This Week

In the true spirit of Thankful Thursday, allow me to complain share a bit about our week. Kentario got slammed with a vicious 24 hour stomach bug which caused him to be bedridden. When the sickness left I was tempted to pull a Sherman and burn our room down to the ground...just in case.  
I decided it was best to  quarantine ourselves on Sunday in case we were infected (we were not)
But that didn't keep Liza from getting her Praise On. 
At another point during the week I found her repeatedly licking the door frame. "LieLou!!"
And she temporarily succumbed to the influence of her older sister. "LieLou!!"
She didn't appreciate getting repremanded which she made clear with her stern face, laser eyes and Barbie spy glasses. 
I decided to organize the hall closet and embrace the craziness
When it got to be too much I dipped into our emergency stash of frozen pizza and emotionally ate 
The highlight of the week was finding this picture online and sending it to Kent. 


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