When I pictured Easter this year, I pictured myself waddling my great-with-child body into church. People were going to say, "Girl, when are you due??" and I'd say "Saturday!" and then we'd joke about how big I was and how ready I was. After church we'd have the siblings over for lunch. Maybe ham, rolls and green beans. And I'd say, "I can't believe Ma is just going to miss Easter. It's her favorite holiday!" 

What Easter actually looks like this year... I didn't fully commit to actually making it to church, but my eyes popped open at 7AM (props to the Holy Spirit. I could've slept till 10) and I gave it a go.

Modern day Easter miracle: I made it to the 8:15 service and was only 5 minutes late. That would've even been impressive for my pre-baby self. 

I waddled my post-baby body into the back pew, came home and dressed Baby Suits in a huge 3 month "Baby's First Easter" onesie while Ma was in the kitchen cooking ham, asparagus, mac-n-cheese and so much more. Later today we'll eat, chat and nap. 

"He is Risen!"
 We've got floral on floral, polka dots and  pastels. 
 Just some of the food we'll stuff our faces with enjoy later today


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