Monday, March 27, 2017


Nothing says Monday Morning like strapping your kids in the car with plans to attend an exercise class only to find a dead car battery. 

Wondering how I got the hole in the front (Bumper? Is that called a front bumper?)...Never park behind your brother in your parent's driveway, especially if he has a trailer hitch attached to his SUV. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Questions Answered

Our new van

I'm back to answer some of the questions that follow "You're pregnant?!"

However, I'll skip Ilse's (our 77 year old German friend) first question to us, "Was this on purpose?" Ilse!!

1. How are you FEELING?? 
The old(er) ladies at bible are sweet to ask "How are you FEEEEELING??" every Thursday at bible study. I always answer with a cheery "good!" because I don't want to dive into details- like how every some afternoons I walk on the treadmill at the Y and burp the entire time and hope no one picks the empty treadmill next to me.

This pregnancy has been a total Dream Boat! I'm so thankful and relieved. I haven't hugged the toilet once, which is something I couldn't say for my two previous pregnancies. We found out at 7 weeks because after eating chocolate, I wasn't filled with warm fuzzies. It hardly had any taste at all to me(WHAT??)

Although the pregnancy has been easy, physically I feel like a pack of mules have trampled over me and a swarm of bees have attacked my eyes ("Puffy Eye Syndrome-even-if-you-sleep-8 hours" Look it up) I'm not sure if it's caring for two kids, a third pregnancy or age, but help me Rhonda.

2. When are you due? Do you know the sex of the baby?
I'm due on August 19th. We don't know the sex of the baby and we'll probably wait until July-ish to find out. We like to know, but we like to stretch the surprise a little longer.

3. Does Kent want a boy? 
We both agree that a boy would be a fun addition, but saying "We want a boy" sounds like the flip side is "We don't want a girl" and that's not the case. Another girl would fit in easily and then if the Lord gave me partial hearing loss, I'm not sure I would complain. winkyface People at church are quite passionate about hoping/wishing/praying a boy on us. One lady said she'd pray that we get a boy and I replied, "It is what it is!" Biology, my friends, biology.

4. Any cravings?
I dreamed of Chipotle burritos for a couple of months- and indulged in my fair share of them (Thanks, Kent!) I'll happily still eat them, but they don't consume my everyday thoughts anymore. Usually I stand in the kitchen or grocery store and wait until something speaks to me. I've had an ongoing 3PM date with a box of Cheez-Its this week. Still trying to figure out why Fit Pregnancy magazine hasn't contacted me to write an article yet.

5. What do the girls think? 
Telling them was a lot of fun. Before she knew, Caris patted my stomach and said, "It looks like you have a baby in your belly. Let's pretend you have a baby in your belly." We decided it was the perfect time to tell them. Her mouth dropped open and she asked, "Like, a real baby?" Liza made a beeline for me and tried to lift up my shirt while saying, "See it? See it?" They like to pat my belly, say hi to the baby and Caris is my growth advisor with the occasional "Wow your belly's getting bigger!!" comment. Caris wants another sister and they both want it to come out now.

(Jokes on the new van. Kent rented that for a youth retreat)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A New Class

Caris is teaching a new class! With a little over two years of experience under her belt, Caris has many thoughts to share with Liza. The class runs through the spring and early summer and will end (really just begin?) in August.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Making: Liza sleep without a pacifier (We lost it/she had almost bit(bitten?!) it in half) 
Cooking: My sweet Ma cooked a few meals before she left us woot! 
Drinking: Slowly bringing coffee back into my life 
Reading: Cinderella to Caris before bedtime 
Wanting: My front porch plant to stay alive 
Looking: Forward to another fun visit from family soon 
Eating: Mint ice cream 
Wishing: To sleep eight hours without waking once. Light sleepers unite! (at random hours of the night)
Enjoying: We enjoyed a fun visit with my parents
Thinking: About what a cold and pretty day it was 
Celebrating: Still asking each other, "Can you believe we have a four year old?!"
Loving: We have a two week break from bible study and this leader doesn't mind it   
Hoping: Liza will say "Paci? What's a paci?" by tomorrow  
Needing: A hair cut but my trusty hair lady is seven hours away 
Listening: To my phone ding with "late" night text convos
Feeling: Sleepy and guilty: too much mint ice cream  
Wearing: Floral jammie pants, a long sleeve shirt, Clemson sweatshirt and fuzzy socks 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How We Celebrated

Chick fil A lunch with Pops and Gigi
Pin the candle on the cake
Home made pizza
A brand new big girl bike

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Dear Caris,

You have looked forward to this day for such a long time and it's finally you are four! In the past year you've grown very much in your independence. You enjoy swinging by yourself (pumping!) at the park, picking out what clothes to wear, getting water from the fridge and you have recently started to make your own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

You are always up for a job/project/adventure. You love to help around the house and will often help your sister- like taking off her shoes at the Chick fil A playground and putting them in the shoe cubby.  You imagination continues to be wild and fun.  You love to chew gum, climb really high at the playground and make up your own songs to sing.

Happy birthday, Caris! We love you.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How To {survive a weekend alone...with kids}

thank you, Liza
In the last few weekends, Kent went away on two "Mid Winter Camp" trips. Here are five tips on surviving single parenthood that worked for me.

1. Keep expectations low 
Your vision statement for the weekend should be, "I exist to help my children eat three meals a day, clean their bottoms, clothe them (if going out in public) and keep them from extreme physical harm". No crafts, house projects, forced warm fuzzy moments or personal care for yourself.

2. Stay the course 
Bed time and discipline should stay the same even though you may be tempted to put them to bed at 4PM and let them rule the world for "a mere" three days.

3. Eat the food 
Go out to eat (Chick fil A for us+extended play time on their playground) and cook easy meals. As in, a pre-made pizza on Saturday night and leftover pizza for Sunday lunch. Let that food fill the solo parenting void in your soul. Eat so unhealthily that when your spouse returns you put your hand on your hip and exclaim, "That's it! Starting tomorrow, we're vegans!"

4. TV time
A movie each night! And if that's already your norm, make it two movies! There are no technology limits while you wing things alone.

5. Brace yourself for the aftermath 
My fellow youth pastor wife friend (hiii sjcp!) agrees with me- kids tend to lose their minds when the absent parent returns home or when they return again to work that week. Then, the tired aging ha ha ha youth pastor wants to catch up on sleep and we, the wives, want to either a) also catch up on sleep b) run for the hills c) make him do the nineteen house projects that we've drummed up while he was away. I don't have a good resolution for the aftermath yet. Just brace yourself. And if your spouse returns after the weekend away only to depart again three hours later for youth group (really?!), take your kids to the church playground, stick some earbuds in and listen to a podcast while shooing them away. Boom.

Monday, March 6, 2017

She Says

When I grow up I'm going to have a pet fish. And I'm going to name it Wally.

(Walking out of her room) Sorry Mom, I had to talk to Alayna. She's my cousin.

I know ALL about babies because I'm older. 

Don't forget my name is Princess.

Don't forget my name is Macey.

Let's pretend I'm older and I'm texting people on my phone. And you're driving us somewhere and Liza is a baby. Her name is Baby Zoe.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


WHAT'S UP Blog Readerssssss?? (Said in my best yelling rock star voice)

I want to sincerely thank all of the readers that took the time to comment on my last post and those that sent me an email. All of your comments made me smile and some of them made me laugh. There are still some readers creeping around in the non-commenting shadows, but I'll wait.....

And until then, they're not invited to my birthday party.

(Ouch. The worst insult you can receive in elementary school)

Another big THANKS for reading my rambling thoughts on life and please bear with me as I continue to misspell words and switch up my tenses...past/present/I don' know I've been out of school for too long. Disclaimer: The longer I am a mother, the worse it will get. 

I never intended to take a blogging break. I guess it was an impromptu ten year anniversary hiatus. But now I have plenty of thoughts bumping into each other in my head, way too many thoughts for Kent to endure hearing after a day at work. So, (fist pump in the air) on to another year of blogging!

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