Dog Diary

Dear Caris, you can call me Marley or whatever else as long as you keep petting me

Dear Double Jogging Stroller, your large size makes it really hard for me to pull ahead ever so slightly to be the alpha dog

Dear Dad, I don't know why I eat bad things and throw up randomly in the middle of the night. Forgive me?

Dear Used Tissues, love you so much. Can't stop, won't stop eating you

Dear Liza, thanks for always showing an interest in me. For patting me and even for poking around my face

Dear Mom, thanks for always being nearby when Liza pokes at my face and for making her call it quits sooner than later

Dear Cushioned Lounge Chair on the back porch, nap date again tomorrow afternoon?

Dear 80 year old neighbor from Barbados, although I don't understand a word you say, I'm impressed by your ability to climb a ladder and clean your gutters.

Dear Pool Guy, I will PROTECT THIS HOUSE


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