5 on Friday {Food}

1. Kent officiated his first wedding (!!) last Saturday and brought home this plate o' chocolate for me. What can I say...he gets me.

I returned the favor later in the week by sharing my chocolate mug cake recipe with him. He was hesitant to make it, but once I talked him into it, he was impressed*

*this is hard to do
2. I found that we were all but out of Duke's Mayonnaise, but I did find these two imposters in my fridge. I snapped this picture, sent it to Kent and told him, "Quit bringing this crap into my house" (Followed by lots of "ha ha ha ha"s) DUKE'S FOR LIFE
 3. During my recent visit with my parents, my Dad was all "This is what you want! If you're looking for high protein...other nutritional facts that he says while I zone out..." I decided, OK!Let's do it! during my last shopping trip. I had missed the crunch of cereal in the morning.

Um. I'd rather eat cardboard. Or insulation. Or not eat at all and save my $2.
 4. I successfully made chicken strips! Growing up, I'd request them for my birthday dinner (+mashed potatoes). My seasonings need work, but I was pumped that my breading stayed on. I'm one step closer.
5. Ilse (ill-sa) came for dinner last night. She's our 76 year German friend from church who has adopted us. About every other week she calls and tells me that she has a meal and asks if she can bring it one night.  She normally comes when Kent is gone, but last night we grilled for her. As an introvert, I've learned that this is the only way we will see her on a regular basis. She invites herself over and that's that. We talk about church, her mercy ministries (home girl has a busy schedule), the girls, food, family and her celebration of life service (Ilse! Morbid!)

Have a great weekend and take time to spread a little Duke's on your sandwhich


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