5 on Friday

5 Things I learned in July 

1. Visiting family back to back (within about 3 weeks) helped my oldest connect with her extended family. She didn't want to leave and now regularly asks to visit again. She reminds me that we're going again in the fall (which she has like, no concept of) Can we go to Ed-ben-chure with Daddy and Liza and maybe Aunt Anna? And see Big Eddie and Aunt Anna can come? 

2. Making meals is worth the effort. I've mentioned before that I go head long into meal prep for awhile and then find myself throwing a stack of saltine crackers and room temp water at my kids for dinner(jokes!) Visiting my Ma helped motivate me again and amen to leftovers for lunch. (My pants disagree)

3. The  care free willy-nilly days of summer in the life of a youth pastor is fine for about, half of the summer until it isn't fine anymore for the type A youth pastor's wife. What's your plan today? Hey what's your week look like again? When's your day off this week, since Friday is ya know, yata yata? I sacrificially gave my memory brain cells to our daughters and can the school year start again? The end is in sight. May it be so.

4. Michaels and Hobby Lobby had some killer clearance sales in July! It's fun, for some of us, to daydream about making a fabric strip bunting out of 30 reused t-shirts from Goodwill, but sometimes it's better to spot one you love in Michaels and just buy the dangthing.  excuse my language 
No second guessing. No regrets. Hang that puppy up.

5. When my bed is unmade, my children don't give it a second glance. The moment I make it, they are all, "Let's stare at Mom and Dad's wedding party photo and read Tim Keller's The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness" It's the weirdest, funniest thing!


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