Monday, May 23, 2016

Make it Monday: Confetti White Chocolate Bars

Be careful what you wish for. In April I mentioned that I wanted the new Cookies and Cups Cookbook  and not a week later IT'S SITTING IN MY MAILBOX.

First, I looked through all of the amazing pictures. Second, I read through every introduction to every recipe. Wait, is that pity that I'm sensing from you, my reader? You should be jealous. Every night I tucked myself into bed and read 3-4 recipe introductions. It was amazing. Third, I balked at making any of the desserts because I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL.

Why oh why did my (new, pretend) friend, Shelly, release her cook book chock full of delish desserts a mere months before summer? (and all the ladies said amen) Why not release it on October 1st when we're all settling in for a long winter of oversized clothes? {end rant}

I love Shelly for 3 reasons:

1. She shares a name with my Ma and my daughter. I just realized they all spell it the same so DOUBLE POINTS.
2. The way she writes is so fun and I just think, "Dude. We are could be friends. Fast friends"
3. Her recipes are so easy and doable and written for the real person with the real kitchen and the real pantry. Her recipes are like, 50% brown sugar 40% kosher salt and 10% other fun things (Look Dad! Math!)

My first Make it Monday came from page 95: Confetti White Chocolate Bars. This recipe caught my attention because the bars looked so over the top and sprinkles have my whole heart for my whole life. I also had most of the ingredients. BAM they came to life on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Rating: 5/5 Spatulas!
The pan itself, once cooked, smelled like a dessert shop. You know when you walk in and immeditely get slammed with the smell of sugar? That's this dessert if you linger over it.

Easy to create, easy prep/clean up. So.much.butter.So.many.white.chocolate.chips

Although I doubt this recipe will win the coveted Cookies and Cups Spatula Trophy, this dessert was super tasty.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Swimsuit Season

How we want to feel during swimsuit season
How we really feel during swimsuit season

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Few Firsts

Last week I experienced a few firsts in parenting. And as the joke goes around here, "It could be worse. You could have cancer", I do realize that every situation could have been worse.

1. Daughter #1 cut her hair. I left her craft scissors, which she's had for a few months with no problem, in her room after cutting a tag off of a new pair of shoes. During rest time, she came out with a handful of hair and a quiet "I cut my hair" confession. My hands flew to my open mouth and I sobbed. It could've been cut from a movie. Cue all the feelings. I actually had to Face Time Kent and tell him, "Just say something to her. I can't. I can't say anything."

A lady from my bible study, a licensed hair dresser, saved the day as the three of us camped out in the youth room at church before bible study on Thursday. It could've been worse, she could've really hacked it off. But it could've been her not cutting her hair. 

2. Daughter#2 drew on a table. I'm a little surprised this is a first run in with drawing on the furniture. fist pump! high five! I was talking with Aunt Anna when I heard loud, repetitive knocking. I found hot pink crayon on the coffee table and it came off just fine with some scrubbing. It could've been worse, she could've used a sharpie. But it could've been her drawing on a piece of paper. winkyface

3. Daughter#1 snorted a bead up her nose. Right after she vowed, "I will not eat it" She started crying and flipping out. It took a few seconds to connect the dots and Kent convinced her to blow it out onto a tissue. It could've been worse, it could've gotten lodged requiring a trip to the doc. But it cold've been her not snorting a bead up her nose.  

After a week like that, I'm thankful for God's grace (and my daughters are too, they just don't realize it) Grace that shows up when I need it most so I can cry, laugh or Face Time Kent instead of 
f l i p p i n g the heck o u t.

And that I have a righteousness not found in being the bombdotcom mom but found in Jesus
the new 'do! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Making: Plans to knock out preK VBS craft prep this week
Cooking: Nothing! With my recent stomach bug, Kent took over
Drinking: Peppermint tea
Reading: The introduction to every Cookie and Cups recipe 
Wanting: Wild forest animals to clean my house a la Snow White 
Looking: For a cheap pair of beach towels 
Eating: Safe foods like dry cheerios, graham crackers and yogurt 
Wishing: That Miss Liza would learn to walk
Enjoying: Listening to my little family complete a whole day from my bed
Thinking: About my first (of six) summer play dates this Thursday 
Loving: My three tupperware containers full of long forgotten "post baby" clothes 
Hoping: I feel 100% better soon
Needing: To cut seven hundred pieces of string for VBS
Smelling: Nothing at this moment 
Listening: To Miss Care sing made up songs across the hallway 
Feeling: Warm (after turning our thermostat up to 80)
Wearing: Sweat capris(I guess?) and black tank top 
Watching: Kent is on a Netflix documentary binge. Running and puking in the desert YAY.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mudder's Day

My two requests for Mother's Day were 1. The Pioneer Woman's Peanut Butter Pie and 2. Not to wipe any bootychumbas, cook any food or do any dishes all day. And "Oh yeah, there's some bacon in the fridge that I bought if you wanna you know, cook it for breakfast on Sunday." 

I enjoyed brekkie with my two best girls. 
Centerpiece: my painting supplies from a crafting sesh the day before. 
I enjoyed lunch with my two best girls + my favorite pastor. I'd like to introduce you to Caris' "Excuse me, but is this meat? Thanksbutnothanks"
She ate her meat so we we were all able to to enjoy the So Good Make Me Wanna Smack My Mama peanut butter pie. Two thumbs up! 
She was adamant about washing the dishes after lunch. Counterproductive but ADORABLE. (Liza, not pictured, was home the entire day, I promise) Say hello to my wooden kitchen that belongs somewhere in the hills of Western Virginia. 
Everyone took a nap... (even baby Moses pictured below)
While I enjoyed a few shows on Netflix and reheated coffee
{Introvert mom alert}I ended the day by taking my therapy dog on a long, quiet walk on a local trail. The true gift was having my Sunday night free {and all the youth pastor wives said amen} 
I stumbled upon a ditty about motherhood by my buddy, Paul. I dismiss people, namely my two best pastor friends- Charles and Robrett, when they try to tell me what an important job I have, but YO PAULIE, I think I get it. Like, shaping world views? Wowzas. You can listen to his blurb here. 
And days later my oldest is still showering me with random "HAPPY MUDDER'S DAY!" blessings. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Guest Post: Motherhood


I am excited to introduce my ma, Shelly, featured today as our guest blogger! (golf clap) I asked her ten questions related to motherhood and here's what she had to say..  

1. For any readers who may not know you, please tell us a little about yourself and your role as Mom. Who calls you Mom? Did you work at home (winkywink) or outside of the home? 

I am the mother to four perfect children who now range between the ages of 31 to 25 years .Wesley, Kaitlin, Benjamin and Anna. I am a mom-in-law to two perfect inlaws, Sara and Kent. I am a”Gigi” to four perfect grandchildren, Caris, Cruz ,Liza Shelly ,and Finley. I also had the privilege of having two foster sons, Alex and Ali , whom I loved over a period of five years. Prior to becoming a mom I was a nurse and I came home to be a mom full time except for the hours I worked between a few kids to prepay for the delivery of the next child.

2. What is one thing that you miss from the early years? What is one thing you don't miss?

What I miss most about the early years would be the way children look at life and the world , looking under rocks looking for bugs ,touching the tree bark, jumping in the raked up leaves, being excited to see the full moon,snow. What a privilege to be the teacher of a young one. The activity of a home with young children is definitely loud, emotional , tiring and there were many times I wanted a break . The break eventually comes a few years down the  path and by then the childlike vantage point is gone with it.
What I do not miss is the late night feedings.

3. Looking back now, what would you tell the Shelly of 1992?

I would tell the 1992 Shelly ,who has four young ones ,lives on a very tight budget, misses working……. Pray and strive to be content . ( II Corinth. 12:10 and Phil. 4 )
As a Jesus follower I can look and see that God is in control of all things. The days and events He has given me are the right and good ones.  I struggled and still do struggle with this but I know that as I have look to be content ,by being thankful ,and by asking God to forgive my complaining ,I was and am able to put off complaining and to focus on the now .In doing that I can be present and have great joy in seeing the wonders of now

4. How did you EVER raise kids without the internet?! Google, WebMD, Pinterest...

(Editors Note:this question went unanswered)

5. Can you identify a "Mom Fail" of yours for us?

I think a mom fail would be that I was not very verbal . I wish I would have just instructed all the time as I chatted .I like that about Kait and Sara.

6. How does the gospel apply to Motherhood?

The gospel is the most needed tool for a mom . The gospel being  … I am a sinner in need of a Savior. Jesus came ,lived that perfect life that God required,died and rose again ,conquering death. By acknowledging him as my Savior and confessing my sins I am forgiven ,seen to have Jesus’ perfect record on me . That is the foundation to live on and then fellowship ,prayer,the Holy Spirit and Bible learning fill in and keep us growing .So ,when life does not go well we know God loves us and is with us. When we mess up we can humble ourselves and ask forgiveness of our husbands or our children as well as the Lord. When we are weak we can go to the Lord for long endurance. When there is a better mom or prettier mom we can confess our comparing and come to the foot of the cross for forgiveness and comfort. And on the flip side we can have great joy ,no fear because we are in Christ

7. What's one thing you felt you did well as a Mom? 

I played well . I also kept books and some art and music before my kids to learn and to enjoy. We also modeled participation/ in a local Body of believers.

8. Is there a Mom that you currently admire? Why?

There are many I still admire and am looking to  learn how to be a mom and a grandmom  in this phase. However who comes to mind with regard to admiration is a group no mom wants to be a part of . I know three women who are  different ages  and who now  have a child in heaven. In the last months I have been with them and I have been so struck how God has been with the ,how they cling to Him in their grief, Crying out to the Lord. Their openness, mourning and faith point me to the power of Jesus’ work and promise that He will not leave or forsake them and the power of the Holy Spirit.

9. What are a few hopes for your kids, especially now that they're adults?

(Editor's Note: This question went unanswered so I guess it's safe to say her kids have met and possibly exceeded the hopes she had for them

10. What do you hope your kids can say about you?

I hope my kids can say that I loved,love,will love them unconditionally .

Thank you, Ma!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Frugal Friday

1. Fisher Price Little People Loops 'n Swoops (missing a few decorative pieces...and cars. winkyface$2.99
2. Snow White Dress $3.49
3. Target knocked like, forty-five cents off of the Oreos, put them on the end of the aisle and I FELL FOR IT. suckerrrrr $2.54

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dog Diary

Dear Caris, you can call me Marley or whatever else as long as you keep petting me

Dear Double Jogging Stroller, your large size makes it really hard for me to pull ahead ever so slightly to be the alpha dog

Dear Dad, I don't know why I eat bad things and throw up randomly in the middle of the night. Forgive me?

Dear Used Tissues, love you so much. Can't stop, won't stop eating you

Dear Liza, thanks for always showing an interest in me. For patting me and even for poking around my face

Dear Mom, thanks for always being nearby when Liza pokes at my face and for making her call it quits sooner than later

Dear Cushioned Lounge Chair on the back porch, nap date again tomorrow afternoon?

Dear 80 year old neighbor from Barbados, although I don't understand a word you say, I'm impressed by your ability to climb a ladder and clean your gutters.

Dear Pool Guy, I will PROTECT THIS HOUSE

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Disney Princesses  around here {all day every day} At any given minute, we hear a song or a story line being sung or acted out. Kent is always Prince Eric, Prince Philip or Prince Charming. Liza is assigned "Gus gus" or "Flounder" and I am... the sea witch, the mean queen from Snow White or Maleficent's Curse. Not Maleficent. Her curse. What? NOT COOL.

This is not an announcement, but Caris has claimed to have "brudders" for a few weeks now. Sometimes just one, but other times she has 5 brudders and 5 sisters. They live "far far away" and "dey are older dan me"

She tells us her name is "Shell shell". There's a TV show, Super Why, and at the beginning of every episode they tell the viewers to "Now say your name!" From the other room I heard a serious "Shell shell" response.

She is also 6 years old and has a cat that lives in South Carolina

She calls me Miss Becky 80% of the time. I answer to it 100% of the time

She collects flowers in the backyard for "when I marry Daddy" classic!

Waffle Wednesday

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