Friday, September 27, 2013

Camping {Part 3}

In case you think that we had a perfect camping trip, here are the things that aren't pictured: Caris waking up at 4:30 AM, Patch throwing up at 5:30 AM and the high tide waves soaking our beach tent 
Who can resist a baby in jean overalls??
Aunt Anna came to visit for a few hours
Nap time in the tent 
"Soo, we're sleeping like, outside?"
On Tuesday morning we celebrated Kent's 26th birthday! Balloons, streamers, birthday hats, candles and a cheese danish to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camping {Part 2}

We hit the beach! 
You can't beat $35/night even if you end up being sandwiched between two campers. 
A little thumb sucking on the beach... Life is good

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Camping {Part 1}

We recently went camping at the beach for the first time. It was hard not to compare beach camping to mountain camping. The biggest differences were..

Space: When camping in the mountains (especially open country camping), you're surrounded by woods. All alone with no one to hear you. That was once a creepy idea (What if a mountain man comes down and gets me?) but when you're camping with a 6 month old, being all alone with no one to hear you is the best idea ever. Sadly, the beach campsite was like row house/town house/condo camping. The sites were all on top of each other. Close enough that I could hear the old ladies across the path.

"Lula? Lula do you like cilantro?"
"I LOVE cilantro!"

Now that's some fancy camping. 

The other difference was weather.  When mountain camping, it's usually cold at night. This isn't an option right now for us so I was happy to have the sunny, warm weather. However, when you sweat, trap yourself in a sleeping bag and don't shower for 2.5 days, things can get a bit smelly. Intense bonding.  

Here's the view from our tent 
There was a family of raccoons (about 4 or 5) sitting above us during dinner on Sunday night. They were comfortable with the campers and they would walk right up to other people's sites looking for food. They walked around our site after we went to bed. 
Our banana raft! Originally called a "banana boat", ours busted into a raft. SO tasty.  
Bedtime snuggles
Early morning snuggles and a curious hand 
Monday morning breakfast 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Ahoy, Matey! Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day and Krispy Kreme was giving away 1 free donut if you talked like a pirate and a dozen donuts if you dressed like a pirate. So we took full advantage of our Baby Alive and headed to Krispy Kreme. Things we needed...

Gold Hoop Earring
Elastic headband
A piece of black cardboard or paper + tape
The top of a coat hanger 
A baby that just woke up from a nap, one that is still too sleepy to protest. 

We left the store with 7 out of the 12 donuts. The Krispy Kreme lady scooped those donuts right off the conveyor belt and into our hands. When they're "hot now" it's like eating magical, sugary puffs of air. Thus, being able to eat more than usual. 

Donut Count: Kent- 1  Caris- 0

....{awkward silence}....



We'll Do Anything For Free Donuts 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush  
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush  
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush
I will not eat my Dad's toothbrush


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Few Things

Morning Light
Tummy Sleeping
Thumb Sucking
Moms that are too lazy to snap outfits back together

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Wreath

This wreath is brought to you by... 
Hobby Lobby: For their 50% off flowers on Labor Day
Kent: For waiting in the car with a 80 pound dog, baby and jogging stroller
Pinterest: For its inspiration. In Wes' words, "It just keeps GOING" 
This wreath is made in honor of...
Kent: For saving me from spraying white spray paint in my face. I was seconds away...
All the crafty girls out there: Especially MBFT who loves Hobby Lobby 

Friday, September 13, 2013

6 Months

Clothes: 3 month clothes, but you're almost too long for your 3-6 month PJ's
Weight: 12 pounds
Length: 25 inches
Sleep: 11 hours/night

New foods eaten: sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados and bananas. 
You don't like: falling asleep for your nap
You like: Bath time, playing on your activity map, being outside, sneaking in some TV time, taking your Dad's glasses off and chomping down on anything (fingers, books, etc). You smile at Patch every time that you see him. You usually squeal at him and sometimes reach for him. 
New Tricks: Squealing, babbling (You say "Ma-ma-ma-ma") and rolling over! 

Tiny Su, 
Six months ago we met you and in another six months we'll be celebrating your first birthday. Time flies when you're having fun! You survived your first South Carolina summer and now you get to enjoy the fun time of fall...cooler weather, leaves, pumpkins, football and of course, cute hats & coats! Can't wait to see you in that pumpkin onesie. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday

Ma, happy birthday. God has granted you another year of life, but more importantly, another day in South Sudan (I can hear you saying, "Mmhmm, amen, girl, amen") When I start dancing at a 4th of July parade 15+ years from now and Caris is embarrassed, I'm going to blame it on genetics. 

And a birthday post wouldn't be complete without wishing a Happy Birthday to your twin!  Happy Birthday RC!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
May you always be happier 
than you look in this picture 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Letters from Little Miss

Dear Mom, I know you wanted me to look at you and smile for this picture, but that dog is just too funny.

Dear Grandpa, my Mom says no siblings for me right now. Thanks for asking. I'll keep you posted.

Dear Grandma, you turn 56 on Friday. Wish I could be there to gnaw on your finger and wish you a happy birthday.

Dear Walmart, WOW. I love your bright lights and endless aisles. 

Dear Aunt Sara, thanks for babysitting me yesterday. And uh, sorry about the dirty diaper complete with pieces of blueberries. 

Dear Dad, Mom told me that she wants you to get rid of that cold and get better soon. Something about being dramatic.

Dear Carter's, I'm glad we found your 50% sale. No one called me a "he" at Walmart today thanks to your headbands. 

P.S. my Mom said to stop ambushing her with this commercial when she least expects it.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Weekends

Long weekends are for...

Pressure Washing
Un-swaddling juuuuuust enough
Wearing team colors
Free Doughnuts 
Falling asleep on Aunt Sara 
Porch swinging 
Painted nails and 
coffee on the go in recycled Chick fil A cups 
Pool parties 
Stopping by the Goodwill sale 
and walking by the river 

Waffle Wednesday

Choosing to temporarily forego your waffles, cool whip and blueberry breakfast to read an Insects and Spiders book and have conversations l...