About Me

There once was a lanky girl who wore mismatched clothes. She lived with her mom, dad, sister and two brothers. 

The family kept two foster children which fueled the girl's love for being a mommy. She went on to write "Mom" in her school "career portfolio" until high school, when a paying job seemed like a more acceptable thing to write. She was part of a writing group in 2nd grade, got a poem published in 3rd grade, but almost didn't escape her 10th grade English Honors class alive (Two words: Greek mythology). Turns out blogging is a nice creative outlet. It also turns out that teaching is a lot like parenting and she quickly fell in love (most days).  

She met Mr. Suits at the too-young-age of 17. They courted, he learned how to talk on the phone without being awkward, she relaxed some of her unrealistic chick-flick inspired standards, they plugged along through college, were engaged one sunny morning on a Florida beach, were married once upon a time in May...

2 spirited baby girls entered in 2013 and 2015


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