Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On the road

Last Thursday Mom, Dad, Wes, C&C and I went to Georgia so that C2 could meet his Great Grandma
 Good to see Grandma Gert again!
 4 generations
 Back at the lake, Caris enjoyed her first lollipop thanks to her Grandma
 Our week at the lake was SUPER FUN and we moved on to the beach!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lake Week

Last week we crashed my parents week at the lake.
 Sorry, girl, safety first!
 The canoe trip was a huge fail
 She lasted about 3 minutes
 Grandma with her grandbabies
 Don't let this cute picture fool you- she hated the water, but Pops was looking awfully lean and tan!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Our Trip: Part 5 {Leaving}

After a fun filled week in Philly, it was time to head home on Thursday morning. I was less nervous to fly with Little Miss this time, but the fact that she was already sucking her thumb and crying at 8:30AM was not a good sign. 

There are cupcakes on your shorts. How can you possibly be sad?
 Rainer N. drove us to the airport and when we were almost there he surprised Caris with this book as a souvenir. It was incredibly thoughtful and it almost made me cry (don't worry, that's coming later...) 

We were ahead of schedule and all ready to go until... After checking in, I saw that my flight was canceled. We were booked for another flight later that afternoon which meant a t-h-r-e-e hour wait in the airport. 

It's not the end of the world
Just pretend you're on the Amazing Race
...But my teammate is a 14 month old 
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry

I held it together until Kent called. And after a good cry I was ready to embrace our new life in the airport just like Tom Hanks in Terminal. I decided, for the sake of Susu and everyone around her, that everything was fair game... Hugging the metal trashcan? YES. Plucking dirt out of the plant? SURE. Walking (sideways) in between all of the busy travelers? GO FOR IT.

emotionally eating
 I wasn't the only one who cried 
 The 3 hour wait did come with one perk... her first taste of Chick fil A lemonade! She loved it.
 We were so glad to make it home later that afternoon. It took my Amazing Race teammate a solid two days before she fully recovered. Before that, she could be found laying under the table, crying and sucking her thumb. 

Some people just aren't cut out for life on the road (name that movie!)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Trip: Part 4 {Friends}

Robin hosted us and we had a great time playing with borrowed toys, sneaking in some iPad time and not watching commercials (three cheers for a DVR!) 
 I had to get a picture of my girl with the Nothacker girls. They were sweet enough to keep Little Miss entertained. I told them I wouldn't post this picture...I hope this blog doesn't count as "posting" and if it does.....I'm sorry. 
 Fun to think that Pam met my parents when I was 2 years old- just a little older than Caris is now.
 Besties with OUR KIDS. This picture makes me feel happy.
And old.
 Caris was intrigued by her sad, new friend Elias.
"Don't worry, Dad, we're just friends!" 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Trip: Part 3 {Carlo's Bakery}

Years ago we were really into watching {free episodes}of The Cake Boss. We'd drool over the desserts and walk around practicing our Jersey accent. I'd always say, "Omygosh Let's totally GO THERE!" but we never made it.

Until last week

Robin, Caris and I set off on a road trip to Hoboken, New Jersey and Carlo's Bakery. 
 The bakery smelled delish, the prices were decent and the packaging was cute! 
We left New Jersey with boxes full of goodies and a $40 {street cleaning} parking ticket. Fun day! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our Trip: Part 2 {The Surprise}

Our flight was booked by the end of April/beginning of May and our Secret Mission was to surprise my best friend {and hopefully} meet her new baby! 

Baby Elias played right along with my plans when he arrived just two days before I showed up. Thanks, buddy! The surprise was SO FUN and something I'll always remember. 

New little family! 
 Snug as a bug in a rug
 With the surprise behind us, we were able to spend the next couple of days hanging out and enjoying lots of newborn snuggles.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Trip: Part 1 {The Flight}

Last Sunday C and I set off on a Top Secret Mission (more about that tomorrow). Because it was Top Secret, I could share my fears of traveling with almost no one, but now I'm free to tell everyone that I.was.scared. And nervous. And scared some more. I'd only flown twice and both times were with a huge group that wore matching t-shirts.

I tried to convince myself that I was just another cool, exciting, adventurous Mommy Blogger who jet sets across the country with their toddler in tow. 

It worked for a second. 

We arrived at the airport at 6:45AM. 
My legs felt like jello.
While Kent changed my travel buddy out of her jammies and into her travel outfit, I sat back down in the car.

Worst case scenarios floating through my mind included...

1. Going to the wrong gate/terminal/plane/all other airport lingo that I confuse in my head
2. Messing up my walk through security. Not realizing that I had accidentally packed a large pair of scissors/kitchen knife/liquid 3+ounces in my bag
3. My daughter flipping out on the plane. Maybe she wouldn't sit still at all. Maybe she'd kick me in the face and my nose would bleed uncontrollably. Maybe she'd  hit a fellow traveler with a flying object. Maybe we'd get kicked off.

 Clearly I was in a tizzy. Kent was good about giving me advice, "You can ask anybody anything" and helping me check in. Finally it was Go Time. I put on my brave smile, my big girl panties and my Ergo. I was whisked through security just fine.

And then I got on the wrong shuttle bus.
 I followed the only people I saw- a family that only spoke Spanish. Thankfully just seconds before the shuttle bus took off, I realized that I was on the wrong one and got off. 

After finding our seat on the plane, I realized that we had THREE LARGE seats all to ourself! Cue the clouds parting, trumpets blaring and sun shining over our heads.

The flight was great! C did well. No stinky diapers and only a few {spaced out} seconds of yelling. The man across the aisle was a new Grandpa AND, much to my happiness, he wore Bose headphones the entire time. We were all winning at that point.

Things that occupied her: Water bottle, rubber bracelets, books, airplane magazines, stickers, the barf bag, small stuffed baseball, animal crackers, the pull down tray, ice cubs, raisins and a calculator. 

I was so distracted getting C to drink and eat (for her ears) during take off, that I forgot how much I hate take off and landing. Gulp. 
 We survived our 2 hour flight! 

Friday, June 6, 2014


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