Friday, July 15, 2016


Making: A budget 
Cooking: Nothing! Ma's cooking for the win! 
Drinking: Coffee
Reading: I just finished Bringing Up Bebe 
Wanting: To live closer to my pre-baby friends 
Looking: For ways to spruce up our front porch stoop (hello, pinterest)
Eating: My Ma's baking
Wishing: I lived just a little closer to family & friends 
Enjoying: Time with family 
Thinking: About my BFF who's great with child!
Loving: Listening to podcasts while I road trip 
Embracing: The summer heat
Hoping: My kids sleep in the car
Needing: To drive 7 hours back to Florida with 2 kids and a dog
Smelling: Nothing 
Listening: To my Dad brush his teeth
Feeling: Larger than I did two weeks ago (hello, vacation) 
Wearing: Grey stripe jammie pants and an Outer Banks t-shirt circa 2009
Watching: The Intern was cute and not what I expected 


  1. eeeep! you're the budget guru and my inspiration! xo


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