

+Joined the YMCA and lost ahem..a few pounds

+Started a church small group for young families with Kent

+Initiated a park play date after women's bible study once a month

I recently asked Caris what she wanted to do in the new year and she answered, "Talk and play." And I was all, "Girl, we got this!" When we aren't talking and playing (Seriously, that girl can talk. She must get it from her dad. winkyface), here are some things that I'd like 2016 to be marked by.

+Read, journal, pray, exercise, create. And since my only hobby is blogging, blog more often! These things will require getting up early and planning ahead.

Our Family
+Pray together (and keep track of requests/answered prayers in a cute Pinteresty way, of course)

+Activities. When Caris asks, "Where are we going today?" I want to be like, "Where are we NOT going today??" complete with jazz hands and a high kick. The zoo, the park, the library, the flat-Florida-"hiking"-trails

+Travel around Florida. What if we move out of state eventually never having seen the sun rise and set on the beach on the same day (that's a thing!) or manatees outside of Sea World? What if our only Florida boast is Disney World?

+Hospitality. Gulp. We are in the process of moving into a slightly larger rental house (The last time I wrote about housing, we were in contract to buy one. My hair is completely grey and I've gained all my baby weight back. Stay tuned) We love this new house and it has great features for hosting so this year I will get out of my Everything Has to be Perfect What if They Look in my Closet head and pray my way to joyful hospitality.
New Year's Eve 2005
party animals

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Year of Sisterhood



Saturday, January 2, 2016

{A Look Back on } 2015

I barreled into 2015 as we anticipated the arrival of our second girl
After she made her debut at the end of January, we bought a one way ticket to Crazytown and things haven't slowed down since.
Most of the year was spent adjusting to being a family of 4. I can now say it rocks and we're having a blast most days
Caris became a Big Sister, potty trained and so much more...
..including no naps, for the most part. Here's my non-napper. 
We trudged through some tough months in parenting when discipline/consistancy/whattheheckarewesupposedtodo thoughts were always on our mind 
We watched sweet Liza grow and develop through out the year. Think of the milestones! And although she spent her first 2 months of life in a bouncy chair up on the kitchen counter, I'm relieved to report that she seems is psychologically well adjusted and not emotionally neglected. 
Big independent girl
Finally, we watched Kent's Tigers play a great season! Welcome 2016! 

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