Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Before I delve into a Thanksgiving recap, I pause to recognize that some of my readers are going through some pretty sad/hard/intense/scary times right now. If my blog provides a mindless distraction, read on. But if you need to leave for a while, I understand and I welcome you back at any time. End pause.

We celebrated Thanksgiving all together for the first time in about six years, if my calculations are correct. We had two special visitors, Karen (Karan? Karin?) and Robin. Robin, please forgive me as your group picture is lost somewhere between my email account and desktop folder entitled "blog, despite multiple attempts to find it.  

Let's zoom in on the lovable wacknuts with whom I share a home. Prayers appreciated. ha ha 
Pre-meal baseball with Pops
A turkey tutu shirt?! Stop it.
The concentration and zeal that Ben put into peeling the potatoes was not lost on us.
This was PAB. Pre Ant Bite. A small army of fire ants attacked Cruz. Bless him.
Story time with Aunt Anna. Parenting Rule #73 "If, while in the presence of extended family, your child asks you to read them a book, you have the right to request that the extended family member read said book."
After the meal we sat around, drank coffee, ate cheesecake and yakked it up like real adults.
While the babies napped, Big Sis enjoyed a private viewing of Lady and the Tramp. It was a great day!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Things I Found

I found Caris' roast recipe propped up on her kitchen using her piggy bank
 I found Caris multitasking- a little toilet time and lipstick application 
 I found Liza riding Patch complete with repetitive "'Iddyup!"s
 I found dad and daughter chatting on the back porch 
 And I found Liza stuffing her Lovey in a ziplock bag 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

'Tis Better

'Tis better to bake and fill my kitchen with dirty dishes than to spend a night reading your political thoughts on Facebook

'Tis better to have cranky hungry kids at my feet than to place too-hot food in front of them and have them wait

'Tis better to banish the dog at the beginning of the meal than to realize he's licking the booster chair in the middle and chase him around the house with that crazy look in my eyes

'Tis better to have one pair of jeans that fit well than five pairs that don't

'Tis better to do a load of laundry each day than to save it for a one day Wash-A-Thon 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Making: 60 pumpkin muffins last night
Cooking:  Taco soup and corn bread 
Drinking:  I've temporarily given up coffee for no real reason
Reading: Liza loves having "The Pout Pout Fish" read to her
Wanting: To be able to find a pen to write with when I need it. Where are our pens hiding? 
Looking: For cheap-ish fall boots/winter shoes for Caris 
Eating: 48 pumpkin muffins (I gave 12 to a friend. How's my math, dad?) 
Wishing: I had magic dish washing fairies 
Enjoying: A purged bedroom and hallway closet 
Thinking:  About taking the girls to the Y this afternoon
Celebrating: Kent sprayed cooking oil on the squeaky pantry door and I feel liberated from the bondage of annoyance 
Loving: The anticipation of the holidays  
Hoping:  That the days go by s l o w l y 
Needing: To get the purged closet items out of the garage and to Goodwill. baby steps y'all 
Smelling: The great outdoors with the doors and windows open 
Listening: To Caris work at the craft table
Feeling:  Totally stoked about the holiday season 
Wearing: Grey shirt, pants and socks. Let me repeat. I'm wearing PANTS. and SOCKS. YAY!!
Watching: Gilmore Girls (season one) I'm behind the times

Monday, November 14, 2016


This is what it looks like to poo at the park
 This is what it looks like to let your daughter dress herself for Wednesday church activities 
This is what our bedtime reading looks like 
 These are cookies that don't turn out at 11 PM the night before you host a baby shower
This is five minutes after I cleaned the windows 
 This is how we dressed on election day
 These are snuggles the morning after the time change 
 This is what a grilled cheese sandwich looks like after you leave to discipline your daughter but forget that the stove is on high 
 This is what your other daughter does after her mom torches burns the grilled cheese sandwich 
 These are my kids on a Wednesday night eating boxed shells and cheese while I sit and stare at them because by Wednesday that's about all I've got

Friday, November 11, 2016

Big and Little

-Knows her correct birthday but likes to pretend it's on the 4th of July instead
-Loves to have tasks/missions/adventures
-Recently discovered the joy of crossing things off of a to-do list
-Her age changes hourly. "I'm 7! I'm 10! I'm 4!"
 -Is awake at 6:30 or before thanks to the time change
-Doesn't like getting her picture taken and won't look at the camera
-Loves to look at books, be outside and often requests "show! show!" while holding the tv remote
-Likes to count. "Fooooorrr, niiineee, SIX!!"
-Has added the "s" sound to her words and I die every time. Like, "Ill-Sa"
-Recently discovered the joy of the moon thanks to the time change

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Standard Messaging Rates Apply

When auto correct is convinced that your best friend is in the church nursery
Many of you checked in on us for a couple of hurricanes this summer, 
including my brother. Presh.
Caris and Gigi text fairly often

What it's like to have a cheap semi-artsy hoarder wife

My secret to productivity

 Gigi and Great Grandma Gert face timing with Liza
everything about this picture makes me smile

Thursday, November 3, 2016


You think you have the patience of Mother Theresa? Bake a cake with a 22 month old and 3 1/2 year old

You think you have the patience of Mother Theresa? Drive alongside Florida drivers 

You think you have the patience of Mother Theresa? Let a 75 pound dog follow you around all day

You think you have the patience of Mother Theresa? Buckle two kids into carseats in a Toyota Camry while the November Florida sun throws fire darts at you

You think you have the patience of Mother Theresa? Stand with me as I pick the wrong line at the grocery store every ever'lovin' time
I realize this is the anti thankful Thursday list, but go with me. winkyface

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