(5 Things) from Yesterday

1. My Big girl went to 2 hours of Sunday School/Big Girl Church. She learned about Palm Sunday and now walks around the house saying "WHO'S ANNA! Praise God!" She also learned how to play Duck Duck Goose.

2. I played about 12 rounds of Duck Duck Goose with the girls--one of them was high chair bound the entire game-- so you can guess who was Goose every single time.

3. Caris casually asked me "Is Jesus king or is God king?" over a plate of birthday cake and milk. Pastor Kent came outside just in time to field that question. ("both") Why do trinity questions trip me up so much?

4. Kent, adhering to my SAFETY FIRST rule, locked Caris and me out of the house yesterday afternoon. We were hanging on the back porch, Liza was napping inside and he left for work. I walked next door and knocked on our neighbor's door silently chanting "Please be the wife please be the wife" Only to be met by the husband. I was wearing leggings, a t-shirt that did not modestly cover my bottom and no shoes. YAY. He let me borrow his cell phone and miraculously Kent answered his phone to a number that he didn't recognize.

5. My kids were in bed by 6:57 because Mama needs a break wherein (there I go with the fancy words again) I binge watched 2.5 hours of TV and ate half of an extra large Hershey bar.
30 minutes before leaving for church


  1. Love the picture, especially the Kotex. Looks like Liza at least spilled the "cheap" plastic Q-tips. ;) Still have the other half of the Hershey bar? I bet not.


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