Thursday, June 29, 2017

A List of 3's

A friendly reminder that when my life gets overwhelming, I make lists in my head. 

3 Foods I’d Give My Right Arm to Eat

1. Mayonnaise
Lately it's been tomato sandwiches using white bread and extra mayo C'MON
2. Bacon
My love for bacon has grown at a rapid pace over the last couple of years 
3. Ripe fruit 
My recent fruit purchases have left me disappointed. I'm picturing a juicy peach, perfect watermelon, etc. 

3 Male Singers that Grab My Attention (*For their voices winkyface) 

1. Josh Groban
I can pick out his voice from miles away (Say, at Christmas time) This dates back to high school 
2. Keith Urban
Also from my high school years, he pays homage to my introduction to country music. Also the early years of pining for a boy named Kent
3. James Taylor
Hard to explain this one, but it probably starts with my first memory of good ol' James here

3  {Expensive} Things I’d buy

1. Letterboard
I have both life changing and quirky things to say
2. Leather bag
This will happen one day. My birthday money is burning a hole in my pocket 
3. A patio set
Why are these so expensive? <in my long practiced whiney voice>

3 Things that Trouble Me

1. Reflux and heartburn
It'ssssss backkkkkkkk!
2. Random "in-between" household items
The minimalists say chunk it, the hoarders say keep it and the stuff just sits there and STARES AT ME
3. Sisters yelling at each other in the car while i'm driving
I see a lot of pulling-the-car-over in my future 

3 {Rip My Heart Out Movies} I Would Watch Right Now

1. About Time
I can't recommend this because of language and a hussy scene, but I cry every.single.time. Dad and son walking on the beach towards the end of the movie? STICK A FORK IN ME BECAUSE I'M DONE.
2. Return to Me
I need to own this one
3. PS I love you
Eh, again, I can't recommend this one, but it always makes me yell LET'S VISIT IRELAND! while at the same time yelling at Kent, DON'T YOU GO DYING ON ME, NOW! 

3 Places {that start with M} that I Would Visit

1. Maine
I'm picturing a cottage, overcast cool weather, me wearing a cardigan while sitting in an Adirondack chair drinking tea. 
2. Montana
Here we have a cabin in a meadow with a killer view of the mountains. I'm probably eating bacon. 
3. Maryland
My best friend's second baby is TEN MONTHS old and I haven't met him yet. Unacceptable!  

3 Moments in Time I’m Looking Forward To

1. Meeting our daughter
2. September 1st
Kent will have a job. Either at a church or K-Mart. We'll be in a new place and decisions will have been made. 
3. Bedtime
Anyone else want to throw out some high-fives and smile when it's time for bed? 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Big Life Events

This week we have five big events

1. Caris is attending Vacation Bible School 

This is the first time we've ever dropped her off somewhere and driven away from the premises. Deep breaths. She is having a great time and although it's abnormally quiet without her around, we're enjoying our one on one time with Liza. (And I can see why moms sing the praise of Preschool. It cuts your day in half!)

2. Liza is using big potties 

We have yet to take the plunge into panties, but she's rocking potty training (It's all about the candy reward and Kent's help) Also included:: she gets to say phrases that her big sister uses like, "I need pri-ba-cy. Don't look a me." And so there I stand, pregnant and huddled in the corner of the library bathroom stall staring at the wall.

3. Kent and I celebrated thirteen years

I realized that this week is The Edge Summer Conference, thus making it the week that we met back in 2004. And by "celebrated" I mean I hugged him abnormally and awkwardly tight and exclaimed how LUCKY he was to meet me on top of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and how our JOURNEY IS REALLY JUST BEGINNING and LOOK! we're going to see our THIRD BABY on a tv screen TODAY. (!!!)

4. We saw our third baby on a tv screen 

I'm not sure if every patient gets an ultrasound to check the baby's growth or if it's because of my pregnancy with Caris or if he thinks I'm paranoid, but we got to see our lil' lump of sugar yesterday.  She's cute. I think. Won't be long now!

5. Caris is swimming

Coach Kent has a done a great job teaching her again this summer and she LOVES swimming alone (Don't be fooled- we're talking swimming alone in little spurts. Wall to steps. Steps to wall.) The exciting recent addition to her swim career is that she can swim down and grab the dive toy at the bottom of the shallow end. Although I cheer like a proud mom, I can hardly watch and it takes everything in me not to yell COME UP AND BREATHE, CHILD!! (in my Paula Deen voice) Where is Liza usually? Standing on the pool steps giggling while naked (+ a puddle jumper)
 Arm floaties no longer needed! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Making: Progress with packing 
Cooking: Things from our freezer and pantry. Operation Empty Out has begun. 
Drinking: A Diet Sunkist soda yesterday 
Reading: Princess Cora and the Crocodile. We wish it was part of a series! 
Wanting: I still wouldn't turn down a Chipotle burrito 
Looking: For stuff to donate. Leaving no corner unturned 
Eating: Cereal with strawberries for lunch 
Wishing: I had a Nifty Nabber to help with cleaning 
Enjoying: Running errands alone 
Thinking: About sleeping and packing and sitting down   
Celebrating: Having completed my glucose test this morning  
Loving: The sound of the lawn mower outside- Kent hard at work   
Hoping: Kent secures a job in the next couple of months (or tomorrow winkyface)  
Needing: Deep and wide boxes for random shaped objects  
Listening: To both daughters call my name during NAP&QUIET time 
Feeling: Hungry 
Wearing: Coral tank top, grey shorts, compression socks and sneakers
Watching: Random 30 minute HGTV shows with Kent at night. Mountain House! Log Cabin! Lake House! Beach House! 
Texting: A friend- trying to give someone (anyone!) a free bed

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family {at the beach}

This was the first year we had someone unable to attend beach week (Wes) but we had one new addition, Karyn, Ben's fiancee.  We had an average walk to the beach, but it was a mosquito death trap. Turns out it's hard to run with small children and beach chairs strapped to your back. 
 We spent quality time with each other
 Enjoyed books by Pops
 and ice cream with Uncle Ben 
 We kept it classy with an indoor hair cut
 A day and a half of rain threatened to break our vacationing spirits, but we forged ahead with the help of Finding Nemo. All in all, a fun week, woot! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beach Week 2017

 We spent a week at the beach with the Parker side!
 Kent pulled Caris so fast on the boogey board and she loved it. I waited for the tumble and tears (that never came!)
 Ages 2 & 4:: great ages for the beach
 Leave it to my girls to care for a random caterpillar found on the beach 
 We drank orange juice from fancy glasses 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Some Details

Here are some deets, based on FAQ we get.

We hope to stay in our house until September 1. Our former church has graciously given us a severance package that will enable this to happen. The main reason for staying is my beloved, old, wise, Puerto Rican doctor. He set me up to have my dream delivery in 2015 (although he didn't actually deliver Liza) and I'm hoping to have a similar experience this time.

People are cute when they ask "Are you moving back to South Carolina?!" because Kent is ordained and looking in a certain denomination as well as looking for a specific position (assistant pastor) so it's not quite as easy as pinpointing a state and finding a job there. Although we'd love to be closer to family, we're casting a wide net throughout the South East. Having a husband that enjoys his job is more important to me than being near family. WHO AM I?? I never would've said that 3 1/2 years ago (and actually meant it). 

My kids are running into boxes around the house so we finally told Caris that "Daddy doesn't work at our old church anymore. He is going to look for a new job and we'll move eventually. In a long time. Like after the baby comes." We don't really talk about it, because a four year old's sense of time is frustrating limited,  but I do plan to pray with them for a new job in hopes of one day saying, "We prayed for a new job for daddy and God heard us!!"

A lot of local friends have asked us where we're attending church now. I've wondered if they think we're laying around on Sunday mornings eating pancakes drenched in syrup just because we can (TEMPTING, YOU GUYS. Tempting) We're going to a great church about 20 minutes away. The pastor has mentored Kent a bit (and had a role in Kent's ordination service) The actual service is a much slower pace than what we're used to and I l o v e the change. However, Liza has started to cry at both nursery and YMCA child care drop off. Total bummer!

Anddddd that's all, folks!

Friday, June 2, 2017


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...