Making: A "get well soon" lollipop bouquet using a recycled toilet paper roll 
Cooking: Mashed potatoes last night
Drinking: Tea or hot chocolate at night as my dessert (wompwomp)
Reading: The Explicit Gospel for bible study and Happier at Home 
Wanting: The newly released Cookies & Cups cookbook 
Looking: At a newly discovered blog Cookies & Cups 
Eating: Oatmeal for breakfast 
Wishing: I could find my lost credit card 
Enjoying: Kent's recent errands/outings with the girls 
Thinking: About what to wear to a rehearsal dinner tonight 
Loving: My organized hall closet
Hoping: To fall asleep in 2.491 minutes 
Needing: To take what's left of my nail polish off 
Smelling: The lingering scent of a candle burned this morning 
Listening: To the whir of the ceiling fan and the pest control guy on our roof
Feeling: No motivation to join Kent at the Y recently 
Wearing: A green VBS shirt and purple & white striped pants. Fashionista 
Watching: The one episode of Little Big Shots that I watched was cute


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