What We Wore

Yesterday after Sunday lunch (Scrambled eggs cause we're fancy like that), I told the girls "Come outside and let Mommy take a picture of you so that when you're old I can look back and say Aww they were so cute"

and I bribed them with Frozen jelly beans

Both outfits were found at Goodwill over the years. The one that Liza is wearing is something that I'll save until I'm a Granny myself- it's a favorite. 

The assistant of Children's Ministry at church said "That's such a pretty dress, did you make it?" I went full fledge honest on her and said "No, but I think someone else did. I found it at a thrift store" 

The second picture- the kiss- was unprompted because I'm pretty sure if I said, "Give sis a kiss!" I wouldn't get the same result
Love these girls! (And these outfits. winkyface)


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