Tuesday, August 23, 2016

5 Things to Watch {Now that the Olympics are over}

1.The Great British Bake Off 

Kendra, The Lazy Genius, sums up 7 Life Lessons from the show much better than I could. All the contestants, judges and hosts are so nice, proper and upbeat, even in the midst of intense competition and sometimes disappointment. You will find yourself s t r e s s i n g o u t over the bake time of a sponge cake and wiping off drool from the side of your mouth.

2. An 18 month old playing with bubbles

This might be the last thing I want to see before I die.

3. Something to inspire or leave you speech less, like The Drop Box Film

My only contingence is, no food documentaries that inspire you to save the animals and only eat organic lentil beans. I have mad love for the animals, but...bring on the meat. (*Hi Anna)

4. A sunset. The stars. A bug. Get thine buttocks outside

Enough said.

5. A movie that you love. An old favorite. One that you only have to half way watch because you've seen it so many times {and it still leaves you with the warm fuzzies}

 Mine would be You've Got Mail (That caviar is a garnish!) or While You Were Sleeping (These mashed potatoes are so creamy) 

What's your go to movie and what are you watching now that the Olympics are over?

Aside from watching her pop bubbles, I
 have a love/hate relationship with 18 months

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Weekends are for..

An invitation, from a friend at church, to a Frozen Breakfast
 Pizza & a movie night while wearing jammie pants + a Crossing Guard Yellow tank top
 Post church tackles
 Frozen Sunday lunch soup that tastes better than it looks
 Smelling your "Wuvey" while watching tv
 Hitting your forehead on the fire place for the first time (See Post Church Tackles above)
 Riding to church together like a real a family!
And the cutest little outfit for church

Monday, August 15, 2016


Making: Plans to visit IKEA sans kids tomorrow night with a friend 
Cooking: I baked subpar muffins from a box and a par cookie cake/bar thing 
Drinking: Coffee, water, coffee, water, coffee, water, coffee
Reading: The Nesting Place  (love!)
Wanting: To finish my first month of budget strong But IKEA. 
Looking: For things to donate/sell/burn (jokes)
Eating: For breakfast recently, coconut greek yogurt or an apple rice cake with peanut butter
Wishing: Caris could see snow. Seasons are confusing for 3 year old Floridians. "Well, the weather gets cooler in the winter, but it doesn't snow in Florida LIKE IN ALL THE PICTURE BOOKS"
Enjoying: Watching my girls dress up in princess dresses daily 
Thinking: "Why didn't I start reserving books from the library y e a r s ago??"
Loving: That "summer" is over. And all the youth pastor wives rejoice! 
Embracing: My perfectly imperfect rental house, thanks to The Nester
Hoping: Our new rug comes sooner than Friday 
Needing: More knock knock jokes to tell Caris (who won't understand them, but will laugh anyways) 
Smelling: My house stinks. Dog? Diapers? Send help. 
Listening: To the shower run (rinsing off a pee-pee accident) 
Feeling:  Motivated this week. Let's carpe some diem! 
Wearing: A pink maternity shirt (a trick I learned from my Ma. They're so long!) and jean shorts
Watching: The Olympics duh and The Great British Bake Off 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thankful Thursday {6 Months}

We have been in our new {rental} home for a little over six months and wow, isn't it easy to go from, "Thank you Lord, this place is perfect for us!" to "It's nice...but I really wish the washer/dryer were inside. I wish there was better lighting in the main living area"

Ugh! I repent!

Here are a few pictures, taken back in March. It looks a good bit different now, but this should give you a good idea of the main areas! 

Standing by the front door. Hallway to the right (3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms)
Garage door to the left. 
Looking left is the living room and play room
Back porch lanai (the entire area is screened) 
+ Pool security fence to the right
Pool + backyard 
10 things I love about our house

1. It's one level 
2+story homes will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope to possibly own one in the future, but having kids in a one level house? I hit the JACK POT of Laziness! I am also probably pre diabetic or something now, but whatever. Unlike houses that we looked at to buy, all the bedrooms are on one side of the house which helps both the lazy side of me (bad dreams, etc.) and the freak out worried side of me (enter worst case scenario here). 

2. The play room
All the toys in one place. And a craft table to boot!

3. The big back yard
To find a big backyard in our area is rare. This is one of the things that every guest comments on (that and my beloved, rad church pew)

4. Potty spot for Patch 
When we bought our first home, Kent tells me that I really wanted a coat closet and a formal dining room (I have no recollection of this). On the list for this house hunt: I wanted a separate spot (off the garage door) for Patch, our dog, to potty. My, how the times have changed..

5. The high living room ceiling 
I had never lived with short ceilings until our last Florida rental. I always felt like Frodo entering his little tree house (I have no Lord of the Rings knowledge, if it isn't already obvious) Our current rental has low ceilings except for the living room- super high- and it makes a big difference. 

6. The back porch 
With the entire thing being screened, it's truly like an extra living space, but with the Zika Virus hitting Miami, I'm tempted to bubble wrap our entire house. 

7. Large Master closet 
junk junk junk excellent hide and seek spot junk junk junk 

8. A garage + a garage clicker 
I realize that some of my readers don't have this and HOW DO YOU EVEN?? Maybe it's the hoarding introvert inside of me, but I love my garage something fierce. 

9. The pool 
Kent and Caris use this the most, but I also use it to lure guests over. It's an instant win with the kids. 

10. It's a rental
Want to ram the Cozy Coupe into every corner of the house? Ok!
When Big sis says, "She found your lipstick".. and it's in the cracks of the bathroom tiles? Not the end of the world! No renovation arguments dreams, no resale stress, no appliance costs. Right now it works for us. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Six years in the making

Do I look different to you?


(Kinda like sailing)

This post is 6 years in the making, confirmed by the receipt that I found in the bottom of the sewing machine box. It was marked March 2010 from Target. I saved over forty dollars and it's forty dollars that has haunted me for some time. I wondered about selling the machine or giving it to my friend, the one who threaded it for me. She's borrowed it twice and even gave me a quick tutorial. In the end I hung on to the huge box, determined that it WOULDN'T BEAT ME. 

Last night I went all CARPE DIEM on it at 9:30 PM 

I went with an "easy" princess pillow case for Caris. High five to the ladies out there with video tutorials and free patterns, but I also pair that high five with an ugly side glance because they sure did trick me with their easy peasy talk, "Lookey see here, you just snip snip snip and sew sew sew and there you have a perfect pillow case" 

4 Things I learned: 

1. I need better scissors 
2. Finishing a sewing project, no matter how uneven and wacky it looks, is gratifying. 
3. Youtube is the best
4. The next project will be for Liza since Caris never spoke a word about the princess pillow case that I slid under her head last night while she was sleeping like a crazy Mama Elf. What?!

I hope the cute pillow case makes up for 
the dead bug on the left side of her bed


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...