A Monday appointment @ 11 AM turned into a "You're having this baby at 4:30 today" appointment. It was the first appointment that Kent was going to miss because of an exam, but he ended up coming after the exam. First example of God's hand in the situation. 

Here we are sounding the alarms! Texting and calling family members. The first text said something like, "Baby Suits will arrive today at 4:30. Please no texts or phone calls while we process this" and an hour later "Ok, we are ready for texts and phone calls". Kent's sister was the first to respond less than a minute later with, "AHHHHHH!!!" 

 I knew there was no way of telling my parents. They would just find a picture of Baby Suits on their computer the next morning (surprise!)  

disclaimer: baby bump was not that big, there are monitors under there
and I might've been a tad bit swollen and emotionally unstable at this point of the day
Anna & Kerith ran out & bought a preemie outfit when they learned Baby Suits was coming            
My best friend, Kerith, came into town (a surprise visit!) for our baby shower on Saturday. She was set to fly out on Monday, but extended her stay on Saturday- days before we knew about the arrival of Baby Suits. Never in a million years would I have guessed that she'd be there for the birth of my baby! Super fun. 

Uncles playing the waiting game... 


  1. Yay! I've been waiting for this post! Love reading your story!


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