Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Alligator Float

Allow me to recall a devastating childhood memory? 

When brother Wes and I were young, say...7 and 9? We each had an awesome, huge, fun water float. He had a lobster and I, an alligator. One summer, during our annual beach trip to the Outer Banks, the lobster got a hole in it and for reasons STILL UNKNOWN TO ME, neither the lobster nor the alligator made the cut to join us in our wood paneled station wagon for the ride back home to Philly that fateful week. I was crushed and I still need counseling

So on Saturday, when I stopped at the Dollar General to buy a hat, I bought an alligator for myself my girls 
 These pictures were taken from a phone inside a ziplock bag. Memories got nothin' on protecting the iPhone.
They're the perfect age for a few hours at the beach and at one point we found ourselves watching them play together so we read whispered to each other "Look. They a r e playing to-ge-therrrr!"
My family. Swoon

Friday, April 22, 2016

5 on Friday {Food}

1. Kent officiated his first wedding (!!) last Saturday and brought home this plate o' chocolate for me. What can I say...he gets me.

I returned the favor later in the week by sharing my chocolate mug cake recipe with him. He was hesitant to make it, but once I talked him into it, he was impressed*

*this is hard to do
2. I found that we were all but out of Duke's Mayonnaise, but I did find these two imposters in my fridge. I snapped this picture, sent it to Kent and told him, "Quit bringing this crap into my house" (Followed by lots of "ha ha ha ha"s) DUKE'S FOR LIFE
 3. During my recent visit with my parents, my Dad was all "This is what you want! If you're looking for high protein...other nutritional facts that he says while I zone out..." I decided, OK!Let's do it! during my last shopping trip. I had missed the crunch of cereal in the morning.

Um. I'd rather eat cardboard. Or insulation. Or not eat at all and save my $2.
 4. I successfully made chicken strips! Growing up, I'd request them for my birthday dinner (+mashed potatoes). My seasonings need work, but I was pumped that my breading stayed on. I'm one step closer.
5. Ilse (ill-sa) came for dinner last night. She's our 76 year German friend from church who has adopted us. About every other week she calls and tells me that she has a meal and asks if she can bring it one night.  She normally comes when Kent is gone, but last night we grilled for her. As an introvert, I've learned that this is the only way we will see her on a regular basis. She invites herself over and that's that. We talk about church, her mercy ministries (home girl has a busy schedule), the girls, food, family and her celebration of life service (Ilse! Morbid!)

Have a great weekend and take time to spread a little Duke's on your sandwhich

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Liza told us she brought lemonade to the picnic, but we're not convinced

Monday, April 18, 2016

What We Wore

Yesterday after Sunday lunch (Scrambled eggs cause we're fancy like that), I told the girls "Come outside and let Mommy take a picture of you so that when you're old I can look back and say Aww they were so cute"

and I bribed them with Frozen jelly beans

Both outfits were found at Goodwill over the years. The one that Liza is wearing is something that I'll save until I'm a Granny myself- it's a favorite. 

The assistant of Children's Ministry at church said "That's such a pretty dress, did you make it?" I went full fledge honest on her and said "No, but I think someone else did. I found it at a thrift store" 

The second picture- the kiss- was unprompted because I'm pretty sure if I said, "Give sis a kiss!" I wouldn't get the same result
Love these girls! (And these outfits. winkyface)

Friday, April 15, 2016


Making: A "get well soon" lollipop bouquet using a recycled toilet paper roll 
Cooking: Mashed potatoes last night
Drinking: Tea or hot chocolate at night as my dessert (wompwomp)
Reading: The Explicit Gospel for bible study and Happier at Home 
Wanting: The newly released Cookies & Cups cookbook 
Looking: At a newly discovered blog Cookies & Cups 
Eating: Oatmeal for breakfast 
Wishing: I could find my lost credit card 
Enjoying: Kent's recent errands/outings with the girls 
Thinking: About what to wear to a rehearsal dinner tonight 
Loving: My organized hall closet
Hoping: To fall asleep in 2.491 minutes 
Needing: To take what's left of my nail polish off 
Smelling: The lingering scent of a candle burned this morning 
Listening: To the whir of the ceiling fan and the pest control guy on our roof
Feeling: No motivation to join Kent at the Y recently 
Wearing: A green VBS shirt and purple & white striped pants. Fashionista 
Watching: The one episode of Little Big Shots that I watched was cute

Thursday, April 14, 2016

This Week

In the true spirit of Thankful Thursday, allow me to complain share a bit about our week. Kentario got slammed with a vicious 24 hour stomach bug which caused him to be bedridden. When the sickness left I was tempted to pull a Sherman and burn our room down to the ground...just in case.  
I decided it was best to  quarantine ourselves on Sunday in case we were infected (we were not)
But that didn't keep Liza from getting her Praise On. 
At another point during the week I found her repeatedly licking the door frame. "LieLou!!"
And she temporarily succumbed to the influence of her older sister. "LieLou!!"
She didn't appreciate getting repremanded which she made clear with her stern face, laser eyes and Barbie spy glasses. 
I decided to organize the hall closet and embrace the craziness
When it got to be too much I dipped into our emergency stash of frozen pizza and emotionally ate 
The highlight of the week was finding this picture online and sending it to Kent. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Things I'm Digging {Part 1}

1. Iced water with drops of lemon oil

As in, essential oils.

That could elicit 3 possible responses from you:

-Essential what??
-{eye roll} If she starts selling oils, I'm never reading this blog again (read in your best Valley Girl voice) 
-Lemme know if you want to buy more and I'll add you to my next order! (spirit hands!!)

Whatever camp you're in, all I have to say is that my 75 year old German friend, Ilse, had us over for lunch and served me a glass of water with lemon drops and it was refreshing. I later mentioned to her that I might order some from my sister in law (Suits side) and dontcha' know, the next day Kent brought lemon oil home from church via Miss Ilse. I don't know if the lemon is supposed to do crazy impressive things like keep cataracts at bay or help my bone marrow. I'm a fan because it spruces up lame ol' water and helps me drink more of it.

*Warning: The oil made my Tumbler foggy and I think it's permanent.

2. Mommy's Night Out

With Kent's  schedule, I try to have a few hours away each week. My day was Wednesday morning for awhile, but then we started pumping iron at the Y together. I found that when I tried another morning, I had conflicting thoughts (Dork alert) "Do I shower and get gussied up just to go to the Walmart Market and buy milk? If I go in sweat pants with greasy hair, surely I'll see 6 people that I know from church. Should I even go? Kent's gone tonight so maybe I should just sit around with him" SEE? Just typing that (and you reading it) makes us both want to run headlong into a tree.

INSERT Mommy's Night Out. I leave right after dinner on Tuesday night and by the end of the day I'm ready to leave my precious angel babies. I'm wearing something presentable because I got gussied up earlier in the morning for Story Time at the library. I come home to a blessedly quiet house, having skipped clean up time and the bed time routine. Peace, love and a few hours alone.

3. A Decorated mantel 

I took a few years off from decorating for the "in-betweens" like, Spring/Summer. As children invaded came, the task of digging through my hot Florida garage to find Valentine's decorations was too much to bear so I even skimped on holiday decor, but I'm back at it! I find geeky joy in pulling things from around the house to create a seasonal look and with my 14 month old camping out on the living room end table, the mantle is all I've got left!

4. Laundry on Thursdayish

This is a small change. I used to do laundry early in the week- even Sunday night- and the clean clothes kept me company on the sofa for the entire week for a couple of days. Recently I've done laundry on Thursdayish during Kent's days off and they are folded and put away right away quicker. The end.

5. Eating outside

The sounds, the air, the way the sun hits the grass as dusk descends, the food that's dropped on the concrete instead of the kitchen floor. Yes please.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Just Because

The girls and I visit family "just because"...
Help Gigi with her garden
Spend quality time with my Dad while we stare at our phones
To make Dirt Dessert 
And read before bed with Uncle Ben 
We visit for donut dates with Aunt Anna 
To wear this outfit with the ones who know me the best
And get attached to a baby she named "Lawton" after Kent's cousin 
To beat my siblings in Scrabble 
And exchange cute text messages 
We visit for tea parties in the front room 
And bubbles, chalk & spring weather 


Making: A handful of Sunday School lesson plans for our church  Cooking: Y'all...I made spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs and gre...