Monday, January 26, 2015


Found early last week:

Where: Under the sofa 
Who: A wise man
Carrying: Either gold, frankincense or myrrh
Probable destination: A stable in Bethlehem 
Possible explanation of detour: A toddler
Chances of making it back to his two buddies, in the correct Christmas container: slim to none 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life Lately

Life Lately 
{according to my semi-decent camera phone}

Temperatures in the 60's & 70's call for maternity leggings and yoga pants
I LIVE for these days
I'm pretty sure I'll help Caris pack for college (THIS DAY WILL NEVER COME. NEVER GROW UP) while wearing my maternity leggings
 I tried to run errands with Miss C. We were unsuccessful and ended up at Pet Smart looking at mice while my brain cells slowly died and my shopping list remained long...
 I had a fun idea to treat my best gal pal to a snack after a sorta successful shopping trip, but she ended up being the toddler in the corner crying every 2 minutes after yet another brain freeze
 I preregistered at the hospital. It's a nice feeling to be a "normal" pregnant chick and actually check things of the to-do list. Caris wasn't having any of it.
"See you guys at the car"
 Kent has started to occasionally bike to work which has quickly increased my prayer life. I dropped him off at the church to bike home and then followed him. I gave him a few "real life" scenarios- mostly honking cars and girly screams out the window from adoring fans. 
 This was nap time. Too many skittles led to wicked heartburn so I swore off skittles for the next few weeks for forever. 
 I requested a smoothie one morning and it wasn't until Kent handed it to me that I realized it was the SAME EXACT thing I had eaten (with Anna & Kerith, while watching Return to Me. Good times) the night before I had Daughter #1. Also the same as last time, I wasn't full term yet and I almost didn't eat it...but then I did. 
 Come to Mama
 I enjoyed some Face Time with my BFF. This was my set up. 
 Caris hugged her dad while walking into Target. Like, both arms around his neck, wouldn't let go hugged. This never happens and his smile says it all. Also, I need to work on my walk-while-taking-a-picture-backwards ability. 
 They were thrrrrrrrilled to follow me around Target
 We shared a donut date with girl #1 before girl #2 arrives

Monday, January 19, 2015

Questions for 2015

It seems risky to make goals for the new year when you're 9 months pregnant.

Or is it actually GENIUS?

If I find myself at the end of 2015 with none of my goals met I can just get a crazy look in my eyes, throw my hands up in the air and say, "WHAT? I was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!"

Many bloggers (and maybe you) pick words to describe the new year and their goals. Words like flourish, grow, joy, rest..

If I picked a word? survive.

I will have two kids under two years of age (only for 2.5 months, but we'll leave that detail out for dramatic emphasis) so survival sounds like a good plan.

Ok, ok, my real word is: details. I'm not exactly sure what this will look like, but maybe paying attention to the details of my kids(plural! wohoo!), my husband, my marriage, my time, the food we eat, the things I read and watch.... I'd have to met up with you for a cup of coffee to really explain my word, but there it is. Details.

Goals and resolutions are too intense so here are some questions for 2015

Will this be the year...

-That I stop telling Kent how to drive?
(this includes comments, noises and hand motions)

-That I pray regularly and with expectation to see things happen?

-That I follow my dreaded weekly cleaning schedule and only complain 50% of the time?
(this includes complaining out loud and in my head)

-That I tithe in the correct month (errr..) and make it to church early enough not to be sweating and to be able to greet others with a smile?

-That I ease off of social media?
(No impulsive checking 'round the clock, early in the morning and late at night)

-That I find a BLESS-ED hobby? Crocheting, sewing, reading, writing, walking, baking, biking, karate...something?

What are your questions for 2015?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

22 Months

-Loves Curious George and Sesame Street
-Runs to the door when her dad comes home
-Expects a snack when she sits in the grocery cart
-Is the cutest when she says "broccoli" and makes her donkey noise
-Thinks all horses are donkeys
-Loves most veggies
-Yells "Dada's CUP!" when she sees coffee
-Yells "Dada" when she sees a Clemson paw
-Hates hair bows, bibs and being put into her car seat 
-Strings sentences together with random noises "Church ee pay e ah toys. babies" 
-Was taught by her dad that the only way to build with blocks is by laying on your stomach
-Notices that it gets dark outside at night
-Loves to talk on her pretend phone. She usually calls Anna, sometimes Pop and Gigi and recently called "Mem" (Ben)
-Asks where things/people are. "Minnieeee AREEE YOUUUU?
-Is a morning person
-Will jump at the chance to play on our phones or Kent's iPad
-Sits through Mother Goose on the Loose at the library just for the bubble machine at the end
-Calls bubbles "boobies" (giggle giggle)
-Recognizes "A" and "B" and can count to 4, with a little help
-A favorite afternoon activity is getting the mail with her dad

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pregnancy Joy

I'm now pregnant longer than I was with Baby #1. We're out of the preemie danger zone and looking forward to meeting a (Lord willing) happy, healthy, maybe even chubby? baby girl. In honor of this moment, here are...

10 things that can steal your pregnancy joy

Lack of sleep
Your dog eating a dirty diaper
Your dog throwing up on the rug
A toddler
Trying to breathe
Bending over
Your to do list
Back fat

are you laughing?

oh, you thought i said fat back??

Mmm, now we're talkin!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Part 3

It was a great time for us to drive. Thanks, BP! 
 We hit 80,000 miles and saw temps that we hadn't seen in awhile
 I had this conversation with Anna on our drive up
 We bundled up alongside of these two 
We had a lot of fun hanging out in an empty house
And Caris enjoyed some quality time with her Pops 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Part 2

This was our first Christmas on the road after a few years of hosting it. Here's our makeshift Christmas tree that Kent set up. 
We woke up to a sick toddler. We had to switch our "It's your STOCKING! Look PRESENTS! Yum CANDY!" expectations to no real expectations at all. 
With Ma and Pa home for Christmas, we felt like a "normal" family! Anna hosted the gatherings. Here is Ma welcoming us on Christmas morning in her fleece reindeer jammies. 
A Happy Birthday Jesus candle and Ma's delish Christmas casserole. 
Little Miss had moments when her medicine kicked in and she was happy. 
Only a Grandma would give a toddler a blue raspberry lollipop. 
It was a tech-filled Christmas day with lots of TV and iPad time for the sick girl 
It's easy to snuggle up beside Uncle Ben when he lets you watch Curious George 
 Watching Frozen (Where Caris waited and waited for "Owaf" to appear)
I wouldn't wish for a sick girl, but the snuggles were pretty nice
Pops was tired after all of the eating and TV watching 
Starting and ending Christmas with a sick kid was no fun, but we tried to make the most of it! High five to the family members who endured the whining, crying and overall crankiness all day. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas part 1

We loaded up the Toyota with one toddler, one 80 pound dog, one 8 month pregnant chick, a rooftop carrier and a stash of Christmas gifts and headed North to the South. We left room for one special addition, our friend+baby-in-baking, SJCP! She made the last leg of the journey a  lot more fun. 

This picture depicts my inner "I'm so tall, you're so short" struggle that I've had since middle school

But let's not forget that she was the one that hooked me up to the social pipeline in the 8th grade so she can be as short as she wants to be. If it weren't for her, I'd still be sitting in the corner of the middle school cafeteria.
The Suits family is now the size of a small army. Caris was grandbaby #7 in 2013 and our 2nd baby will be #11 with grandbaby #12 already in the oven. 
Didja follow me?
My mother in law got a pink BBGun. Hide your wife, hide your kids...
Kent in his happy place
We spent time with Gigi and Pops after 6 long months apart. It didn't take long for Caris to warm up to them, much to my relief. 
We might need to send this picture to Sara so she can work some editing magic, but here's the gang! Our Pre-Christmas get together with the ParkerIIs. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

{How to} A Silly String Gender Reveal

How to have a DIY Silly String Gender Reveal
{in 5 easy steps}

1. Go to Party City at 2PM on New Year's Eve carefully carrying THE envelope. Immediately notice how crowded Party City is. Whisper "hooooo.l.yyyyyyy cowwww" under your breath. Grab 4 cans of silly string (2 blue, 2 pink). Debate getting in the line that is 15 people deep and going nowhere fast. Get in line. Get out of line, leave Party City and hope that Target has silly string.

*Make a mental note to never shop on New Year's Eve again

2. Walk into Target. It's just as crowded, but with more space. Sigh a sigh of relief. Your determination has returned. Put 4 cans of silly string in your cart along with 4 large Tupperware containers, a new clothes hamper, two(!) kiddie Christmas cups (70% off), fabric freshener spray and a small trashcan. 

Maybe I'm nesting?

Don't worry, guys. Gift cards. 5 1/2 year old wedding gift cards to be exact. 

3. When you're ready to check out, pick a cashier who looks like they're the most capable of understanding the idea of a gender reveal and the least likely to mess it up. In my case, it was a teenage girl. Explain the idea to her. It might go something like this..

"My husband and I are going to find out the sex of our baby. I only want to buy one color of the silly string. If you'll look in  this envelope and look at the picture. If it says girl, put the pink bottles in the bag, if it says boy, put the blue bottles in. Then, hide the other color so I don't know"

She might say, "Ok" 


You might have the urge to suddenly talk quickly and dramatically and with your hands. "No like, do you GET IT? {Repeat above directions} Like, I REALLY don't want to find out the sex of the baby while standing in line at Target."

Refrain from doing this (I refrained!). Turn your back while she looks, double bags up the correct color and hides the other colors. She did great!

4. Leave the bag in your car until you're ready for the reveal. Too tempting. 

5. When you're ready, put the bag under a thick blanket and carefully unseal and take of the colored caps. Take the bottles outside, shake and spray!

*Unlike me, avoid your toddler's eyes or your reaction will go something like this..

Is that blue?
NO it's pink!
We're having a...
I think I sprayed her in the EYE
Oh geez


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