Back in Action

Faithful Blog Readers,

We're back in blogging action! The main reason we're back on the blogging scene is because of a recent bed rest order. If you need some valid excuses for my absence, I've got a little list.

Recent happenings...

-Growing a baby (PTL)

-Abnormal swelling of hands and feet (Ok, and face) Red flagged for preeclampsia (later unofficially dismissed) 

- I can't always feel my hands/fingers (see above) 

-Decorating a nursery (postponed until Anna gets here) 

-Decluttering our house ("Our favorite nation is DONATION" -Bill Devlin) 

-Cheering my husband on during his last semester of seminary (Rah rah rah!) 

-Teaching 22 needy babies (who still can't quite nail 3-digit subtraction on a regular basis) 

With bed rest starting yesterday, blogging will be more regular for at least a few more weeks! 

Showing off some baby loot after our first baby shower
Also the last decent picture of me 


  1. I have missed you!!! So sorry to hear you are on bed rest. You look great in the above picture. DOes Anna need help decorating? I can help!


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