A List of 3's

A friendly reminder that when my life gets overwhelming, I make lists in my head. 

3 Foods I’d Give My Right Arm to Eat

1. Mayonnaise
Lately it's been tomato sandwiches using white bread and extra mayo C'MON
2. Bacon
My love for bacon has grown at a rapid pace over the last couple of years 
3. Ripe fruit 
My recent fruit purchases have left me disappointed. I'm picturing a juicy peach, perfect watermelon, etc. 

3 Male Singers that Grab My Attention (*For their voices winkyface) 

1. Josh Groban
I can pick out his voice from miles away (Say, at Christmas time) This dates back to high school 
2. Keith Urban
Also from my high school years, he pays homage to my introduction to country music. Also the early years of pining for a boy named Kent
3. James Taylor
Hard to explain this one, but it probably starts with my first memory of good ol' James here

3  {Expensive} Things I’d buy

1. Letterboard
I have both life changing and quirky things to say
2. Leather bag
This will happen one day. My birthday money is burning a hole in my pocket 
3. A patio set
Why are these so expensive? <in my long practiced whiney voice>

3 Things that Trouble Me

1. Reflux and heartburn
It'ssssss backkkkkkkk!
2. Random "in-between" household items
The minimalists say chunk it, the hoarders say keep it and the stuff just sits there and STARES AT ME
3. Sisters yelling at each other in the car while i'm driving
I see a lot of pulling-the-car-over in my future 

3 {Rip My Heart Out Movies} I Would Watch Right Now

1. About Time
I can't recommend this because of language and a hussy scene, but I cry every.single.time. Dad and son walking on the beach towards the end of the movie? STICK A FORK IN ME BECAUSE I'M DONE.
2. Return to Me
I need to own this one
3. PS I love you
Eh, again, I can't recommend this one, but it always makes me yell LET'S VISIT IRELAND! while at the same time yelling at Kent, DON'T YOU GO DYING ON ME, NOW! 

3 Places {that start with M} that I Would Visit

1. Maine
I'm picturing a cottage, overcast cool weather, me wearing a cardigan while sitting in an Adirondack chair drinking tea. 
2. Montana
Here we have a cabin in a meadow with a killer view of the mountains. I'm probably eating bacon. 
3. Maryland
My best friend's second baby is TEN MONTHS old and I haven't met him yet. Unacceptable!  

3 Moments in Time I’m Looking Forward To

1. Meeting our daughter
2. September 1st
Kent will have a job. Either at a church or K-Mart. We'll be in a new place and decisions will have been made. 
3. Bedtime
Anyone else want to throw out some high-fives and smile when it's time for bed? 


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