Thursday, June 15, 2017


Making: Progress with packing 
Cooking: Things from our freezer and pantry. Operation Empty Out has begun. 
Drinking: A Diet Sunkist soda yesterday 
Reading: Princess Cora and the Crocodile. We wish it was part of a series! 
Wanting: I still wouldn't turn down a Chipotle burrito 
Looking: For stuff to donate. Leaving no corner unturned 
Eating: Cereal with strawberries for lunch 
Wishing: I had a Nifty Nabber to help with cleaning 
Enjoying: Running errands alone 
Thinking: About sleeping and packing and sitting down   
Celebrating: Having completed my glucose test this morning  
Loving: The sound of the lawn mower outside- Kent hard at work   
Hoping: Kent secures a job in the next couple of months (or tomorrow winkyface)  
Needing: Deep and wide boxes for random shaped objects  
Listening: To both daughters call my name during NAP&QUIET time 
Feeling: Hungry 
Wearing: Coral tank top, grey shorts, compression socks and sneakers
Watching: Random 30 minute HGTV shows with Kent at night. Mountain House! Log Cabin! Lake House! Beach House! 
Texting: A friend- trying to give someone (anyone!) a free bed

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