Make it Monday: Confetti White Chocolate Bars

Be careful what you wish for. In April I mentioned that I wanted the new Cookies and Cups Cookbook  and not a week later IT'S SITTING IN MY MAILBOX.

First, I looked through all of the amazing pictures. Second, I read through every introduction to every recipe. Wait, is that pity that I'm sensing from you, my reader? You should be jealous. Every night I tucked myself into bed and read 3-4 recipe introductions. It was amazing. Third, I balked at making any of the desserts because I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL.

Why oh why did my (new, pretend) friend, Shelly, release her cook book chock full of delish desserts a mere months before summer? (and all the ladies said amen) Why not release it on October 1st when we're all settling in for a long winter of oversized clothes? {end rant}

I love Shelly for 3 reasons:

1. She shares a name with my Ma and my daughter. I just realized they all spell it the same so DOUBLE POINTS.
2. The way she writes is so fun and I just think, "Dude. We are could be friends. Fast friends"
3. Her recipes are so easy and doable and written for the real person with the real kitchen and the real pantry. Her recipes are like, 50% brown sugar 40% kosher salt and 10% other fun things (Look Dad! Math!)

My first Make it Monday came from page 95: Confetti White Chocolate Bars. This recipe caught my attention because the bars looked so over the top and sprinkles have my whole heart for my whole life. I also had most of the ingredients. BAM they came to life on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Rating: 5/5 Spatulas!
The pan itself, once cooked, smelled like a dessert shop. You know when you walk in and immeditely get slammed with the smell of sugar? That's this dessert if you linger over it.

Easy to create, easy prep/clean up. So.much.butter.So.many.white.chocolate.chips

Although I doubt this recipe will win the coveted Cookies and Cups Spatula Trophy, this dessert was super tasty.


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