If there are any seasoned Mac Computer users reading this, you would be pained to see how clueless I am when it comes to hanging out with my new friend, MacDaddy. Kent has adopted the "Teach a man to fish" motto and won't teach me, insisting that “You can Google anything.” I also had to just about sign my name in blood vowing that I would never let our kids lay eyes on it, much less touch it so MacDaddy sits in an undisclosed location of my room, until it’s time to pay bills. Speaking of which...

And now..
What the month of March holds

-Church directory pictures 
(Our first as a couple. OLAN MILLS FOR LIFE!)

-A week at the beach with my inlaws
(Seafood, sand and extra help)

-My oldest child's 3rd birthday
(She is excited and I am dumbfounded)

-The first day of Spring
(Perhaps some jelly beans and Reese eggs?)

-My oldest child leaving the church nursery for Sunday School
(She's ready)

-A church picnic
(Last year I was awkward and had a baby strapped to the front of me. This year I'm just awkward)

(With plans to attend my first sun rise service and then I have nursery duty at church)


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