Highlights from the past 2 weeks

-Watching family members love on Caris
-Going HOME from the hospital
-2 burgers on the way home from the hospital
-Ma flying in from South Sudan
-The laugh/cry combination with Ma
-Watching my feet and ankles swell to the size of tree trunks
-Watching people's reaction when I showed them my tree trunks
-Kent,Ma and I eating our ever-lovin' faces off with all the meals we've gotten
-Starting Season 1 of Downton Abbey
(Ma actually watched Season 1 before it was popular. One word: trendsetter) 
-Caris' newborn shoot with Sara
-Catching her "smiles"
-Watching Kent as a Dad
-Ma's made-to-order hot breakfast
-First glass of diet soda in over 8 months
-Having a legit conversation with sleeping-talking-Kent
-Losing 15 pounds (goodbye tree trunk legs)
-Caris shooting right past 5 pounds to 5 pounds 8 ounces
-2 hour naps that end at 6PM
-First (1 hour) solo outing to the school
-Recovering. Slowly, but surely 
-Movie date night with Argo
-Target shopping trip using only gift cards 
-Rush's chocolate milk shake 


  1. yay!!! this post brings me so much joy!! i cannot wait to see you and meet Caris!


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