Monday, March 28, 2016

What We Ate

Last week was a fairly normal week at La Casa de Suits. Here's what we ate.

Monday: I lied. Eating out is not our norm. We're too cheap and going out with kids is less than relaxing. BUT tonight was Opening Night for our local 5 Guys and let me tell you.. Kent has been waiting for this day for MONTHS. The sign was up 6+ months ago and every time we drove by, we'd strain our eyes across the parking lot to see if any progress was being made. When I found out that Monday was the opening night I said, "THAT'S IT. WE'RE GOING." He ate there 3x in the first week and I promised to uphold my marriage vows and visit him in the hospital when his heart closes up and waves the white flag.
The high of the meal: Watching LiLou eat half a burger with one hand likes she's been doing it her whole life + their peanut butter milkshake(go get one!!) We bought one and passed it around the table, grossing some people out, I'm sure. Frugal Family Bonding.

The low of the meal: There was some unhappy sibling screeching from our table at various points in the meal. Pickles were stolen, peanut shells were flung.

Tuesday: To make up for Monday night, I made a chick pea/curry/sweet potato combo on white rice which was loosely based on my Mom's recipe, but not nearly as good.

The high of the meal: Discovering that Liza will eat chick peas

The low of the meal: ReDiscovering that I can't cook like my Mom

Wednesday: Eggs and sausage. Brinner. One of the greatest things. Kent cooked this meal because I was Face Timing with my Mom (YAY Hi Mom!). While we were eating Caris asked us, "So what do you want to do today?" And I answered, "That's something you ask at breakfast!" Wherein Kent pointed to his plate. Touché.
Unprompted silly face?! Making Mommy proud! 

The high of the meal: Watching Caris enjoy a personal favorite that I taught her: sausage dipped in syrup. Maybe she'll be the one visiting her parents in the hospital.

The low of the meal: We lost a good portion of Liza's sausage to the ground and ultimately the dog.

Thursday: Pan seared chicken + *fresh green beans {*that were almost too old to eat} We went straight from dinner to decorating sugar cookies.
Prepping green beans just like the ol' Frontier Days

The high of the meal: Dessert

The low of the meal: The greens beans

Friday: Pastor Kent whipped up a cheese quesadilla for his girls, at my request, before leaving to preach at the Good Friday service (Hercules! Hercules!). I threw together some boxed apple muffins and we enjoyed  a strange, but delicious,  meal of one cheese quesadilla, warm apple muffins and milk.

The high of the meal: Warm muffins

The low of the meal: No low!

We ate most of our meals outside because the weather was begging us to.
And that's what we ate last week!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


If you, like me, spent the majority of Holy Week in a funk, you're safe here. If you were tired, cranky, angry, bitter, a big fat sinner and the only Easter heart prep that took place was reading the Easter Story picture books that your toddler flung on your lap.. If you're limping towards Easter morning with guilt and ShouldaCouldaWoulda thoughts... take heart that if you trust in Jesus, he died for your tired, angry, bitter, big fat sinner self. This is true during Holy Week, on your best days, on your worst days and that random week in November. January. August. 
Find rest in His finished work on the cross and His great love for you this Easter. 
Caris: What is that?
Me: Our schedule
Caris: Can I write a C on your schedule?
Me: Sure 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Disclaimer: while the following list is all warm and fuzzies, know that yesterday I was capital C cranky and today confirmed the fact that my kids are subpar at hosting/attending play dates. 
Carry on.

1. The thunderstorm happening right now as I type

2. A screened porch and open doors to hear it

3. A large dog to protect me in case someone wanders into said open door

4. Dinner dishes washed tonight by Kent

5. Finding needed items (2T shorts) while Thrift Hunting at Goodwill

6. Slowly adding decor to our empty walls

7. Warm sugar cookies tonight for dessert

8. Funny text exchanges with friends, friend's moms, my mom, my sister, the list goes on

9. A "successful" small group gathering last Friday night

10. Matching bathing suits (girl squeal!!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3 {How We Celebrated}

Luckily for Caris, her 3rd birthday fell during our week of vacation with Kent's parents. Papa treated us her to breakfast at a cute, delish restaurant (where she exclaimed, "HEY I know ROOFY!!") and then we spent most of the day at the beach. 

Seeing the decorations upon waking up was overwhelming for her. As in.. she turned and faced the wall for a solid 2 minutes and wouldn't turn around.  I decided to tone down the expectations after that. 
Only the start of her presents. It was a Frozen/Princess filled day, but most popular was the flash light from Aunt Anna. 
Y'all. The cake was nasty. Not in a hyper-critical "No YOU'RE prettier" kind of way. Something went terribly wrong and I was both bummed out (gimme some good cake any day) and mortified because my father in law was ingesting it. BUMMER all around. 
Happy Birthday Little Shuggie!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Baby Weight

I can't seem to shake the last two pounds of my Baby (Liza) Weight and I have no idea why. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Making: Time for some blogging recently
Cooking: Chicken + Rice + Greenbeans for dinner tonight 
Drinking: A second cup of coffee 
Reading: Cupcake 3 times in the last two hours with requests to read it again 
Wanting: Something from The Pioneer Woman's new linen line
Looking: Like I actually put some thought into my outfit/makeup/hair today 
Eating: NOT eating the instant mac and cheese I made the girls for lunch. Willpower! (cart wheel! fist pump! thumbs up!)
Wishing: I could eat instant mac and cheese
Enjoying: A (semi) quiet house at nap time
Thinking: About appropriate discipline for shoving your sister's face into the tile floor 
Loving: To watch Liza learn new things every day. She "cheeses" for the camera now and well, I die
Hoping: For a stress free, successful first small group gathering at our house on Friday night 
Needing: To clean our bathroom. Wompwomp
Smelling: Probably the dog if I try too hard
Listening: To the air conditioning kick on 
Feeling: Tired. I'm on Day 2 of my "Wake up at 6AM AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE" plan 
Wearing: Tank tops from now until November 
Watching: Fixer Upper tonight at 9

Monday, March 14, 2016

(5 Things) from Yesterday

1. My Big girl went to 2 hours of Sunday School/Big Girl Church. She learned about Palm Sunday and now walks around the house saying "WHO'S ANNA! Praise God!" She also learned how to play Duck Duck Goose.

2. I played about 12 rounds of Duck Duck Goose with the girls--one of them was high chair bound the entire game-- so you can guess who was Goose every single time.

3. Caris casually asked me "Is Jesus king or is God king?" over a plate of birthday cake and milk. Pastor Kent came outside just in time to field that question. ("both") Why do trinity questions trip me up so much?

4. Kent, adhering to my SAFETY FIRST rule, locked Caris and me out of the house yesterday afternoon. We were hanging on the back porch, Liza was napping inside and he left for work. I walked next door and knocked on our neighbor's door silently chanting "Please be the wife please be the wife" Only to be met by the husband. I was wearing leggings, a t-shirt that did not modestly cover my bottom and no shoes. YAY. He let me borrow his cell phone and miraculously Kent answered his phone to a number that he didn't recognize.

5. My kids were in bed by 6:57 because Mama needs a break wherein (there I go with the fancy words again) I binge watched 2.5 hours of TV and ate half of an extra large Hershey bar.
30 minutes before leaving for church

Thursday, March 10, 2016


To my sweet Caris on her third birthday,

Three! I think every parent says it and it's true for me- I can't believe we're already celebrating your third birthday. It was impossible to know 3 years ago that hiding inside that 4 pound 10 ounce preemie baby was a smart, energetic, passionate little soul. You are 100 miles a minute everyday. You make us laugh by saying things like, 

"I eat my boogie like Andy at church"
(while driving) "Slow down! The mailman might get you!"

You make us roll our eyes, sigh heavily and want to lay flat on our backs and stare at the ceiling when your stubborn side comes through along with your concrete thinking and wild feelings that are sometimes hard for you to put into words. I see so much of me in you. Sometimes your Daddy points this out to us and sometimes he and I look at each other and it's said with a knowing glance. 

You love to sing, dance, read, keep busy with projects, cut paper and talk. We talk about animals, letters, numbers and rhyming words. You like to make plans for us. "How about Liza takes a nap and you take a shower and I watch A SHOW?" You occasionally still sing Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells and whenever you see hearts you attribute them to "Balentine's Day". You have a wildly awesome imagination. However when you handed me an invisible ant in the church nursery, in front of another lady, I wondered if we had taken the imagination thing a little too far.

My greatest joy comes from seeing you so deep in play/work that you're oblivious to everything else, when you worry about your sister, when you articulate the Gospel ("Dearrr JESUS, thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. AMEN"), hearing you belly laugh and when you give unsolicited hugs and kisses (these are rare because you're a busy lady).

When I think about you growing up so quickly my eyes fill with tears and I have to catch my breath. When I try to call you a baby you laugh and answer, "I a big girl!" For the past few weeks you've insisted that you're "Twenty-free" and just today you turned "FIRTY-FREE" Time is seriously flying by. winkyface I'm so thankful for the fun we've had together and I think 3 is going to rock our socks off! 

 I love you so much my shuggabuggabear


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Phone Dump

I just downloaded 1,400+ pictures from my phone. I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed. Want to see some random ones?

This is how excited she was to swim in her pool for the first time
When I see Rev. before his name I'm still like "Whaaaatt??" and I have to take a picture
Friends took us to Sea World. Kent touched the sting rays and Caris wanted nothing of it
Desperate one Sunday night, I made a mug cake and it changed my life
January birthday lunch. Right after I asked the teenage babysitter, "Do you have any questions?" And she answered, "When do you think you'll be back?" 
Siblings (Alternate caption: Bearded brothers) 
Talking to and kissing her Daddy over Face Time. Dying of cuteness over here! 
Super Heros! 
Kent baptized Liza
Their first ride in the Mega Cart, with the help of Gigi. Liza's look of pure fear gives me a little Mom Guilt winkyface
Found these gems while packing up our old house
I wish this picture had sound too
This is Caris' favorite trick to do with Patch (with help) "Patch leaveeee it. LEAVE ITTT."
Younger siblings pick up on so much just by watching older siblings
Juggling multiple calls with ease 
Some of us spend a Thursday at Disney while the rest of us eat PB&J at home
They've.started.holding.hands. And giggling. 
Wanting to remember random moments on a Sunday morning at church 
Matching jackets: cute in theory, annoying in reality when they're so close in size, but still..
girl squeal!! 

Waffle Wednesday

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