A Few Firsts

Last week I experienced a few firsts in parenting. And as the joke goes around here, "It could be worse. You could have cancer", I do realize that every situation could have been worse.

1. Daughter #1 cut her hair. I left her craft scissors, which she's had for a few months with no problem, in her room after cutting a tag off of a new pair of shoes. During rest time, she came out with a handful of hair and a quiet "I cut my hair" confession. My hands flew to my open mouth and I sobbed. It could've been cut from a movie. Cue all the feelings. I actually had to Face Time Kent and tell him, "Just say something to her. I can't. I can't say anything."

A lady from my bible study, a licensed hair dresser, saved the day as the three of us camped out in the youth room at church before bible study on Thursday. It could've been worse, she could've really hacked it off. But it could've been better..by her not cutting her hair. 

2. Daughter#2 drew on a table. I'm a little surprised this is a first run in with drawing on the furniture. fist pump! high five! I was talking with Aunt Anna when I heard loud, repetitive knocking. I found hot pink crayon on the coffee table and it came off just fine with some scrubbing. It could've been worse, she could've used a sharpie. But it could've been better...by her drawing on a piece of paper. winkyface

3. Daughter#1 snorted a bead up her nose. Right after she vowed, "I will not eat it" She started crying and flipping out. It took a few seconds to connect the dots and Kent convinced her to blow it out onto a tissue. It could've been worse, it could've gotten lodged requiring a trip to the doc. But it cold've been better...by her not snorting a bead up her nose.  

After a week like that, I'm thankful for God's grace (and my daughters are too, they just don't realize it) Grace that shows up when I need it most so I can cry, laugh or Face Time Kent instead of 
f l i p p i n g the heck o u t.

And that I have a righteousness not found in being the bombdotcom mom but found in Jesus
the new 'do! 


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