Saturday, July 15, 2017


Making: Plans with Kent about The Move on August 31st   
Cooking: Homemade mac n cheese, but not much else 
Drinking: Iced coffee, water
Reading: Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman 
Wanting: To be a capital i Introvert(-ed) hermit for the next 7 weeks
Looking: At things on the floor and ignoring them winkyface
Eating: Scrambled eggs with a slice of cheese on toast for breakfast 
Wishing: I had job news to share with you (I don't)
Enjoying: A day trip to the beach today
Thinking: About my nightly serving of ice cream. Next up: mint chocolate chip  
Celebrating: Aside from one potty break, sleeping through the night
Loving: Baby movement    
Hoping: And praying for a job 
Needing: To write thank you notes   
Listening: To a Strawberry Shortcake DVD 
Feeling: Belly-less when I'm in the pool 
Wearing: Jammies 
Watching: Master Chef
Texting: A group of moms about a play date

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