The ultimate Time Out death stare

1. Potty Training

Is going well. Less accidents, more jelly bean rewards. It just involves a lot of bending over (ooph!) and huddling in public bathroom stalls together.

2. "Treat others the way you would want to be treated"

Would you like for her to take the toy out of your hands? How would you feel if she chased you until you were scared? Would you like for her to start singing while you're singing a song? The Bible says to treat others the way you would want to be treated...yatayata x a millionHOW MANY MORE YEARS OF THIS

3. "No one likes being ignored" 

I overheard my older, wiser, more organic (Jokes. But not really. She uses raw sugar and roasts her own peanuts) friend tell her child this when he was ignoring his sister. I like it much better than "answer your sister" as it makes them think of the other person instead of just following a command. Thoughts?

4. "Stay three feet away from me"

Don't poke my belly. Don't hug my left leg while I'm trying to walk in public. Don't try to sit on my lap. Let's settle for a side hug until September.

5. Outdoorsy play

We're in the middle of the indoor season here in Florida. Swimming has been a nice option, but I need to suck it up and venture outside. It's not too terrible if we're back inside early rather than later. We take a walk/bike ride and are home by 8:30 am or visit a park at 8 am and then the splash pad. It's less than pleasant, but the girls don't mind, and it's better than sitting at home having my belly poked. winkyface 


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