Friday, July 29, 2016

5 on Friday

5 Things I learned in July 

1. Visiting family back to back (within about 3 weeks) helped my oldest connect with her extended family. She didn't want to leave and now regularly asks to visit again. She reminds me that we're going again in the fall (which she has like, no concept of) Can we go to Ed-ben-chure with Daddy and Liza and maybe Aunt Anna? And see Big Eddie and Aunt Anna can come? 

2. Making meals is worth the effort. I've mentioned before that I go head long into meal prep for awhile and then find myself throwing a stack of saltine crackers and room temp water at my kids for dinner(jokes!) Visiting my Ma helped motivate me again and amen to leftovers for lunch. (My pants disagree)

3. The  care free willy-nilly days of summer in the life of a youth pastor is fine for about, half of the summer until it isn't fine anymore for the type A youth pastor's wife. What's your plan today? Hey what's your week look like again? When's your day off this week, since Friday is ya know, yata yata? I sacrificially gave my memory brain cells to our daughters and can the school year start again? The end is in sight. May it be so.

4. Michaels and Hobby Lobby had some killer clearance sales in July! It's fun, for some of us, to daydream about making a fabric strip bunting out of 30 reused t-shirts from Goodwill, but sometimes it's better to spot one you love in Michaels and just buy the dangthing.  excuse my language 
No second guessing. No regrets. Hang that puppy up.

5. When my bed is unmade, my children don't give it a second glance. The moment I make it, they are all, "Let's stare at Mom and Dad's wedding party photo and read Tim Keller's The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness" It's the weirdest, funniest thing!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Take a night beach trip

Go to Edventure

Eat donuts at the park

Watch fire works on July 4th

Liza will learn to walk

Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

Go to Ikea

Make home made ice cream


Go to the fancy YMCA splashed

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Welcome to the club

It's not like I haven't had the toothbrush bought and stashed in the bathroom for months

It's not like she hasn't been sneaking away to suck on her sister's toothbrush 

It's not like she doesn't stand in the bathroom doing an adorable combination of "teef" and "pweease" 

It's not like she doesn't have any teeth- suddenly she has five

We finally had the perfect dork-Mom storm: a clean kid, a camera and a dad home at bedtime.
Welcome to the club, baby Liza! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Coffee Date

If I had you over for a coffee date, you’d be greeted by two girls that were eager for you to show up, but shy once you did. You would have to step to the right to avoid the small pile of laundry that’s sitting by the door- ready, for days now, to get thrown into the laundry machine by way of the garage door. 

I’d offer you water, tea or coffee, secretly hoping you would say “I’m fine right now” or accept the offer for water. Making someone else’s coffee seems risky and personal. Too strong? Too weak? Maybe she only drinks coffee from beans that have been harvested and shipped over night from Portland? Or Peru? 

If it’s a Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I would have kicked Kent out of the house for a few hours while we chatted. He would have happily tweeked his work schedule to accommodate us. 

If you ventured into my kitchen you’d find a package of five pounds of ground beef thawing in my sink and a slew of alphabet magnets on the ground. It’s a mind field, watch your step! 

If you haven’t, unlike everyone else and their mom, asked about my plans for preschool, I’d try to confidently tell you that I’m keeping Caris home this year and am looking forward to doing some basic “school” stuff with her. It’s taken me months to work up the courage to tell people, after receiving enough comments about socialization, my sanity, etc., and I bet you can tell. 

You’d see my younger daughter walking(!!) and you’d probably hear her new favorite word, “no” many times. She might disappear for a few minutes and reappear sucking her paci and carrying her Lovey. She’d have a look of pride since she worked carefully and quickly to wrangle them both out of her crib. I’d decide that it wasn’t worth the fight, with company over, to take them from her. 

We’d talk about the wackiness of summer—with being a youth pastor’s family and all— about how much we love our pool and our lofty, far off plans for the fall. 

We wouldn’t get a chance to talk long before we had to break for potty help, a snack, a game (Frozen Uno anyone?) or a sibling spat. 

Until next time! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Our trip {phone edition}

Praise hands for technology! 
 Fireworks wherein Caris stayed up way too late and Gigi fell asleep sitting in a camping chair in the middle of the Gilbert High School parking lot.
 Ribs with dad
 These glasses provided a whole lot of entertainment during our visit
 Lights over Lexington
 Glad I traveled so far to spend quality time with my parents while we stared at our gadgets.
 Breakfast at Gigi's! We were spoiled with french toast, muffins, etc.
 This picture sums up my daughter so well. She wouldn't sit with Papa (although he invited her to), but when she saw a photo being taken...she struck a pose. So her...and so me. 
 Headed to the lake!
 God's faithfulness displayed in the form of a rainbow and so much! kiddie water gear.
 We spent a fun morning at Edventure, along with everyone else in South Carolina, for 12 cents Kids Day.
 True love: my Mom voluntarily pulled the paper towel wad out of my dog's butt.

Are you dying that I included this picture. ha ha ha ha
 We ate Subway at Uncle Ben's house- which is currently undergoing some reno at the hands of Ma- and we saw Aunt Anna's new house.
 The backseat view on our 7-turned 8-hour drive home. Crazy times! But they were troopers.
And with that, I'm off to start a Go Fund Me page for a larger vehicle.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Making: A budget 
Cooking: Nothing! Ma's cooking for the win! 
Drinking: Coffee
Reading: I just finished Bringing Up Bebe 
Wanting: To live closer to my pre-baby friends 
Looking: For ways to spruce up our front porch stoop (hello, pinterest)
Eating: My Ma's baking
Wishing: I lived just a little closer to family & friends 
Enjoying: Time with family 
Thinking: About my BFF who's great with child!
Loving: Listening to podcasts while I road trip 
Embracing: The summer heat
Hoping: My kids sleep in the car
Needing: To drive 7 hours back to Florida with 2 kids and a dog
Smelling: Nothing 
Listening: To my Dad brush his teeth
Feeling: Larger than I did two weeks ago (hello, vacation) 
Wearing: Grey stripe jammie pants and an Outer Banks t-shirt circa 2009
Watching: The Intern was cute and not what I expected 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our lake vacation

If you would've told me 12 years ago that I would be driving hundreds of thousands of miles to hang with my in-laws during a week of vacation SANS MY HUSBAND, I would have started to sweat, cry and squeak out a nervous laugh all at the same time. 

And yet. Here I am. Killin'it!! jokes
 We enjoyed time with everyone, happily accepted their help and had a great time.

 Cute cousins (and there are 6 missing!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cow Appreciation Day

Liza should have earned more food for wearing fleece pants in the middle of July. 
 Caris was really excited about dressing up (yay!)I see many more years of cow costumes in our future.
 After all the hard costume work, we ended up paying for some of our meal. It's a long story, but I was UDDERLY surprised and frugally frustrated. Moooooving on...
 Liza's face says it all! The whole trip was chaotic and one for the books.
Unrelated: Pops and Liza have become fast friends.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The 4th of July

We will "toast" to anything.. we usually raise our cones, cups, bowls, spoons to ice cream, chocolate, frozen grapes, the weekend, etc. 
 The skirt and dress was made by our talented friend Rachel C. using fabric from Kent's grandmother's skirt (she was born on July 4th) So festive! 
 You can see Caris wearing this dress here
 We spent the morning at the Peach Festival

Waffle Wednesday

Choosing to temporarily forego your waffles, cool whip and blueberry breakfast to read an Insects and Spiders book and have conversations l...