Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 5: One Year

Little Miss, at One Year...

-You wear size 3 diaper
-You weigh 18  pounds 12 ounces 
-You are 29 inches long
-You wear 12 month clothes
-You sleep for 12 hours/night
-You have 2 teeth 

You like to eat almost everything! You especially love fruit and of course desserts. 

You love pointing and making noises at birds and squirrels outside, climbing onto the fireplace hearth, taking toys out of something and putting them back in, chasing your sister around the house while Mommy holds you and runs, kissing people and stuffed animals, sliding at the park, crawling to the door when Daddy comes home 

You don't (always) love not being held/getting put on the floor, having to leave your Lovey in the crib, getting dropped off at the church nursery, when your sister makes a repeated loud noise, when your sister sits on Mommy's lap (instead of you), having to wait for a meal. 

You're able to wave hi/bye, give kisses and hugs, crawl really fast, walk/"cruise" along the furniture, sit in a little kid easy chair, go down a slide alone, play peek-a-boo, imitate people

We call you Li and Li-Lou 

We love you Liza! You are full of energy, spunk and affection. You make us laugh and wear us out on a daily basis and we are eager to watch you grow even more this year. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 4: Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful 

That unlike this time last year, we're all sleeping through the night and 2/4 of us are sleeping 12 hours.

For a beautiful, healthy, laid back, energetic, curious one year old.

For pictures and videos to help my memory because how did a whole year go by so fast?

and for the expectation of exciting things to come for Little Lie in her next year. 

Day 3: How We Celebrated

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 2: 5 Things

1. On a chilly Wednesday morning, January 28th, we had a spontaneous family dance party and then I exclaimed "LET'S WALK THIS BABY OUT!" before my 11 AM doctor's appointment. 
2. My doctor told me that I was in active labor and I should head to the hospital around 2PM, if things stayed the same and I replied "Today?" with wide eyes. Although my water broke when I got home, I sent Kent to a lunch appointment and told him to keep his phone nearby. Rookie mistake. I called him  45 minutes later to come home. He answered his phone as if he was part of a SWAT team "It's time??" and I said, "I mean, that's a little dramatic, but yeah, I think you should come home."

3. Caris had like, 2 glorious, uninteruppted hours with the iPad while I finished packing, cleaned and labored. Kent scrambled to find an available babysitter since it was Wednesday afternoon and all of our emergency people were youth group volunteers. Rookie Mistake #2. I remember I kept changing my outfit thinking, "Will I be hot? Will I be cold? Cute or comfortable? What do I really want to labor in?" We're talking 4 or 5 changes. 

4. At one point, towards the end of labor, the midwife tilted the bed back at the same time that I ate a piece of orange popsicle at the same time I had a contraction and I thought, "I'm going to die. I'm going to die right here giving birth choking on a piece of popsicle that tastes so good." A triple whammy.
5. Liza joined the world at 6:40 PM and we kept her name a secret until we could tell my parents in person. Liza Shelly! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 1: Differences

There are 3 differences, from baby #1 to baby #2, that stand out to me when I look back at my upcoming delivery with Liza.

1. Aside from a 20-week hematoma hiccup, I had a healthy pregnancy and had an end goal of not having another c-section. February 7th loomed over my head as my cut off date. Literally. TMI? When I expressed my fears, my precious older male doctor from Puerto Rico, smiled with a twinkle in his eye and said with his accent, "This time will be different" 

2. Instead of teaching and then bed rest, I was trying to keep up with a 22 month old. There was a lot of "Must.keep.going.Can't.actually.keep.going" dialogue going on in my head.

3. MY PARENTS WERE IN THE SAME COUNTRY. We were really pumped that they were coming to visit and help. My biggest fear was that they'd come too early and everyone would sit and stare at me for days. The text exchange below was from Tuesday night, I think, and even though I told them not to come, they started driving on Wednesday morning and made it to Caris right around the time that Liza was born. My poor Ma was awake for most of Tuesday night.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Brace yourself. You have begun to read a blog post without pictures.


3 Things I can not find in our new house: our checkbook, my camera cord, peace and quiet.

Aside from not having pictures, does this post look any different to you?

cricket cricket 

...I'm typing from my new MacBook "MacDaddy" Pro laptop! It was a birthday surprise from my Sugar Daddy winkyface He mentioned buying one for me but I kept stalling because hello, adulting. The new laptop would've been the ultimate surprise present had our credit card fraud team not been on their A-game.

A week before my birthday, I was driving home from a play date with a screaming toddler. Tears, screams, foaming at the mouth.  I had basically hog tied her, kicking and screaming, to get her out of a friend's house.  You know, the house we had visited to help that morning while the pregnant mom could run errands while her husband was out of town. So there I was driving with the windows down, the radio blasting to drown out my daughter thrashing around and screaming in the back seat thinking all sorts of "WHATINTHEWORLD. THATWASAWFUL. Boarding school? Pops' boot camp? Therapy for her? Therapy for me? An apology note to our friends?" when I got a call from the Fraud Department.

Our credit card account was stolen in July so when I heard, "Can you verify a purchase of $$$ made at the Apple store in California?" I was all, "First I had to drag my daughter out of someone's house by her feet and now our account was stolen again?? Worst day EVER" (She gets her drama from her Dad). I burst through the front door, found Kent and repeated "Can you verify a purchase of $$$ made at the Apple store in California?!" I expected a "Are you kidding me? Again??" response but got "DANGIT! I just clicked the button to buy it!"

And that is how he surprised me with MacDaddy for my birthday.

Thank you, Fraud Department, for keeping our account safe and ruining my birthday present all with one call.

Side note: I looked back to see how I documenting Caris turning 1 on my blog and learned that I devoted like 5 whole days to it. So I'm calling next week, Liza Week! 


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